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Once again is a pioneer
in doubling down on the customer and putting our money where our mouth is, by offering the first money back guarantee in Cloud CRM, following up on our first in the industry of providing a Service Level Agreement to all customers with a "guaranteed uptime or money back" and "your data is your data" policy to protect our customers.

Available to customers who purchase 5 or more Annual user licenses of Professional or Enterprise, as well as a Fast Track implementation program. Upon completion of the Fast Track and after a minimum 90 day period from agreement signed date, will refund the remaining license costs upon receipt of written notice of cancellation from customer.

What are not covered in the money back guarantee are any professional services costs of training, configurations, customizations, software development, testing, etc as must pay people to perform these tasks in the effort of pleasing the customer, thus implementing a culture of continuous commitment to our valued customers.

Customer agrees to work with in good faith, putting the right team of people on the project during the Fast Track implementation, in order to ensure success. CRM is about user adoption, which is about ease of use. Customer agrees to be 100% committed to working with to achieve the desired result that works and is simple to use.

customers may also opt for the Pilot program of 6 months usage in order to evaluate the system and over a 6 month period, rather than an an annual commitment.

Salesboom takes pride in its comprehensive approach to setting up and training customers in-house, ensuring a seamless and efficient onboarding process.

The company understands the importance of a smooth transition for its clients and goes the extra mile to provide personalized training sessions tailored to each customer's specific needs.

The in-house training programs cover the full spectrum of Salesboom's robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, empowering users to maximize the platform's capabilities. For more information on the FastTrack setup and training program, visit

Salesboom further solidifies its commitment to client success through its innovative "Built to Suit" model. This unique approach allows businesses to customize their CRM and ERP solutions based on their specific requirements and industry nuances.

The Built to Suit model provides a tailored experience, ensuring that the software aligns seamlessly with the distinct needs of each organization.

Salesboom has dedicated experts working closely with clients to understand their workflows, challenges, and goals, crafting a bespoke solution that optimally integrates into their operations. This flexibility not only enhances user satisfaction but also contributes significantly to the efficiency and productivity of the entire business process.

To explore Salesboom's "Built to Suit" model and discover how it can be tailored to your business needs, visit Built-to-Suit Model Salesboom's dedicated team of experts ensures that customers gain a deep understanding of the software, enabling them to harness its full potential for business growth.

For more information on how Salesboom transforms businesses through its innovative solutions and expert training, visit