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Salesboom CRM Web based Marketing Automation Software

Sales and Marketing Automation Functionalities with zero Headaches, Salesboom CRM web-based Marketing Automation Software will provide your marketing team with a complete customer view that is shared with salesforce and support team in real time. You now can understand which marketing campaigns are performing, why, and what type of leads they are attracting.

Salesboom.com's CRM software is completely web based; therefore, upgrades and all customizations are delivered installation free, in real time sales software and transparently to all users.

  1. Increase Qualified Leads Analyzing and understanding how your campaigns are performing allows you to more accurately define those campaigns that work for you. With Salesboom's marketing automation tools you can track the type of leads each campaign attracts, the types of products advertised, the volume generated by campaigns, etc.

  2. Maximize Campaign Effectiveness Tying every sales dollar back to a campaign source will justify your marketing dollars spent on campaigns. Salesboom's marketing automation tools provides detailed tracking, reporting and analytical tools give your team precise measurements on all types of campaigns from radio spots to newspaper prints.

  3. Never Lose a Lead All leads are easily captured from different sources, and routed in real time sales software to specific team members based on business rules.You can ensure that all your hard earned leads get timely follow up.

  4. Market Segmentation You now can systematically segment customers into groups based on customer information and other business rules to deliver unique marketing messages to each group.

  5. Campaign Management & Analysis Salesboom's Web based CRM software is a central location for marketers to plan and efficiently manage all their marketing campaigns. A real time sales software view of responses to running campaigns ensures timely response from across your organization. More about web based Campaign Management

  6. List Management Based on key attributes you can group contacts and leads onto lists or groups. Easily export lists in multiple formats to hand off to direct mail houses and partner agencies.

  7. Response Tracking Connect each lead to the campaign source and track response time to immediately know which sources are generating the most or the least leads or business in dollar values.

  8. email Marketing Quickly send and track mass personalized emails to facilitate customer communication and lead cultivation. Segment lists into group to send personalized marketing messages.

  9. Customized Reporting and Analysis Use best practice and standard reports or customize your own instantly without IT experience or staff to gain critical insight into your lead generation campaign, win/loss reviews and customer trends.

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Remember, CRM Marketing automation tools enables companies to buy and sell smoothly, to nurture prospect leads with highly customized features that helps convert new leads to clients and turn current clients into delighted and satisfied clients. Cloud based CRM Marketing automation software typically generates significant new revenue for organizations, and provides an excellent return on the investment (ROI) required.
Effective CRM Web-based Marketing Automation Software solution is about nurturing customers. In fact, you hope you've nurtured your customers well enough to produce actual paying customers.
However, marketers seek out marketing automation tools under the impression that all of the digital marketing software tools necessary for your business development, including those needed to generate new customers. This misunderstanding leaves most of the marketing people with sophisticated solutions to automate the middle of their marketing funnel, but no solution to generate new customers to nurture.
Marketing automation tools allows organizations to streamline the marketing process, in order to maximize efficiency and make quick revenue.
CRM marketing automation tool automates your marketing pipeline, enabling you to initiate preferable marketing campaigns with your salesforce. Our marketing automation solution enables you to breed more qualified leads that are ready for sales commitment.

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