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10 Reasons Sales Reps Love Salesboom CRM

What are the CRM benefits for sales?

According to Gartner, over 40% of CRM projects fail. Most knowledgeable CRM experts will pin point the #1 reason for CRM failure as poor user adoption. When your sales reps are not embracing the CRM technology the project is bound to fail miserably. Sales people can be taught the CRM benefits for sales growth. When a sales person who is motivated by money realizes the CRM benefits for the salespipeline and what can be gained, the CRM software becomes an asset., known as the most user friendly Cloud CRM application has been focused, for over 10 years, on making its solutions intuitive and easy to use. While our technology and tools are designed to be simple, fast, and efficient; CRM end users must know early on what’s in it for them.

Let's admit it, people resist change.You must communicate with your sales reps and other stakeholders in the CRM project why they need to embrace the technology and outline the benefits at an early stage in the implementation process.

10 reasons why sales reps embrace CRM:

CRM Benefits for Sales;

  1. 360 degree view of customer information. Sales reps have clear visibility into their accounts, contacts, leads, tasks, events, notes, documents, etc. They can access this data in one place anytime, anywhere.
  2. Superior Time Management. Sales reps can benefit from the integrated calendar to better manage their time. They can also depend on the CRM data to better prioritize their tasks and spend time wisely on closing more deals.
  3. Find information in seconds. It is very important for a sales rep to be able to search the CRM system for data about their customers while on the phone. They can’t be spending too much time getting the information while talking to customers. Proudly, CRM system allows the sales rep to gather the information needed in seconds using smart search tools and other tools such as the rolodex feature.
  4. Reports. Sales reps are able to run their own reports in seconds. While the sales rep can design his/her own reports quickly, we have invested a lot of time and energy into creating industry standard practice reports to get them started. Such reports include: - Customers they sold - Products they sold - Neglected opportunities and customers - Commissions they earned. - Activities they completed or not.
  5. Detailed Contact History. Sales Reps have access to a detailed history of each contact (Calls, Cases, Purchase History, Payment History, etc.). Having this information available to the Sales Rep helps them to give the customer what they need.
  6. Case Reporting. This CRM feature is beneficial in helping the sales rep know the issues that customers have faced, allowing them to see if it is a recurring issue, or something new. This also allows the sales rep to see if a certain issue is encountered with more than one customer, allowing them to fix further problems. The welfare of a customer ensures the welfare of the sales rep.
  7. Opportunity Tracking. This allows sales reps to see which stage of the sales process each of their leads are in allowing them to take the appropriate steps with the client. Keeping track of this, helps optimize sales profits.
  8. Dashboards. Dashboards give the sales rep a look at where all their leads are coming from. This is very handy for them, so they can see which source is making the most revenue. It also will help them know which sources need more attention.
  9. Customizations. is the most customizable CRM on the market. Each business has different criteria regarding their customers. Salesboom gives the ability to customize every kind of record in the system. This gives the sales rep the ability to see all necessary information about their clients. This CRM feature is an inestimable boon.
  10. Organization. keeps every record in the system organized so that the sales rep has access to it within seconds. Each record, account, opportunity, document, etc. is linked directly to its respective client. This assists in making it easy to see everything without having to search through hundreds of files.
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