Zip Code Proximity Search

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Zip Code Proximity Search

Our Zip Code Proximity Search will help you narrow down your prospecting region and provide accurate and pin-point searches, perfect for your Marketing and Sales initiatives. Come experience how our award-wining Web-Based CRM can help maximize the efficiency of your prospecting and marketing campaigns. is the first in the world to introduce zip code proximity search capabilities to Cloud CRM Sytstem Software. Locate prospects and clients using a zip code and a search radius. Pinpoint leads, contacts and accounts within any geographic area.

Drill down to smaller geographic areas to narrow search results.

  • Marketing can manage campaigns in a whole new way - by seeing how their campaigns perform in specific geographic regions.
  • raveling sales representatives can search for leads within a certain radius of where they are visiting, in miles or kilometers via their Sales Management Software.
  • Event managers can quickly generate a list of invitees for an upcoming event in any city.
  • Support can quickly locate someone to respond to an emergency within a certain distance of the incident.

Zip Code Proximity Search is the first in the world to introduce zip code proximity search capabilities to CRM. Locate prospects and clients using a zip code and a... (more)

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