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Microsoft Outlook As CRM?

Millions of small and medium size businesses still depend on Microsoft Outlook as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool despite the fact that such a tool alone is far from CRM. Microsoft Outlook is merely an email agent with some bills and whistles such as contacts and events and notes. Most business analysts agree that such tools by no means constitute modern day CRM.

So why are millions of businesses still using Microsoft Outlook as CRM today?
The answer is simple, human habits. People are hard to change and if they believe something is working for them, they continue using it. At , we realized this over 10 years ago and thought of a solution where users can still continue using Outlook as a CRM by offering them an add-on that integrates seamlessly with our Cloud CRM platform.
Salesboom Microsoft Outlook CRM Add-on focuses on bi-direction data synchronization of emails, contacts, tasks, notes, etc. It also helps users create cases, leads, solutions and opportunities directly from Microsoft Outlook while resonating in the Cloud CRM platform.

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