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CRM for Logistics and Transportation Management System

Logistics Management companies, from trucking, transportation, shipping, freight forwarding, warehousing, and onwards, are all facing disruptions in the 'business-as-usual'. With all the changes to deal with, that seem to mount every day, how is it that successful companies are managing their way out, and in doing so, creating new opportunities? Digital Transformation is the key.
Easier said than done.

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There doesn't seem enough time in the day to try and make a plan and stick to it, with geopolitical change, employee turnover, interest rate and fuel price hikes, shutdowns, and the like, to figure it out on the fly.

The best solution is tried and true processes for quickly bringing about change, without throwing out what you already do, and leverage some amazing software, that when integrated, can allow you to do more with less, and manage your way through this change and all the change that is coming.

The only constant changes.

We love the web and all that it does for us, but the downside is increased competition, phasing out of old software systems, the trial-and-error process of picking software, trying to implement and customize it, and handling the integrations just to realize it's not the right solution, and repeat. This can continue over many years and over many vendors.

Change is good, but only if you are implementing the right processes, automated by the right software apps, integrated as a system, and customized to your existing business processes and software, to add incremental improvements, without a full rip-and-replace.

The goal is to quickly innovate and train people on how to take advantage of the new solutions, and iterate, with the right plan, and training.

Most software vendors are not much help in this regard, as they look at it as selling a product, and let the setup, customizations, training, support, and maintenance be something the customer must manage on their own.

This doesn't work, because logistics companies are too busy figuring out the new business landscape, and are not software project management experts, to begin with.

It is tough to be an expert at your day job as well as be an expert software provider.

Most companies go through many software vendors and they never get the right solution, either because the people who knew how it works have left, the software is out of commission, the company has been sold off, or any other number of reasons.

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The result is that the customer has been left holding the bag.

Customizations and integrations are some of the toughest Computer Science problems to manage, over a long period, and maintain uptime around the clock, with seamless updates to manage changes in business processes.

It is so difficult that most software vendors can't handle it, thus the reason they are no longer the ones you can rely on, forcing you to look for new software constantly.

The solution is to create a good plan, with short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals, with setup and training included, and fully customized and integrated, and something that will stay with you throughout the life of your business, and grow and change along with it.

Professional Services are the people that are experts at understanding your needs, wants, and fears, and putting together the plan for success, building, maintaining, and supporting the users and system, with a constant flow of upgrades, customizability, and integrations, to manage change going forward.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Cloud software has come a long way in the past few years.

Now you can manage processes and automate them, across all divisions, and across all apps, with a common workflow that is fully customizable, and grows with you, is customizable self-service, and has a running and proven system that has helped thousands of clients for over 20 years.

Marketing, Sales, Quoting, HR, Partner Management, Project Management, Warehousing, and Inventory, all in one solution, pre-integrated out of the box, and fully customizable, with point-and-click ease, as well as integrated with all your favorite apps.

Salesboom Cloud CRM, ERP, and HR solutions include the software, setup & training, integrations, customizations, and most importantly, a plan that is tailored to fit your business, and with a long history of many successes.

Let our team of experts listen to you, and provide an air-tight plan to take charge of your business and see real results in weeks, not months or years.

Our new 20th-anniversary Logistics Management solutions are now available for demo.

Whether it's finding the right leads, and managing them to close and repeat business, or finding the right people to work with you long-term, we can help.

We deal with small businesses as well as SMEs and large enterprises. Each customer gets a solution tailored to their needs, and that won't break the budget.

Save time, and money and reduce failure by consolidating many apps into fewer apps, that are pre-integrated and span the entire organization.

Reduce the time logging in and checking for updates in multiple systems.

Get real-time alerts via email or text.

Integrate with your TMS, Quickbooks, Gmail, Outlook, DocuSign, and many other apps to save time and energy to deal with more people faster, and with better results.

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Customize web forms and surveys, with customized landing pages to automate the processes and transform your website into a self-service machine that will allow customers to do more themselves and allow employees to do it for them faster, with fewer errors and data entry, resulting in a better experience for the customer, the employees, and everyone involved.

This is Customer Relationship management at its core, and it is what both customers and employees need to be happy working with you because that is what they are used to in other areas of their life. They are used to web-based self-service tools in almost every other aspect of their lives, but in the logistics industry change has been resisted, resulting in problems that need solving quickly.

Forward-thinking logistics companies are understanding that new solutions are required to satisfy a web-savvy customer and employee at the same time and that the right partner and solutions can make or break the business.

Get it right and you grow. Get it wrong, and who knows.

You don't have to re-do all the work we have done over 20 years of setting up and training our customers, on the software that we build, maintain, and update every quarter. We know the pains of building and maintaining great software apps, and integrations because we have iterated so many thousands of times, and we track everything that works and doesn't work.

We share this with you to become the extra man on the field that is partnered in your success.

It breeds customers for life in our business, and we can show you how to do the same in your business, without a lot of time, effort, or money.

The time for change is now.

Contact us today for a free consultation of your needs, and follow up with a one-on-one demo and a free trial of our offerings.

Transportation and Logistics Services cover a range of activities dealing with how resources are acquired, and transported in addition to how they are managed while in transit along the supply chain.

Today's transport services represent global activities with complex partnering and logistical relationships all operating within tight time constrains.

It is a competitive industry and customers typically expect competitive pricing offers in an effort to enhance their own sales activities.

Managing and leveraging market information and partner relationships is paramount to the ability of companies to maintain attractive pricing and delivery options.

CRM for logistics companies can enhance Transportation Logistics Service business lines in operations, vehicle and infrastructure management. It encompasses interaction and activities at all nodes in the context of policy, regulation and contract requirements.

Salesboom CRM for logistics industry offers an opportunity to build intelligent interfaces with all contacts along business lines. This includes such things as sales and marketing, warehouse management, customer and partner management, purchasing and contract management. Undertaking Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) activities that include fully integrated CRM solutions, it is possible to address operational deficiencies and improve business intelligence for greater operational success.

Advantages of Salesboom Cloud CRM Transportation Logistics Solution

Improved productivity

Well-developed and thought out CRM Logistics software system always helps pre-define some general workflows for every department and automate administrative tasks. Using it, your staff members will spend less time on filling forms, making quotes & proposals, creating reports, running calculations and will thereby raise their productivity.

Systematic way to track business activity effectively

CRM solution helps understand when and what is needed to be performed for which customers. With the help of this tool you are able to unify all your business areas and thus track them in one place. Leveraging this market information, a logistics company will be able to maintain competitive pricing and delivery options against its competitors.

One source for all the necessary data

A CRM system allows you to have access to constantly updated information for decision-making and communication between staff members and departments with different office locations. It's an opportunity to build intelligent customized interfaces with all contacts along business lines available by CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and line managers.

Measurability of marketing and sales activity

CRM services can help transportation and logistics business capture better understanding of customer needs and behavior. This will give a possibility to manage effectively time, business resources and efforts which then benefits clients and overall business.

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Individual customer service

Industry-based CRM platform gives a clear road map for effective communication with partners or clients and provides access to industry best practices. Knowing your customers’ needs and the main points to contact them you can identify major clients increasing their loyalty and mitigate the possibility of relationship with irresponsible customers.

Automated information updating

CRM software helps benefit business profitability focusing on timely updating customer information and fast order processing. It also allows to organize efficient shipping of FCL/LCL freight and delivery of dangerous/perishable goods.

Ensuring safety of shipments

Due to cross-globe operations and various regulatory systems in all the different countries it's usually hard to propose on-time delivery and 100% safety of goods.

Customized Cloud CRM system can have integration with electronic databases such as Transit MRN to provide information about current status and location of the cargo.

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Taking into consideration all the above mentioned advantages, it’s evident that a customized Cloud CRM system can drive up profitability and provide a systematic way to measure and control everything that is happening in your business regarding communication and relationships with customers.

A review of the table below will offer some insights to areas that benefit from an integrated CRM Solution and help uderstand the importance of CRM in logisstics.

Customer Base

CRM adaptability to manage all types of orders:

  • Large customer volume – many small shipments
  • Lower customer volume – large shipment orders
Agent and claims reconciliation

Use CRM to track settlement and claim activities and create reports for AP/AR processing based on business rules


Mitigate globalization, outsourcing and shrinking cycle times by building solutions that maximize savings and house solution options to manage the cost and complexity of transportation operations.


Offer customers and partners an opportunity for on-line, multi-channel, transactions.

Integration Technology and Programming Tools

There are many businesses with unique operational needs, and many in the transportation industry tend to acquire a strong IT department in order to address both unique and standard requirements for operations. Salesboom CRM logistics tracking uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and offers a web services API with AJAX/COMET controls for highly flexible integration and customization capacity. This translates into savings on implementation , integration and customization because there is no proprietary interface to overcome. It is optionally possible to undertake both user and professional customizations.

Reporting and Analytics
  • Offer transportation and logistics,staff reporting and analytic tools to provide operational and customer insight.
  • Configure a data warehouse for reporting on customer, sales, marketing, service and product data.
  • Utilize analysis tools to understand average deal size and asset utilization
  • Outlook integration
Shipment Tracking
  • Manage routing, 1-time ship, and split&merge
  • Tightly integrated cargo tracking system
  • Address gaps in standard applications with CRM tools
  • Multistage and multichannel campaign management
  • Enable collaborative transportation services marketing
  • Streamline campaign management and planning activities
  • Personalize offers
  • Measure marketing results
  • Utilize customer segmentation for targeted marketing

Empower customer service agents to identify and action cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and to resource information quickly to enhance sales activities.

Employee and Partner Relationships

Employee Management

  • Recruiting activities
  • Training activities
  • Support management activities
  • Employee life-cycle
  • Share Transportation Industry rules and regulations and best practices

Partner Management

  • Share clear and up-to-date information with service providers in supply chain
  • Distribute sales leads and service requests
  • Reduce calls for information and clarification with access to good information
Customer Relationships

Develop and enhance processes to improve assistance and access to resources for products and services

  • Consolidate receivable/payment activities in CRM system
  • Incorporate partner billing systems for confirmation reporting and billing transactions
Multi-Channel e-Services
  • Supply chain
  • Mileage on demand
  • Online documents
  • Online rate schedule
  • Online load order and tracking services
  • Customer and partner portals
  • Equipment repair
  • Survey
  • Seamlessly share information across fields and partner networks
  • Generate customized proposals and quotes
  • Automate triggers for sales activities for consistent sales and service
  • Accessible and current data on pipeline status, win rates and customer profitability
  • Deploy pricing changes quickly and consistently across channels

Secure CRM Information Exchanges

Salesboom CRM offers secure information holdings accessible based on highly scalable permissions protocols. It is possible to protect resources appropriately and share based on organizational need and logistical requirements. Salesboom CRM also offers Audit Trail functionality built into every item on the system. This supports security processes and offers a tool that can identify any information changes, access and sharing patterns (and owners) on the system. Audit Trail is available at any time for review and reporting purposes and to demonstrate due diligence in adherence to legal, financial and commercial requirements in the Transportation Logistics Industry.

Continuous Improvement

Embrace continuous improvement strategies with Salesboom CRM for Logistics industry. Use the CRM tools to identify and schedule process changes without downtime or user overload. Step away from the constraints of fixed solutions. Salesboom offers support for rapid configuration, integration of existing systems and processes as needed. With Salesboom CRM software you acquire the capacity to provide the following supports within a continuous improvement model. Salesboom CRM is as flexible as your organization needs to be.

Consider the opportunities for improvement in the following:

  • Integrate cross-functional systems
  • Capture how your customers define quality
  • Design customized service strategies
  • Manage and schedule follow-up sales calls
  • Track customer contact so all sources and types of contact are included and viewable by system users
  • On-line billing and rate plan services
  • Self service tools
  • Up-to-date service information and 24/7 assistance to employees/partners/customers
  • Managing and scheduling maintenance, repair, and on-going support
  • Collaborative customization or real-time customization
  • Identify and resolve potential problems quickly
  • User-friendly mechanisms to register customer complaints
  • Address service deficiencies
  • Track customer interests and personalize product offerings
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Guarantee cost containment through streamline production and distribution operations using front and back end tools as part of standard software offerings. Guarantee visibility across business lines, from finance to manufacturing, across the supply chain with Salesboom CRM for Logistics industry.

Professional Services - CRM Custom Solutions

Salesboom software and Professional Services will address specific requirements for Transportation Service solutions that automate transportation and logistics processes on time and within budget while factoring in regulatory constraints.

Salesboom CRM will deploy a solution that enhances services and processes so you can achieve positive ROI in as short a time as possible:

  • Software Solution – our team will help develop CRM plan, strategic placement and requirements development
  • Identify and automate business processes
  • Software and/or process customization
  • Integration of CRM Software (with existing software)
  • Cleanse/Import Data
  • Reporting on implementation/deployment
  • Professional Training Services and Support Services

The Salesboom Platform:

  • Web Services with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Optional Customization - Capacity for user or professional customization and is fully extensible
  • Development and Integration - Web Services API and AJAX / COMET controls are system standards.
  • Cost control - costs are contained because the platform is proven both flexible and stable
  • Partner Networks - An extensive partner network of over 125 different solutions providers
  • Legacy - Salesboom has an API that facilitates integration for web based CRM/ERP solutions with existing front and back office systems

Remember, Salesboom.com provides the tools transportation companies need to manage successful marketing campaigns, find new distribution opportunities, run the entire sales pipeline, and enhance customer service and support. Simplify your entire business processes and workflows to deliver exceptional customer experiences, minimize operational costs, and drive growth and profitability.

Salesboom CRM software tracks all clients’ transactions so you can improve marketing and sales results and make more accurate forecasts rely on seasonal and supply chain trends. As your centralized repository of client, vendor, and partner information, Salesboom can help you strengthen relationships, and gain competitive advantage over all other transportation companies.

Our online CRM solution built to handle small, medium and large companies, we offers transportation management that is comprehensive and accessible from anywhere through the web.

Sale Salesboom

Salesboom CRM Software is adopted and used by large retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to run and control the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse. Salesboom is a Web-based system solution that we recommend to buyers looking for an affordable CRM Software, among many other easy-to-use features. We really like the fact that Salesboom cloud CRM software supports mobile devices. Our CRM system can also be customized depending on the company’s particular warehousing and transportation needs.

Salesboom is a powerful supply chain system solution assisting organizations with their labor, transportation, and warehouse management.

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