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QuickBooks for CRM Software

Salesboom has an out-of-the-box solution for automatically synchronizing Salesboom CRM with QuickBooks to ensure one view of customer, product and order information for the entire organization. Our QuickBooks CRM Integration guarantees that your company’s Sales, Accounting and management teams will always see correct and timely information, while eliminating time delays and errors typical with duplicate data entry or incomplete information. Within hours Salesboom will remotely install and configure the QuickBooks integration to provide your organization bi-directional synchronization between your Salesboom Cloud CRM and your accounting data in QuickBooks. The entire process is seamless and runs in the background, so there is no extra software to learn with our Customizable CRM solutions for QuickBooks.

Whether you are working in QuickBooks or with Opportunities, Accounts or products within the Salesboom Cloud CRM, data is synchronized bi-directional between key objects in Salesboom and QuickBooks:

  • Accounts to QuickBooks Customers
  • Won Opportunities to Sales Orders/Invoices/Sales Receipts
  • Products with Inventory Items
  • Invoice details back to Opportunities

Additionally the integration can be extended to integrate other standard or custom objects and fields in Salesboom Online CRM and QuickBooks OR to other internal systems for an additional fee.

8 Reasons Why QuickBooks CRM Integration is a Must

Business Benefits
  • One view of customer, organization wide – Sales, Accounting and Management share the most up to date information on customers, inventory and orders.
  • Reduce errors and save time – No more manual data entry which is error prone and results in incomplete data.
  • Easy Inventory Management – Never again worry about the inability to fulfill and order due to lack of inventory. Reduce inventory management problems by having accurate and up to date information
  • Customized and Rapid Implementation – Salesboom does all the heavy lifting to deliver an integration that is customized to your organization, within hours. The software runs in the background, so there is no extra software for you to learn.
  • Web Service Architecture – Software component is installed on your QuickBooks server and accesses Salesboom Web Services API so that multiple Salesboom users can send updates to the QuickBooks server, without the need for a separate install on each user PC. There is no disruption to your business as all integrations are tested by Salesboom over the Web, while you continue to use Salesboom Cloud CRM and QuickBooks as usual.
  • CRM and integration supported by Salesboom – No more dealing with middleware or juggling vendors to resolve issues. Salesboom Cloud CRM is the only vendor you will deal with in the process of integrating QuickBooks.
  • Affordable Pricing – Pay as you go model with low annual fee reduces large upfront software acquisition costs.
  • QuickBooks pro, online Essentials, Online Plus, QuickBooks Premiere, Premiere Plus, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, US Edition.
  • Salesboom Unlimited Edition, Enterprise Edition or Professional Edition
  • English language implementation
  • $495.00 one time setup fee
  • $900.00 per year for up to 10 users
  • $1800.00 per year for 11+ users
  • Custom integration available for extra fee

About Salesboom

SalesboomTM is a world leader in delivery of on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Salesboom has over 28,000 subscribers from around the globe, ranging from SMB to Fortune 500 customers, in over 154 countries around the world. Salesboom.com solutions drive innovation, enable business realignment, and enriches customer relations across the enterprise.

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