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Cloud CRM Inventory Management Software from!

Salesboom's Cloud CRM w/Inventory Management Software is here, giving you more robust power and control over your back-office ERP Software Inventory Systems. Taking advantage of Salesboom's Cloud CRM with Inventory Management software system can help your small business in many ways, providing you a true solution for managing your product inventory as well as uniform, real time sales software updates and adjustments for an accurate representation of true inventory levels. Your Sales Representatives will know when a product is out-of-stock before recommending it to a potential customer. You can easily access critical data about products which are frequently out of stock and modify your inventory control levels accordingly. Salesboom's web based Inventory Management software solution saves your small business time and money, freeing up valuable human resources to concentrate on items which more directly affect your bottom line - from marketing to sales, service through to accounting (with our small business accounting software).

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Salesboom's web based Inventory Management software gives you powerful advantages over your competition, including:

  • Advanced Out-Of-Stock (OOS) Warning System

    Automatically notify the right employees when your stock levels of particular products are starting to get low - completely customizable directly from the interface. Use email or task based alerts, whichever is best suited for your small business. Also allow your customers notification on when inventory becomes available via automated email alerts! Everyone who needs to know always knows with Salesboom.
  • Automatic Inventory Level Updates

    If your products come into your warehouse or storage facility on a regular timed basis, you can easily configure your Salesboom web based Inventory Management software system to accommodate! Simply set the interval to the frequency with which your stock gets replenished, and Salesboom will automatically make the adjustments for you.


    Full Opportunity Management and Product Management Integration

    Salesboom's web based Inventory Management software system is completely integrated with other key areas of the Salesboom On Demand hosted CRM software system - most importantly your Opportunity Management and Product Management tools. When a Sales Representative fulfills an order for 30 units, the order gets closed and invoice generated, your Inventory Management system will automatically deduct 30 units from your inventory totals.


    Robust Reporting, business Intelligence and Analytics

    Salesboom's Inventory Management system runs off the powerful Analytics engine that powers the rest of the Salesboom On Demand hosted CRM software system. Easily run reports to check on past trends, over any time period and any piece of data tracked in the web based Inventory Management software program with the click of a mouse button.


    Manual Inventory Level Updates

    Have an unexpected shortage of stock after a larger than normal purchase? No problem! Salesboom also allows you to manually manipulate your stock levels of products, so if you have to make an unscheduled stock level update, you can have it reflected in your Salesboom web based Inventory Management software system - no mess, no hassle, no headaches.

Salesboom's web based Inventory Management software gives you the power you need to get a better understanding on your small business inventory control. From powerful and robust reporting and analytics for a complete executive overview, showing you how to better streamline your inventory management system, to automatic updates keeping everyone 'in the loop,' Salesboom's web based Inventory Management software is there for you every step of the way. There's no point in postponing it anymore - join the Small business CRM software revolution with on demand hosted CRM software, ERP Software and web-based SFA solutions. Take a Free CRM software 30-Day Trial today, and enjoy Salesboom's full service with no strings attached. The future of small business is here, and it starts with - All the Small business CRM Tools You Need to Succeed; Without the Price Tag.

Try our free CRM software 30 day trial of the Salesboom Web based Inventory Management Software. Contact Salesboom directly for more information at 1.855.229.2043 or via email at

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