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CRM & Mortgage Leads: Financial Services, Bankers, Brokers, Real Estate Investors & Advisors

Financial Services, Bankers, Brokers, Real Estate Investors & Advisors powered by Salesboom means your financial-based business how now been powered to make money.
Our Web-Based CRM has money-making partnerships with companies like Google's G Suite and Quick Books which allows you to have Quote to Cash, Drip-Marketing, and detailed Lead Generation and Conversion trackers, plus so much more.
See the innovation and tools that 15 years as a CRM in the financial industry brings to your business.

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CRM For Financial Services Software by Salesboom supports business lines for the Financial Services Sector, including Mortgages, Insurance, Commercial, Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, REITs, Real Estate, etc, with highly scalable on demand CRM Software and support. Financial Sector is a broad term that includes banks, investment banks, insurance companies (including brokerage, underwriting, investment banking, hedge funds, insurance and reinsurance) and Mortgage Banking for example. You will also find Virtual Banking, Commercial and Private Banking in this category. Financial Services in this sector include Mortgage Brokerage services, wealth management, asset management, Real Estate Investment, and custody services.

In today's challenging economic climate, plenty of financial services organizations are fighting to differentiate themselves from the competition. However, products, price and distribution models can be imitated by competitors.

Many organizations are finding that the best way to attract and retain clients is to provide an outstanding customer experience.
Whether you specialize in delivering products for banking, or insurance, Salesboom cloud based CRM solution helps you enable your employees to develop meaningful and enduring relationships with your clients, while helping to improve profitability and operational efficiency.
Industry expertise in all areas is the decisive factor of our corporate philosophy.
As long as, we have developed online CRM software specifically for the financial services sector, even in the standard version, this software already covers the majority of your specific requirements.

Salesboom Cloud CRM software for Financial Advisors and Services is a SaaS offering that is both easy-to-use and cost-effective.

Our Financial Services CRM addresses and integrates Financial Services organizational requirements from three key areas.
Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative.

Business Benefits Managed Risk Salesboom

The degree of detail and integration is scalable, and can be modified by users as needed.
Salesboom offers solid customer support, training and professional services re in-house since 2003.

Salesboom Mortgage CRM & Big Data Cloud

Easy-to-use CRM for Mortgage Lenders - The Most Easy-to-Use Mortgage CRM Software and the future of Mortgage Sales. Cloud CRM plus Enriched Contact Data, Property Data, and Mortgage Renewals. Salesboom.com Cloud CRM has been delighting customers since 2003.

Salesboom Mortgage CRM plus Big Data Cloud can help you reimagine each customer�s lending experience by leveraging all Mortgage Renewals complete with Lender, Financial and Property details. Free Trial Available at www.salesboom.com.

We also offer FastTrack setup and training, focusing on Ease of use. Salesboom Financial Services Cloud has Bank Level Security, is fully SSL-compliant and adheres to the latest in data encryption technologies. Book a live demo with Salesboom CEO & Co-founder, Troy Muise (Linkedin here), to see for yourself how Salesboom can help your business take off.

Our CRM system for financial services meets the needs of the entire financial service sector, our powerful CRM features helps retail banks, private banks, corporate customers, and investment banks as well as by leasing enterprises, banks that provide building loans, asset management companies, insurance organizations and financial sales companies.

The financial services organizations growth is hard to achieve, revenue is under intense pressure, and the actual cost of doing business continues always rise. So increasing share-of–wallet with organizations’ most profitable clients is just as important as acquiring new ones and less costly.

With Salesboom Online CRM software, your institution can nurture relationships that support cross-selling and increase share-of-wallet. Also, we help you initiate marketing campaigns that get the right message in front of the right customer.

Mortgage CRM and Lead Data-as-a-Service is perfect for:

  • Commercial Bankers and Brokers
  • Premier Banks
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Mortgage Agents
  • Mortgage Consultants
  • Wealth Advisors
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers
  • Service Operations
  • Real Estate
  • Business Executives

Most Easy-to-Use Cloud CRM with Warm Mortgage Lead Data featuring:

  • Cloud CRM hosted by Salesboom.com or On-premise CRM

  • Data for all Mortgages and Properties in the USA

  • FastTrack setup and training

  • 24X7 Accessibility

  • Fast Service

  • Intuitive product design

  • Customized by Point-and-Click

How we can help you grow your Mortgage book of business:

  • Deliver warm Mortgage leads ready to refinance

  • Create Trust with your Clients

  • Increase in sales revenues

  • Convert more leads

  • Increase Wallet-share

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Increase Loyalty, create customers for life

  • Give each customer a personalized experience

  • Increase Phone time with your best customers

  • Share rich customer profiles across all products and business lines

  • Employees easily identify new opportunities to engage prospects

  • New opportunities and prospects automatically loaded into your CRM

  • Improve CRM data Security & Privacy

  • Simplify regulatory compliance

  • Segment customers for timely and relevant communications

  • Call customers more efficiently

  • Increase document management efficiency and security

  • Pull off timely and relevant mail, email, and telephone campaigns

  • Capture Prospects from any landing page with build-your-own web forms

  • CRM integrated with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter

  • Measure your brand\'s share of voice on Social Media

  • Get better competitive intel from social media to learn from your competitors

  • Use competitive data to inform your own strategy

Real Time Mortgage Alerts keep you calling on the most fresh Renewals:

  • New Mortgages &renewal alerts on Commercial & Residential properties

  • Borrowers with maturing loans 3-24 months

  • Borrrows in the market to sell or refi their property.

  • Sellers who are often in the market for completion of a 1031 exchange

  • Properties recently sold or recently put up for sale

  • Prospects with immediate liquidity

  • Recent Buyers & upcoming opportunities

  • Recent Sellers & upcoming opportunities

  • Borrowers & upcoming opportunities

  • Self-service Customized workflow rules

Improve customer experience and closed more Opportunities:

  • Match Dreams with Goals

  • Increase Client AUM

  • Lift Advisor Productivity

  • Protect Client Data

  • Personalize each customer�s journey to financial well-being

  • Give employees an edge on productivity with proactive alerts and smart insights into real-time Mortgage and Property information.

  • Collaborate 1-to-1 with customers and internal teams across any channel or device

  • Close more loans, create better relationships, increase referrals.

  • Borrowers & upcoming Sales Pipelining

  • Big Deal Alerts, Deal in Trouble Alerts, New Mortgage Lead Alerts

Real Time Mortgage Alerts keep you calling on the most fresh Renewals:

  • A partial list of features are listed below:

  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Opportunity Pipeline Management

  • Cross-selling and upselling Opportunities

  • Territory Management

  • Marketing Automation

  • Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Lead Nurturing and Routing

  • Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics

  • Product Database with Product Catalogs

  • Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) ie Contract Management, Quotes, Billing & Invoicing

  • Properties and Mortgages

  • Real Time email and SMS Alerts

  • Customizable Workflow rules

  • Commissions Management

  • Document Management

  • Data-on-Demand

  • CTI Integration

  • Intelligent Call Lists with Automatic Dialer

  • Client Service

  • Expense Management

  • Project Management with Timesheets

  • HR

Since 2003 our in-house Professional services team has set up and trained our customers, migrated their data and provided a solution customized to the needs of each customer. Professional Services Include:

  • Built-to-Suit: Customizations & integrations by Salesboom Professional Services

  • 24/7 Accessibility and support

  • Industry�s first SLA

  • FastTrack setup, implementation, rollout, & training package

  • Point-and-click customizable and Platform-as-a-Service

  • API for integration

  • Roll-your-own Cloud apps

  • Customized mobile apps

Salesboom is the most easy-to-use Enterprise Cloud CRM, and we achieve this with fully customizable, point-and-click customizations without coding, APIs for integration, as well as the ability to order up specific customizations and integrations from our in-house Professional Services team so you get that competitive advantage that is so important.

We were the first Cloud CRM vendor to offer a Service Level Agreement with our customers. It contains protections for our customer data privacy and data security, as well as the CRM industry\'s first "Your Data is Your Data" policy, effectively stating that we are merely stewards of your data and we don\'t even let internal employees see this data without you letting them have access through the login area. Our SLA also contains an uptime guarantee, with financial penalties if we don\'t meet them.

Driving Business Success with Cloud CRM Image

We are the "King of the custom job" and have been building custom code for our customers within, our own SaaS CRM offerings, for over 15 years. We also upgrade the software 3 times a year, seamlessly delivered, and without any software to download and install.

The Salesboom Cloud CRM appliance Server offers the ability to have Salesboom Financial Services Cloud behind your firewall, allowing for access over the company Intranet, reducing the need for your sensitive data to be sent out on the public internet. Secure data sharing between offices can be managed as well as between Client and Company.

Salesboom Big Data Cloud primes your sales funnel with opportunity, on demand. You get timely and relevant opportunities right into your CRM with real-time alerts, including Contacts of Buyers and Recent Buyers, Sellers and Recent Sellers, as well as Borrowers of Commercial Properties and Residential Properties as well as all the information regarding the Property and Mortgage information, when they are buying and selling, etc. Drill down by geography, and show on a map all property information including building type, amount, etc. and attached to each property are all related Contacts that are updated in real time with new opportunities.

Salesboom Document Management allows for document generation based on customized document workflow rules.

We incorporate your specific documents and the system will generate the new document, merge in the fields and queue it up for snail mail as well as Email marketing campaigns.

Full Service Solutions Salesboom

Upload and store any document in your online folder and attach to any record in Salesboom so you have all documents linked to the right client.

We can schedule document mail campaigns coordinated with a follow-up email and telephone campaign within the same Client or Prospect database.

Electronic Document Signatures for signing documents in real-time and paperless.

Email campaigns are able to be sent from any report you build in Salesboom. This allows for better segmenting and less of a mass-email approach, via more targeted campaigns that are more timely and relevant due to the constant influx of new Enriched Data prospects and opportunities via Salesboom Big Data Cloud.

Salesboom can send HTML emails and tracks how many were sent, received, opened, clicked through and bounced back.

Salesboom Cloud CRM is integrated with email clients and Office solutions from Microsoft Outlook365 and Office365 as well as Gmail and the G Suite. This boosts productivity and overcomes the user-adoption barrier that plagues CRM implementations. We facilitate each user to stay with their own email, calendar, and task user interface and it syncs the data bi-directionally from the CRM to the email client. This allows users who are unable or unwilling to adopt yet another CRM user interface, to stay with their favorite email client and can spend most of their time logged into a familiar user interface, while yet others are using Salesboom login interface more often.

Salesboom Cloud CRM is integrated with email clients and Office solutions from Microsoft Outlook365 and Office365 as well as Gmail and the G Suite.

This boosts productivity and overcomes the user-adoption barrier that plagues CRM implementations.

Ai For Business Consulting Custom Apps Salesboom

We facilitate each user to stay with their own email, calendar, and task user interface and it syncs the data bi-directionally from the CRM to the email client.

This allows users who are unable or unwilling to adopt yet another CRM user interface, to stay with their favorite email client and can spend most of their time logged into a familiar user interface, while yet others are using Salesboom login interface more often.

Regulatory Compliance management and communication improved, with Audit Trail feature storing every click made by every user. It shows who updated which fields and when, what they changed it from and what they changed it to, for every user interaction.

Salesboom CRM Appliance server can be placed behind your corporate firewall, and be managed within your Private Cloud, so sensitive data doesn\'t have to travel over the public internet, nor stored in a public Cloud. With Net Neutrality laws in jeopardy of being changed, this will also eliminate most of the data traffic required to run your CRM and reduce the cost of ownership dramatically.

Salesboom integrates with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords to have campaigns managed and tracked for superior control and return on investment. Generate actionable competitive intelligence from social media: get better competitive intel from social media to learn from your competitors to provide the in-depth analytics marketing teams need for competitive analysis and benchmarking on social media. Measure your brand\'s share of voice, track your competitors\' engagement and use competitive data to inform your own strategy. (requires integration with third-party such as Union Metrics)

Build your own Web forms to capture Leads and prospects from any landing page. When the web form is submitted, it automatically creates a Lead in the CRM, assigns it to the appropriate employee for follow-up, alerts you and your team and sends an email to the signup automatically, with drip marketing to follow-up and help to nurture the lead to a customer.

Salesboom CRM for Financial Services offers customers an opportunity to assess, streamline and improve:

  • Qualified Lead Generation and Management

  • Closing Deals

  • Operational activities with the automation of basic business processes (marketing, sales, service)

  • Methods of analyzing customer behaviour and incorporating business intelligence strategies

  • Collaboration with customers on multiple communications channels

  • Collaboration between organizational team members to ensure a quality customer service experience and follow up

  • Front and back end integration (supply chain)

  • Workflow and assignment processes

Salesboom is a highly integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that delivers on-demand capacity to better manage all aspects of delivery in the Financial Services Sector. Salesboom CRM offers integrated information holdings that support excellent and timely customer service, while providing contextual informations upholding decision making.

Provision of loans and mortgages Uniform enforcement of Credit processes for all credit officers in the Financial Services Sector Automate processing of Loan Requests in a secure electronic format using workflow for quote and approval processes.
Issuance of credit cards credit cards Statement presentment, delivery and archiving:
  • Recent activity
  • Payment management
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Rewards management
  • User profile management
  • Secure messaging and case management
  • Service requests
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Spending analysis
Integrated Workflow capacity is built into the software to track account activities for security and customer support activities.
Sale of additional financial products such as RRSP, RHOSP, RESP, ETC. Marketing, sales, product specification, pricing, quotation and targeting activities. Create highly personalized marketing campaigns and execute them across multiple channels. With need analysis and product recommendation capabilities, Salesboom CRM helps agents close the sale by providing the right product choices.
Profiling for Credit & Lending Originate credit and lending products

Salesboom CRM can create an environment that streamlines services by sharing credit indicators to process:

  • Instant credit
  • Pre-approved products
  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Direct installment loans
  • Indirect/dealer loans
  • Mortgage / home equity loans and lines of credit
Salesboom CRM Referral management
  • Automatically create leads for every referral captured
  • Easily view the most valued source of referrals
Targeted sales
  • Maximize cross-selling opportunities
  • Streamline account origination for multiple product sales
Call list management
  • View data on familial and ad hoc households
  • Roll up of portfolios, leads, activities, notes, opportunities
Identify client values
  • Consistent view of client portfolios across multiple platforms
  • Accurately assess client value and profitability
  • Segment clients for appropriate marketing initiatives
  • Retain high value clients with exceptional customer service
Self serve
  • Universal sign up
  • Cross-channel application processing
  • Targeted cross-selling
  • Multi-channel distribution of financial research in support of marketing and decision making
Advisory services
  • Improve co-ordination with team members
Closing Mortage Loans Ensure linkages so all document are signed and filed on time.
  • CRM software facilitates processing of standing orders
Banker Productivity Improve advisor productivity
  • Automatic tracking and assignment of activities to appropriate employees through workflow
  • Electronic tracking and viewing of decisions by the relationship manager, credit officers and bank executives
Document Management Background information, marketing collateral, policy development, pricing, etc.
  • Maintain request status and documents in central repository

Salesboom CRM services has capacity to integrate and support the following business lines on-demand and as-needed to deliver successfully in your financial enterprise:

Marketing Analysis Develop marketing strategies and maintain campaign history in a company repository available as a working file, a reference repository for lessons learned, a resources for decision making, training purposes, etc.
Sales Track sales activities, strengthen sales strategies, incorporate sales protocols, study sales successes/failures to finesse future sales strategies, provide instant overview for team overview and action. As a result it is easier to develop better targeted sales offers, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
Customer Service Deliver exemplary customer service with instant access to product marketing collateral and partner product information.
Customer and Partner Management Manage information and activities for customer and partner relationships from within one system to ensure good information exchange in support of sales, supply management, customer and product support.
Call Center Manage call center services with on-line software that links the service team in real-time to sales information, product information, pricing and billing options and self service options.
Policy Enforcement CRM implementation enables consistent enforcement of organizational policy. This capacity enhances areas where policy is important in terms of revenue generation, legal responsibility, regulatory compliance, Occupational Health and Safety, demonstration of fiscal due diligence.
Work-flow Embed business processes into Salesboom CRM to promote consistency and reduce costly training activities.
Customization Consider customization in the context of business lines, and updates as changes occur. Salesboom offers a wide range of customization options from within the system. This introduces the possibility for our customers to manage as little or as much customization as desired from the desktop. Once customization requirements are identified, implementation can be accomplished with consultation with Professional Services to determine what level of integration may be required to achieve your desired results.
Events Driven Advice With access to \'up to the minute\' information in organizational context, it is possible to provide accurate advice where timely information is critical to decision making.
Integration of business processes If the customization required is complex or fairly sophisticated in terms of true application, then the Professional Services team will review the requirements and identify integration points and implementation options. This includes identifying information holdings you wish to bring forward for service support in your new system.
Technical integration of Web Services Platform Because of the flexibility built into the Salesboom CRM system, it is possible to use the API packages to integrate existing systems for a rich customer service environment. Additionally, Salesboom has back-end functionality that can bring a full service on-demand system into operation where retention and integration of existing back-end information holdings is desirable. The Professional Services team will work with you to identify and suggest trategic integration options.
Professional Services Salesboom offers Professional Services to help with any or all stages of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) activities. This includes a review and analysis of business processes, translation of process into requirements, and from requirements into implementation plan and implementation and training activities.

Secure CRM Information Exchanges

Information within the Financial Services Software is secure and accessible based on a highly scalable permissions tree.

In scaling the access to information on the site, you are able to protect resources appropriately and open up information resources for sharing based on organizational need.

Why Use Cloud Crm Salesboom

Furthermore, there is Audit Trail functionality built into every item into the system.

This assures system services that can identify any information changes, access and sharing activities (and the owners) on the system.

You can access Audit information at any time for review and reporting purposes and to demonstrate due diligence in adherence to legal, financial and commercial security duties common in the Financial Services Industry.

Regulatory Compliance

Salesboom CRM software facilitates Financial Services Organizations to meet evolving and stringent protocols from a variety of regulatory agencies tracking activities within the spectrum of financial service offerings.

Salesboom Cloud CRM's benefits to the Financial Services/ Banking Industry:

  • Identification of potential customers

  • Provision of data regarding history and preferences of investors

  • Increase of customer knowledge of employees

  • Provision of an excellent view of customer relationships

  • Encouraging customer relationships

  • Increasing and improving financial productivity

  • Storage and provision of financial data of customers

  • Easy access to collated financial data

  • Managing financial deals

  • Evaluation of a potential investment

  • Aiding client acquisition

  • Investment selling

  • Tracking and monitoring financial deals

  • Aiding the sales team in the provision and providing of customers’ needs

  • Encouraging and assisting the increase of cross selling and upselling

  • Enabling the building of trust for brokers, agents, financial planners and more

Pitfalls of CRM for the Financial Sector

  • The complexity of this particular industry makes it harder to adopt a holistic and integrated customer approach.

  • Financial firms tend to focus more on the product than on the customer. In this respect they are almost oblivious to them.

  • Since most financial organizations are considerably big in size, the cost involved is considerably higher.

  • There are various challenges facing the industry and these all need to be overcome in order to actually succeed at the implementation of CRM.

The Salesboom Platform:

  • Web Services with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Optional Customization - Capacity for user or professional customization and is fully extensible

  • Development and Integration - Web Services API and AJAX / COMET controls are system standards.

  • Cost control - costs are contained because the platform is proven both flexible and stable

  • Partner Networks - An extensive partner network of over 125 different solutions providers

  • Legacy - Salesboom has an API that facilitates integration for web based CRM/ERP solutions with existing front and back office systems.

Professional Services

Salesboom offers professional services in support of the CRM implementation life-cycle and beyond. You might consider:

  • Business Modeling Services

  • Project Management (PM) Services

  • Professional Data and System Analysis

  • Custom Integration Services

  • Support and Training Services

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