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What is White Label CRM?

Who uses Salesboom White Label Cloud CRM Solutions?

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Grow your business by offering your business customers and partners the hottest trend to hit Enterprise Software in the past 30 years – Enterprise Cloud CRM Software-as-a-Service. Salesboom.com White Label Cloud CRM offerings helps business grow sales and their brand.
What is White Label Cloud CRM and why do we need it?
Over the years many companies have commissioned us to build out the back-end of their business, host and maintain the system and have our brand take the back seat while they grow their businesses and their brands. We are happy to make Private Label Cloud CRM & ERP as a regular staple in our offerings.

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Now any business can extend our offerings, build new software and integrate into whatever software, services and apps, and deliver the entire product as their own branded offering of Software-as-a-Service plus professional services tailored completely to their own customers’ needs. After all, who knows your customers better than you?
Create a product and service that you know your customers need today and use Salesboom as your back end to get it up and running. Tap into the experience, knowledge and power of the Salesboom.com White Label Cloud CRM offering and grow your CRM business today.
Integrating with CRM vendors can be daunting. Software companies today trying to integrate with CRM Vendors APIs quickly find out that most of the applications in the directory are also owned by the CRM vendor themselves, and so it’s a big boys club. If the CRM vendor doesn’t own that app yet, then they buy one of the apps in their directory and then the others are left to starve.
Extend your brand by offering a tailored solutions to your customers that is tightly integrated with your current offerings. Your value proposition will go through the roof when you start offering a full suite of solutions.
No software to write or maintain, nothing to host, and we have a full staff of in-house Professional Services department that has been building custom solutions for customers since 2003.
Integrating with most Cloud CRM vendors is a complete hassle, with huge risk and truthfully just a boys club. Do your research and you will find that most of the apps Cloud CRM vendors sell as add-ons are actually co-owned, or sponsored by the same Cloud CRM vendor. This means they only allow in those apps that they either own, or control in some way, or those apps that are too big to ignore.
But even those apps that are too big to ignore are even targets for huge business risk by partnering with Cloud CRM vendors the way things are currently run. The truth is that they will only partner with say the top 3 apps that offer that particular add-on service, then track which is the most successful, purchase that app for themselves, and then leave the other partners in the dust. The takeaway is that getting your software sold on a large Cloud CRM vendors App portal is a really unlikely occurrence unless you are close to the CEO of the Cloud CRM vendor.
Salesboom White Label Cloud CRM offers a different choice- build and integrate your own apps on the Salesboom Platform, our Professional Services team helps you customize and brand it to your specifications, and then you resell the entire offering under your own brand. This way you get to control your destiny by delivering a better product and service, and retaining control over your business.
If you are a Sales Consultant, Marketing Consultant, or offer any Professional Service to businesses, chances are you already work with a Cloud CRM vendor and understand what is involved in setting up a successful strategy and implementing it to success for your customers. Extend your offering by providing your knowledge baked into the Cloud CRM and ERP software, and offer that product as one cohesive offering to your customers.
Partner Relationship Management – Many businesses sell directly to their customer as well as through the channel. Channel partners such as resellers, distributors, agents, affiliates and Dealers all have many companies they need to manage and keeping your brand top of mind in a sale is paramount. Your partners need a system to help them automate the sale of your products and services, while managing your own direct sales processes in the same piece of software. Salesboom.com White Label CRM is a perfect solution as we tailor the solution to your exacting specifications, creating processes that are easy to use for partners, by automating the work and driving more sales. Drive better customer relations by sharing with you the customer data in real time, and with your Brand leading the way.

Who uses Salesboom Private Label Solutions?

Businesses looking to replace that legacy back office system they had someone design and have now become a liability. These legacy systems often have companies shedding customers from downtime and lack of flexibility after the person who ‘understands the software’ is unavailable to maintain the system. You can outsource the entire thing to a Salesboom Private Label solution in a matter of days to weeks, so stop the hemorrhaging of dollars and move to success on a new platform and offering that was built with you in mind.
Highly trafficked websites that are looking to monetize traffic. Offer a completely Branded CRM and ERP back office system with your own workflow that you have worked so hard to understand about your customers. You know your customers better than they even might, so it stands to good reason you can help them achieve success with the right tools that make sense. Salesboom Private Label software is for you.
Any company wanting to or offer a backend login area for customers or partners to manage sales and customers by extending your website. Looking for a secure area to allow your visitors to login and see information you are sharing with them, in a secure environment and with Enterprise features and configurability? Your brand, our Software, your design = your success. Website Content Management now extends to your own customized back office solution.
Perfect for Web hosting and Web site design businesses. Offer your own CRM tightly integrated with your current products. It is a natural upgrade for your existing business customers and is a very sticky solution that keeps them renewing year after year.
Businesses selling through dealers, agents, distributors – you market and qualify the leads then hand them off to your dealers, why not provide an end to end Sales pipeline and follow-up tool with your brand and your workflow baked right in. That shows commitment to your dealers, and gets them committed to representing your brand in more deals. You provide the product AND the tools that help them grow. Drive better customer relations by sharing with you the customer data in real time, and with your Brand leading the way.
Affiliate program managers – managing affiliates and signups and need a place to allow them to login and see the leads coming to them? Looking to help them close more deals? Salesboom Private Label CRM and back office solutions are what you need to succeed.
Lead Providers – Extend your brand by providing not only top quality leads, but a great tool to login and track progress of these leads, with your branding, not ours . Salesboom White Label (or Private Labels) our lead management and contact management databases so your customers see your brand is helping them to close deals when they subscribe to your leads.
Companies wishing to offer their own Corporate CRM – Get your staff on board with a fully customized CRM that carries the Corporate Brand. Your Employees will feel they are working for a quality company when they see the quality of investment into managing their workflow and business in the most efficient manner possible, while maintaining that close one-on-one customer relationship with your customers.


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