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Cloud CRM Software with Email Marketing

CRM Email Marketing Campaign Software can provide your business with a complete marketing campaign solution. Salesboom.com’s Email Marketing Campaign Software Solutions create a 360 degree view of all ongoing marketing campaigns including email, online and offline. Within a single location you can quickly group leads into any number of campaigns and send highly personalized emails to single or bulk marketing campaigns.

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With Our Cloud CRM with integrated Email Marketing Campaign Software your company will benefit from:

Campaign Assignment and Lead Routing: Making sense of your business data can be one of the most difficult tasks for any business, Salesboom.com’s Email Marketing Campaign Software Solutions will ease this process with detailed Marketing Campaign Management. Group leads into any number of Marketing Campaigns based on standard or custom business fields. With the click of a button you can even create a list of all leads within a specific distance to any ZIP code and automatically route those leads to the appropriate representative. As leads are captured your company can benefit from automated lead routing which will assign and alert the designated employee of the new leads allowing them to act quickly. These are only some of the features which places Salesboom.com at the top of the list for newsletter email marketing software.<

Mass Email Marketing Solutions: At any point with our Email Marketing Campaign Software Solutions you can generate real time reports to drill down and find specific leads from any campaign then use this report to send out mass emails. Our bulk email list marketing software is equipped with pre built html templates or you can quickly create your own custom templates to use time and time again. Using our Email Marketing Campaign Software mass emails can also be sent to specific campaigns allowing you to create highly personalized messages to target any market. Our mass email functionality goes far beyond just an Email Marketing Campaign Solution; it is also a great tool for customer service and support or billing and invoicing.

Complete Historic View of all Marketing Campaigns: While operating within our Email Marketing Campaign Software Solutions all your data is stored within a single location which allows for real time data to be leveraged company wide. This is a great feature for creating new internet marketing campaigns since you have a complete view of all past campaigns to see what was successful and what needed improvement. Quickly and easily view what types of leads were generated and what the conversion to sales rate was so you can zone in on the most profitable regions to streamline your marketing efforts.

Salesboom.com’s Email Marketing Campaign Software Solutions have been leveraged by many industries including automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, tourism, retail and hospitality all over the world. Try our Email Marketing Campaign Software Solutions today with our Free 30 Day Cloud CRM Trial and see how Salesboom.com can increase your marketing ROI.

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Email Marketing Campaign Software Solutions | Online Marketing Campaign Management | Marketing Automation Software Solutions

Once you truly gain full visibility into your company's business processes, you'll never want to go back to the dark again. We guarantee it. Take a Free CRM Software 30-day Trial today, or contact us directly for more information: 1.855.229.2043 (1.855.229.2043) or via e-mail at sales@salesboom.com.

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Cloud Sales Software Products

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CRM Software Apps - What Cloud CRM fits you?

Team Edition

Cloud CRM Sales Management Software solutions that really speak to the small business. Let our cloud CRM Sales Management Software be there with you during your business growth and development with our Sales Force Automation, Contact Management Software and Customer Service & Support. Whatever your business goals, banking on Salesboom Online Cloud CRM Sales Management Software will help you and your company best manage your sales pipeline.

Professional Edition

An action packed Online, easy-to-use Web Based Cloud CRM Sales management Software solution focusing on Sales Force Automation and Customer Service & Support solutions while integrating company wide in real time. The advantages of cloud CRM Sales management Software applications include streamlined sales processes that will catapult your business to the next level.

Enterprise Edition

Cloud CRM application and Back Office ERP solution integrated across your enterprise in real-time providing your company with the best workflow automation possible. The Enterprise Edition includes Cloud CRM, Sales management software, Inventory Management, Product Management, Project Management, Quickbooks CRM Integration, Accounting and Human Resources Management solutions. Compared to most Web Based Customer Relationship Management Cloud CRM Sales management software vendors, Salesboom is the only to offer a complete Back Office solution integrated across your entire Cloud CRM platform, giving your company the advantage.

Microsoft Outlook CRM Solutions

Salesboom's Cloud Customer Relationship Management Cloud CRM outlook Integration software allows you to keep your existing MS email management software by using its Outlook CRM Solutions. Never mind managing multiple programs for contacts and e-mail; within a single integrated cloud CRM Sales management software platform, Salesboom allows all your Microsoft Outlook data to be easily managed with a single login.

QuickBooks CRM Solutions

Salesboom's QuickBooks Cloud CRM Integration from Salesboom gives you one wide view of your company, customers and data all in one place. Salesboom CRM for QuickBooks gives you a seamless two-way synchronization between your Cloud CRM suite including the CRM Sales management software solution and QuickBooks accounting software, with a 100% data accuracy guarantee.

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