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Salesforce.com CRM Limitations

 Salesforce.com CRM product Limitations

101 Salesforce.com CRM product Limitations: Are simply Salesboom Strengths

Our Cloud Based CRM competitors such as Salesforce.com and others make it so difficult for CRM prospective buyers to make educated buying decisions by means and methods of hiding and neglecting to tell customers about their CRM product limitations and extra hidden costs up front.

This makes it very difficult for CRM buyers to rate Salesforce and their competetion as well.

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Here is a list of over 101 Salesforce.com CRM product limitations and issues that their marketing department's strategy seems focused on hiding from you and other initial Cloud CRM buyers. A disgraceful practice of hiding valuable product information that could stop you from buying their CRM software products in the first place such as hidden irregular and none published storage costs can easily double yearly license subscription costs.

Such concealed unethical business practices make it harder for a successful on budget crm implementation project. Salesforce.com limitations perhaps attribute to their reported higher than average attrition rates.

At Salesboom.com we differentiate ourselves by being a limitless CRM technology vendor that focuses on delivering the greatest value through our CRM cloud computing software products, on-time and on-budget.. Here is a highly detailed CRM Feature Comparison between Salesboom.com and Salesforce.com.

Cloud CRM feature Salesboom.com Salesforce.com
Total Custom Tabs Unlimited 25
Custom fields Per Object 1000 500
Total Custom Objects 2000 200
Document Storage 1 GB/user 100MB/user
Email Storage 1 GB/user Unlimited
Data Storage 150 MB/user 20 MB/user
Maximum Email2Case File Attachment 25MB 5MB
Weekly Export Service Free $
Mass Email Limitations Unlimited 250 mass emails at a time
Daily Mass Email Limit Unlimited 500/user/day
Custom Reports Limits Unlimited 15 per user
Web2Lead Forms Limits Unlimited 500 Leads/day
Daily API Calls Limit Unlimited 1000/user account
Leads Per Campaign Limit Unlimited 500,000 Leads/per campaign
Mail Merge Limits Unlimited 100/records at a time
Tracking history Limits Tracks All fields Tracks 20 fields Maximum
Email Signature Limit 10,000 Characters 1333 Characters
Workflow Time Trigger Limit 5000 days 999 days
Email Body Size Limit 1024KB 32KB
External Web Services Callouts Limit Unlimited 10/user/day
External Web Services Callouts Size Limit 2048KB per Callout 100KB per Callout

Sales force has been known for providing the least effective service level agreement (SLA) in the Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM industry. Furthermore, Salesforce.com doesn’t provide any SLA unless the customer directly requests it or negotiates for one. Moreover, the service level agreements provided by Sales Force are not usually strong as their uptime thresholds fall below the competitors and their maintenance windows are, to say the least, pitiful.

Formula Expression Limit 3200 Characters 1300 Characters
Report Size Limit for Unlimited Admin users Unlimited 20,000 records for standard users
Solution Attachment Size Limit 100MB 10MB
Contacts with pictures Yes No
External Object IDs 20 IDs per Object 3 IDs per Object
Workflow Filter Criteria Limit 250 6
Custom Views Filter Criteria Limit 50 6
Custom Reports Filter Criteria Limit 50 6
Field Label Maximum Length 80 Characters 40 Characters
Storage Price per GB/year $1000/GB per year $3000/GB per year
Dashboards Grand Totals Yes No
Case Cross-Object References Limit 46 5
Workflow Tasks Comments Field Limit 32,000 Characters 255 Characters
Maximum Workflow Rules Per Object Unlimited 10-50
Recurring Event Occurrence Limits Unlimited 10-100i
In-line Editing in Views $ii No
Insert HTML into Email Templates Yes No
Multiple Emails Addresses per Contact $iii No

One another point that is taken against Sales Force is their confusing pricing policy, they would act like “Yes we can get you this feature” and yet you can’t use all of it.  For example: they say “We will let you customize your entities” but when the customer wants to customize they will say:” By the way, you can only have 100 custom fields”, and if the customer wants a 101 custom fields, then they are forced to purchase the Enterprise edition, which is 125 $/user/month, or even go for the unlimited edition of Sales force, which costs 250 $/user/month! For Huge Enterprises this cost is affordable, but for small business this is way too much cost! Let’s assume that a small business which consists of 25 employees will need to buy 20 Salesforce Enterprise edition licenses as they need a lot of customizations, they will need to pay 30,000 dollars annually just so they would use the CRM! If they decided to go for the unlimited edition they would have to pay 60,000 dollars annually. Despite an initial thrust and acceptance in the small business market, small business customers repeatedly opine that professional services options are few and extremely costly.

For small business customers that require software customization, system integration or other professional services, the lack of channel options, combined with the lack of desire for smaller projects by the few partners available, leave this customer segment without many options. When reviewing features to features its apparent that Salesforce.com is the highest priced product in the SaaS CRM industry. Salesboom.com takes the pride of being one of the pioneers of providing Cloud CRM SaaS (Software as a service) in the market and been doing that since 2003, while offering the most efficient and complete CRM solutions at very competitive and affordable prices.


Duplicate Record Alerts $iv No
Activities Text Area Limit 2000 Characters 255 Characters
History Tracking All Objects Cases Only
Mass Email to Accounts $v No
Full Email Integration Yes No
Zip Code Proximity Search Yes No
Searching Contacts By Account Name Yes No
Mail Merge to PDF $ No
Lookup CC & BCC Email Fields Yes No
Search By Matching Time zone Yes No
Mass Email Contacts w/Multi emails Yes No
Multiple Profiles Per User Per Request No
Records Total on Views Yes No
Multiple Contacts Per Lead Betavii No

Salesforce.com marketing software is competitively weak in the SaaS (Software as a Service) CRM industry. To achieve lead management or marketing automation capabilities such as digital prospect tracking, lead scoring, progressive profiling, cherish campaigns and rich marketing analytics requires a separate product acquisition. Salesforce has introduced the Marketing Cloud, but it is limited to social marketing and satisfies few or none of the previously listed lead management or marketing automation requirements. Many Salesforce.com customers turn to third party marketing automation software products from vendors such as Act-On Software, Eloqua, Marketo or Pardot, which deliver strong solutions but increase costs and multi-vendor management issues.

Email Drip Campaigns Yesviii No
Object Naming Convention $ix No
Tasks Assigned to Multi User Available No
Clone Web Capture Forms Yes No
Workflow Updates cross-object Fields Yes No
Workflow Converts Leads Yes No
Task/Event/Note Custom Fields Yes No
Time-Zone Calculator Beta No
Solution Custom Field Search Yes No
Custom Fields in public KB Yes No
Map Lead Fields to Custom Objects Per Requestx No
Mix-n-Match Editions amongst users Yes No
Web 2 Lead Anti-Spam Controls $ No
Account Search During Lead Conversion Available Noxi
Workflow Triggered By Activities Available No
Workflow Triggered By Export/Import Available No
Workflow Triggered By Audit-trail Available No
Exception Reporting $xii No
Mass Email Records Report Yesxiii No
Mass Update Records in Views Per Requestxiv No

The Salesforce.com customer base is mainly based on B2B (Business to Business). Sales force CRM software is not nearly as well oriented to the B2C (Business to Customer) industry. B2B means companies doing business with each other such as manufacturers selling to distributors and wholesalers selling to retailers. Pricing is based on quantity of order and is often negotiable. On the other hand, usinesses selling to the general public typically through catalogs utilizing shopping cart software. By dollar volume, B2B takes the prize, however B2C is really what the average Joe has in mind with regards to ecommerce as a whole. We hope this document helps your company rate our Cloud CRM solution, and Salesforce.com and other competetion.

Mass Convert Leads Per Request No
Multiple Signature Management $xv No
Null-Value Field Suppression Per Requestxvi No
Merge Contracts $xvii No
Multiple From Email Addresses Per User Per Request No
Workflow rules based on User Behavior $xviii No
On-demand Upgrades $xix No
Isolated Tenancy $ No
User Online/Offline Status Yes No
Dashboards/Charts Drill-Down Yes No
Mass Upload Documents Per Request No
Mass Add Users (via Import) $2 per user No
I With Salesforce.com, if you schedule a task to occur once a year, you can schedule it for a maximum of 10 years. If the Event is to reoccur daily, then you could only have it reoccur 100 times maximum. With Salesboom.com no limits are enforced.

II $1,000 One Time Setup Fee. Applicable only to Enterprise Edition Customers with 10 or more active users.

III Same As Above.

IV Same As Above.

V In Salesboom.com, by mass emailing Accounts, you are actually sending the email to every active Contact in the Account.

VI $500/year. Available in Enterprise Edition Only.

VII This feature is in beta. This will allow you to manage multiple contacts per lead and when converted, it will create appropriate Contact records, Account and/or Opportunity. Salesboom.com is the first CRM vendor ever to address this problem.

VIII $700/year. Available in Enterprise Edition Only.

IX This feature allows you to pre define many popular names for an object, and then use them when creating objects. This feature must be turned on by Salesboom.com authorized Level2 support personnel as the feature only makes sense for specific situations and if improperly used can have a negative effect on your organization data quality. I.e. Most companies will not want to call different opportunities similar names, but others rarely may require it.

X This feature will allow your organization to map Lead fields into custom fields in custom objects when converted.

XI When converting a lead in Salesforce.com only a pick-list of existing accounts that match the Company field are offered; Salesboom.com offers a complete Account Search and Lookup instead.

XII $700/year. Available in Enterprise Edition Only.

XIII This feature will only appear on reports that have objects with an email address field.

XIV Mass Update Records in Views is available free for Enterprise Edition Customers with at least 10 Active Users.

XV This feature allows a user to have multiple signatures, and choose a different signature for each contact emailed. Some CRM users need a different signature based on the field or industry, hence the requirement for this feature. $100 setup fee. Available free for Enterprise Edition Customers with at least 10 Active Users.

XVI This feature is only available to Enterprise Edition customers with at least 10 active users. Although it is highly advised to not hide Field Labels, some of our customers believe that if a field has a null value, it should not show up when viewing a record. However null-value fields will show up when editing a record. This feature will be controlled in the user profile.

XVII $100 Setup Fee applies - available only to Enterprise Edition customers with at least 10 active users.

XVIII $500/year. Available in Enterprise Edition Only and allows workflow rules to be run on the User Object. A good example: to be alerted whenever a user logs in, sends an email or logs calls to specific clients, runs a report, uploads a document, etc.

XIX For a yearly fee of $1200, Salesboom.com upgrades become on-demand and each organization has the control to decide when and if a specific Salesboom.com upgrade is to be deployed to their organization’s users.

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