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Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Switch from to

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1) CRM Software Limitations

a. Inability to Generate a Simple Quote

When using the platform to manage your current or potential clients you are unable to generate a sales quote. This results in wasted time and sales delays. The platform comes out of the box with a pre-integrated Quote Management module allowing you to generate any number of quotes with the click of a button., Quote Management can also be used by Sales Reps even while out of the office through a hand held device or the Offline Edition.

b. Custom Fields and Formula Limitations has restrictions on the amount of custom fields and formulas which inhibits the ability of companies to change without having to pay an exorbitant amount of fees. These fees are the result of having to upgrade their Edition for all their users. At we don’t hold you back with high platform limitations; we allow plenty of room for your company to advance your market share.

c. Low Storage Included

i. encourages its users to store all their data within the platform, however, when a low storage limit is reached, companies are faced with upgrades or exorbitant storage fees.

ii. hides the cost of extra storage and it is no wonder, it is currently priced at $6,144/GB/Year! has a minimum of double the standard space and if more is needed the charge is only $500/GB/Year!

d. Forced Cloud CRM Platform Upgrades

Back in 2005 realized something, not all Cloud CRM technological advancements will benefit all businesses. It is almost 3 years later and still hasn’t realized this. When a new feature or functionality is developed, forces the update upon your Cloud CRM Platform whether your company wants it or not. typically offers upgrades every few months, however the power is left in the hands of the administrators and users, you can choose which upgrades or new features will benefit your business and choose if and when to implement them. With you don’t have the choice.

2) Has No Service Guarantee

While customers suffer from frequent outages, the company has never taken steps to offer a service guarantee. offers an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with an uptime guarantee of 99.8% or your money back. We also provide our clients with a clearly posted link titled the CRM Monitor, where they can monitor our current service levels as they happen; all is documented in the public eye.

3) Sluggish CRM User Interface user interface is not user friendly and requires many clicks to accomplish a task. Cloud CRM is the most user friendly Software-as-a-Service CRM Solution. This is in part from the constant contact with our clients and our industry studies on CRM User Behavior. With this insight into how our clients use their CRM Software we were able to develop an easy to use AJAX driven CRM Platform, one that your entire staff will enjoy using.

4) No Time-based Workflow lacks serious time-based workflow rules and forces you to depend on third party vendors to develop their applications with the ability to complement other outside developers in order to fully integrate the platform. The platform is UI based which means in order to trigger workflow processes an employee must physically click a button to send the task, event or even sales lead to the next stage. This form of workflow leaves room for error where a potential client could be overlooked. is the only CRM vendor to offer time-based workflow and drip marketing tools for Professional and Enterprise Edition customers at no additional charge.

5) No Email Integrated with CRM

a. CRM Solutions are not easily integrated with outside email clients or other email platforms. offers email Integration as a standard in all of its CRM Editions as well as a pre-built Microsoft Outlook Integration plug-in. The Outlook integration tool within’s platform doesn’t allow notes attached to contacts to be kept during the data transfer process. With all information stays intact.

b. has limited to no Email functionality along with many more shortcomings. A company cannot mail merge more than 100 records at a time with making their email processes extremely time consuming. This lack of functionality is combined with their inability to incorporate ZIP code proximity rules which allow an organization to group leads and contacts by region. comes out with Zip code proximity functionality along with no set limitations for performing mail merge functionality. Why limit someone when the technology used can perform at a greater rate?

6) No Single Tool to Export Data

It can be said that holds your data hostage by making it extremely difficult to export your companies private information, and as an added feature of database privacy the USA Patriot Act can force to provide your companies data to them if requested. is a Canadian based company and we provide you with easy to follow data exporting tools. For example our Migration Magic Button which will migrate your database seamlessly to

7) Extra Hidden Costs Associated with App Exchange

a.’s App Exchange is a nothing more than a clever way to charge their clients for features which should be provided in your regular monthly fees. All applications a company adds to their platform are provided by as features. provides four different CRM Editions so you can find the one that best suits your needs and if none are the perfect fit then feel free to mix and match features until you get a finely tailored CRM Solution.

b. An added cost when operating within the platform is the extra work that may be required to integrate separate applications to allow smooth data flow. This is because applications can be developed by anyone; this is not the case with All features (aka applications) are 100% integrated from the beginning, we developed our entire platform to ensure data visibility across your entire company. As you implement new applications into your platform you will require more tabs or even a new CRM Edition which will allow the particular number of applications to be used. These hidden upgrades are not included and once you reach your application limit or the amount of tabs allowed you are forced to buy a new edition or more tabs.

8) Arrogant Culture & Poor Customer Service

a. It was no surprise to us when many of our clients who had previously been with had negative comments about them; it was the large amount of these comments which sparked us to provide clear documents to aid you in migrating from The comments from our clients regarding were generally surrounding forced upgrades, high costs and poor customer service. No company should ever be stuck dealing with a CRM vendor they are less then pleased with.

b. At we provide prompt customer service to all of our clients, no matter how many users they have licensed with us.

c. As seen in recent times the CEO of Mark Benioff has been selling a large number of his company stocks each and every day. This combined with the possible sale of to Oracle, who is not a fan of small enterprise, shows us that is turning its back on SME’s. This can even be seen in their product editions since there is no mass email functionality in their Group Edition. offer’s mass email and a much broader feature lineup even within our smallest Edition, Team.

9) is Too Expensive

This fact is more of an added benefit to the clients who migrate from to With no drop in service or functionality and in many cases an increase in ease of use and user adoption, is an excellent choice for your organization. Think of all the annual savings just on user licenses, not to mention no cost for data migration from to

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