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Sales Quote Software

Quote Management and Cash to Quote are some of our newest innovations in the CRM world. Now you are able to track every quotation, fulfillment, and give your sales teams on demand quotes and service your customer better. Your sales team will love how easy it is to integrate with and customize our Web-Based CRM and begin to get those quotes in the customers hands.

SalesboomTM Hosted Quote Management Software is the perfect complement to the robust Sales Force Automation (SFA) features that form a strong core of Salesboom Cloud Based CRM Software. With Salesboom it's easier than ever to create more effective sales proposals by generating multiple quotes per opportunity. Very simple to use, quotes can be generated on the fly by sales executives via an intuitive user interfaces. Simply choose the products from the Products database and within minutes generate a professional sales quote in PDF format and e-mail it out. If your business has dedicated Quote staff, Salesboom has the ability to model your quote preparation and approval processes that fits your business ? all with the ease of point-and-click web-based forms.

Quotes are legally binding agreements between a vendor and client to deliver the client requested products in a specific time frame at a predefined price. Your clients can place orders within the validity period that has been specified in the quote otherwise you may cancel the quote or send a new quote extending the time frame.

Generally, a Sales Quote contains the Quote number; quote date; items with the quantities and price, and Terms & Conditions. In Salesboom CRM Quoting Management Software you can create a quote directly from your CRM Solution platform.

Our CRM and quote management system is designed to automate all of the quote generation process, which enables you to create and send inclusive quotes with just a few clicks. You can also easily create and send revisions, and assign leads to sales reps.

Using our web based Quote management features enables clients to create and order quotes without even picking up the phone.

Salesboom is the only on demand CRM vendor to offer Quotation Management tightly integrated with hosted SFA and as a standard part of the Salesboom Enterprise Edition CRM. As well, our Quotation Management system is tightly integrated with Salesboom Contract and Billing Management, also included in Enterprise Edition. With customizable record fields, customized reporting and customizable workflow automation, Salesboom is the perfect choice for any business looking to streamline Quote-to-Sale processes.

Try our hosted Sales Force Automation software trial and test drive Salesboom Quotation Management software free, for 30 days.

Following are some of the features:

  • Generate Quotes & Proposals On The Fly
    Save time, money and resources by letting your sales representatives give real time quotes based on product information entered into your Salesboom Online CRM by your controller or product manager. Alternatively, for dedicated Quote staff, model the Quote creation and approval processes for more efficient interaction between Sales and the Quote department. Attach any documents for a sales proposal and e-mail it along with the quote ? all within the Salesboom web-based interface.
  • Full Product Database Tightly Integrated with Quote Management
    Salesboom is a complete web-based, hosted CRM & ERP provider. Included in Salesboom is a full Product Database, complete with Catalogs so that quotations can be made from real time product information controlled by your business. This is a perfect solution for product centric businesses, especially when product changes are frequent. As a product manager or controller creates or edits products and adds them to a product catalogue and assigns the price, etc., then instantly that product is made available to the Salesboom Quote Management program so Sales executives and Quoting departments can create quotes based on the latest products. Never has it been easier for your company to create accurate quotes based on real time data.
  • Full Integration with Salesboom Billing Management Solution
    Opportunities in Salesboom reference the proper Quote within the CRM and, when the opportunity is closed, invoices can be generated instantly and e-mailed to the customer from within Salesboom. User Profiles ensure only designated employees can manage the billing process and customizable workflow automation ensures the appropriate parties are notified of all Billing actions.
  • Full Integration with Salesboom Opportunity and Contract Management Solutions
    Salesboom Contract Management and automation gives business the ability to create contracts and associate them with quotes as well as contacts, accounts, opportunities, etc., within the Salesboom hosted CRM & ERP functionalities of Enterprise Edition. Quotes and opportunities can be associated with contracts such that while viewing a contract you can see the expired quote history and the accepted quote related to the opportunity from which a contract was executed - right from the contract screen. Never has it been easier to measure quote to sale metrics and get a 360 degree view of what it really takes your business to close a deal.
  • Customizability to Accommodate Your Business as it Grows and Changes
    Salesboom's sales force automation quoting software and proposal management systems are fully customizable to grow with your business, and are fully web-based to empower your business with the tools to change your quotations process, on the fly, as you wish. With customizable record fields, customized reporting, customizable workflow automation, and customizable User Profiles, Salesboom is the perfect choice for any business looking to streamline business process from Quotation to Sales.
  • Sell More, Manage Less
    Salesboom's CRM Quoting Software is proven to help your sales team concentrate more on selling, and less on working with sales and quote documents. Save time, money and overhead while increasing the productivity of your Sales team by having all documentation in one central database. With the click of a mouse, attach any document with a quote to generate elaborate and detailed proposals for e-mail to your client.
  • Instantly E-mail Sales Quotes
    Don't waste time trying to export your sales quote from the Salesboom CRM and Quoting Software and proposal management software system. Generate the quote and send it to your prospect with the click of a button in real time.

Your prospects don't want to wait on all the fine print. Throw out your copies of Microsoft Word and Excel® and stop spending hours re-creating sales quotes. Spend your time selling, and let Salesboom generate your quotes for you on demand, so your prospects don't wait a second longer than they need to.

Remember, Salesboom Cloud-Based CRM helps companies increase sales, reduce costs and minimize wasted time by automating the sales, marketing, and the entire business processes. We simplify the sales to quote process, deliver a powerful service quoting, provides customized proposal and is accessible anytime, anywhere, on the fly.

Our Sales quote management software is the most user friendly platform just put together complete quotation data, contracts, orders and other sales documents in any language. Our Online quoting software solution with easy to use interface is the most affordable platform and more.

Win proposals. Close deals. Salesboom on-demand CRM solution is the ultimate software solution for sales to quote process and proposal preparation and management. Our web based CRM Software will help you manage the quotation process and proposal activities with customized forms and discount capabilities.

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Salesboom CRM and Quoting Software Benefits:

  • There is no hardware to purchase and no software to maintain.
  • Save More than 90% of the time spent quoting.
  • Keep track of all quotes easily.
  • Increase convenience for clients.

Once you truly gain full visibility into your company's business processes, you'll never want to go back to the dark again. We guarantee it. Take a Free CRM Software 30-day Trial today, or contact us directly for more information: 1.855.229.2043or via e-mail at

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