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Online Contact Management Software is the backbone and foundation of a powerful CRM platform. Come see why we are the world's best Value-Based CRM, and how this all began with smart, strategic Online Contact Management, Our CRM will allow you to keep detailed customer profiles, from every interaction to their sales habits and needs all in one easy to use platform. Our Web-Based CRM allows you be connected to your Client database, anywhere and anytime.

CRM Contact Management Software:

Manage all your contacts in a user-friendly, web-based environment available 24/7/365 by logging in over the Internet to Salesboom's secure servers. Have your entire organization up and running within hours with world-class Award-winning Online Contact Management Software platform. There is no software to download or install and Salesboom always provides a no strings attached Free 30-day Trial of our industry leading hosted web based contact management and CRM software solutions so you can evaluate our offerings before you buy.

Contacts are the core of any business. As a result, the more you know about your contacts, the more successful your business will be. Salesboom CRM and Contact Management sales software is a powerful, customized way to keep all your pertinent contact data in one accessible and updateable place. Now all what you need to know is right at your request.

Salesboom CRM with Contact Management sales software system seamlessly integrates with all popular office applications to give you a complete view of such important details as key contacts, account history, clients’ communications and discussions history. Not only your business will be more organized, but the value of every customer contact will increase and the customer experience will also improve with access to data that’s always inclusive, correct and up-to-date.

Now with Our Online CRM Contact Management sales software system you can simply manage all your contacts’ channels so each interaction is highly coordinated and contextual. No more missed Contacts, nothing falls through the cracks.

Web based CRM and Contact management sales software enables users to simply store and find contact data, such as names, emails, addresses and telephone numbers. CRM Contact management database schema provides a fully integrated approaches to tracking of all clients data and communication activities. Also, Online CRM Contact Management System Consolidate all your contacts, leads, and clients into one central place, and then sort them by group or any other criteria you would like to use.

In addition to the standard Contact information fields, Salesboom allows you to customize the data you would like to store about your contacts. That way, you are in control over what information you want to save about your Contacts. Salesboom's CRM Contact Management best practices Software is available in all Salesboom Editions. CRM Account and Contact management is an integral part of Salesboom Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation,Sales Management software, Customer Service & Support, Employee Collaboration and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offerings.

Business Benefits of Salesboom CRM Contact Management Sales Software Solutions:

  • Completely web-based and hosted by Salesboom; available 24/7/365 over the Internet.
  • Customizable Contact Fields so you can track what Contact information is important to you.
  • Automate Contact Management for your business with customizable Workflow, including Real-time Alerts, Contact creation or edit notification, automated Contact routing, and more.
  • Customizable Views, Reports and Dashboards lets you learn anything about your company's Contacts.
  • Self-service Contact creation from your Web Site with Salesboom Contact Web Capture Tool.
  • Multilevel Contact grouping allows your company to group your Contacts as you see fit for easy, intuitive Contact organization that works.
  • Mass E-mail tools for E-mail Marketing Campaigns, etc.
  • Import Contacts from other systems or lists with Salesboom Contact Import. Export Contacts from Standard and Custom Reports with the fields you chose to include.
  • Mass create, delete, reassign Contacts with intuitive software tools.
  • Zip Code Proximity Search ? instantly create a list of Contacts with addresses within a certain radius of any Zip Code. A first in hosted CRM, by
  • Pre-integrated with the Salesboom suite of hosted Software-as-a-Service offerings, including Marketing, Sales Force Automation, Customer Service & Support, ERP, collaboration.
  • Easily share contacts with your entire team, yet have full security over who has access to what Contact info, and when with Salesboom User Profiles and Role Hierarchy settings.
  • In Salesboom CRM, Contacts can be associated with Events, Tasks, Calls, Notes, Documents, E-mails, Accounts, Opportunities, Campaigns, and much more.
  • Microsoft Outlook edition included with every Salesboom Edition manages all your contacts using Microsoft Outlook and have changes reflected in your Salesboom hosted CRM account.

Salesboom offers you simple access to a fully up-to-date contact list organization wide in seconds with its Hosted Contact Management software solution, fully integrated into the Salesboom on demand hosted CRM software. Manage hundreds of thousands, even millions of members and contacts around the globe through, an industry leader in the hosted CRM market.

Stop running side by side software products, costing your small business thousands of dollars more than they should in updates, technical support and user license fees. In today's world, stand-alone software is becoming obsolete at a lightning quick rate. Get the Web-based Contact Management software as part of the on demand CRM software package with fully integrated Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Support, Employee Collaboration and ERP.

Let Salesboom help you increase productivity for all your employees, while decreasing overhead by giving Marketing, Sales, Support and Accounting real time access to a central, shared Contact database. You can have organization wide Contact Management processes streamlined in weeks, or even days. Salesboom Contact Management includes a full contact directory, easily searchable with a full history of tasks, phone calls and email conversations linked back to them. Never miss a beat trying to 'catch up' on what's been going on with a contact - use Salesboom and keep yourself one step ahead of your customers, providing them great service in record times to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. Our cloud-based Online Contact Management software for small business easily integrates with all your famous office applications to give you a complete view of such vital details as contact history, key accounts, clients communications, and other account data. You will not be more organized only, you'll maximize the value of every client contact and improve the customer experience.

How can Online CRM and Contact Management Software help my SMB?

Why waste time waiting for other Contact Management software vendors such as ACT! and Goldmine to catch up to your needs? Salesboom's on demand hosted Online CRM software, including its industry leading on demand Contact Management software for small business is constantly being upgraded, according to the needs of our customers and partners. And best of all, you never pay for an upgrade, they are included in every Salesboom subscription. There's no software to install; but best of all, there's no headaches for you. Just think of Salesboom Cloud based CRM software solutions as the Aspirin® for your business migraines. But don't take our word for it - try on demand CRM software and integrated small business contact Manager software completely free for 30 days, with instant access and nothing held back. We put our money where our mouth is - how many other cloud-based CRM providers do you know of who do that? Take the Free Cloud CRM Software 30 Day Trial today. Salesboom - All the CRM Tools You Need from your SMB to Succeed; Without the Price Tag.

Are you thinking of trying a Web Based Contact Management Software Solution?

If you are looking for a Web-Based CRM Contact Management Database Software System for your large or small business that best suits your businesses needs, Salesboom has custom solutions to fit the needs for Real Estate Industry both Commercial & Residential, Telephone Sales, Car Sales, Financial Services, Property Management & Sales, Nursing, Realtors, Auto Brokers along with any other business with contact database requirements. We serve companies in over 159 countries all over the world in multiple locations including the UK, Australia, US & Canada, so whether you’re a Loan Officer, Realtor, in Accountancy or Enterprise Admissions, there are many reasons why Salesboom Cloud-based CRM software can fit your needs.

To receive fast results with a low cost of implementation, Salesboom’s Customizable CRM Customer Contact Management Software is the ideal solution since there is no software to download or servers to install. With Salesboom small business contact manager easily manage billing, articles or any other asset attached to a contact or client and view all data in a common list. This makes consulting with contacts and group scheduling easy for an account manager, sales reps or any other employee. If your enterprise has an Affiliate or Partner program you can easily chart progress and center in on areas for an accurate rating revealing what brings the best award to your organization. When working with our Online Contact Management Database Software you always have peace of mind knowing your database is protected with our encrypted firewall and the source of any alterations can be viewed with our Audit Trail.

We have a full featured Contact Management Database System to handle your time and address books, customer information along with a full list of features making us your Contact Management Goldmine. Our Web Based Cloud CRM Software allows offline & mobile access on your blackberry or pocket PC in real time, great for sales automation when your business needs to flow fast and smooth. In comparison of other Contact Management Software Solutions we are confident that you will enjoy our features and ease of use, before you act review our Contact Management Software screenshots or see for yourself with our free 30 day evaluation and see how Salesboom can work for you.

Remember, Contacts are the core part of any business. As a result of the importance of contacts management, when you know more about your contacts, your business will be more successful. Salesboom Contact Management Software for small business is a really powerful, customized way to keep all related contact data in one central location.

The CRM Contact Management Software Pros:

  • Keep Track off your all contacts and related opportunities, accounts, and any other details from your accessible and shared central database.
  • You will be 100% sure where each contact fits within their company which will enabling better messaging and sales coordination.
  • Import data about contacts from any other applications using Import tab.
  • Synchronize your contacts, tasks and calendar between Salesboom CRM and your Outlook system.

Salesboom Online CRM Contact Management Features:

  • Our CRM and Contact Management track all contacts and relevant opportunities, activities, and other detailed data from one shared centralized database.
  • Fitting Contacts within their company, allowing better messaging and sales coordination.
  • Allowing importing contacts from third party using the Import widget.
  • Automation workflow assignment rules to automatically assign contacts to the proper sales rep.
  • Sync contacts, tasks and calendars between Salesboom CRM account and Outlook using the Salesboom CRM Outlook Plug-in.

Once you truly gain full visibility into your company's business processes, you'll never want to go back to the dark again. We guarantee it. Take a Free CRM Software 30-day Trial today, or contact us directly for more information: 1.855.229.2043or via e-mail at

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