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Perfect for Web hosting and Web site design businesses. Offer your own White Labeled CRM tightly integrated with your current products. It is a natural upgrade for your existing business customers and is a very sticky solution that keeps them renewing year after year.

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Selling through dealers – you market and qualify the leads then hand them off to your dealers, why not provide an end to end Sales pipeline and followup tool with your brand and your workflow baked right in. That shows commitment to your dealers, and gets them committed to representing your brand in more deals. You provide the product AND the tools that help them grow.

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Affiliate program managers – managing affiliates and signups and need a place to allow them to login and see the leads coming to them? Looking to help them close more deals? Salesboom White Label CRM and back office solutions are what you need to succeed.

Are you looking to replace that old back office system you had someone design for you that is now a liability to you because you are shedding customers from downtime and lack of flexibility? You can outsource the entire thing to a Salesboom Private Label solution in a matter of days to weeks, so stop the hemorrhaging dollars and move to success on a new platform and offering that was built with you in mind.

Social Media Sites: Are you the next Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest for your specific vertical market? Are you looking to monetize your traffic? Why not offer a completely Branded CRM and ERP back office system with your own workflow that you have worked so hard to understand about your customers. You know your customers better than they even might, so it stands to good reason you can help them achieve success with the right tools that make sense. Salesbooom Private Label software is for you. Extending your website - Looking for a secure area to allow your visitors to login and see information you are sharing with them, in a secure environment and with Enterprise features and configurability? Your brand, our Software, your design = your success. Website Content Management now extends to your own customized back office solution.

Lead Providers – Extend your brand by providing not only top quality leads, but a great tool to login and track progress of these leads, with your branding, not ours . Salesboom White Label  (or Private Labels) our lead management and contact management databases so your customers see your brand is helping them to close deals when they subscribe to your leads. Your own Corporate CRM – Get your staff on board with a fully customized CRM that carries the Corporate Brand. Your Employees will feel they are working for a quality company when they see the quality of investment into managing their workflow and business in the most efficient manner possible, while maintaining that close one-on-one customer relationship with your customers.

Partner Relationship Management – Your partners – ie resellers, dealers, agencies, distributors, workers, etc will all have better relations with you by sharing with you the customer data in real time, and with your Brand leading the way.


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