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Advantages and Disadvantages of CRM

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Advantages and Disadvantages of CRM: Gain the Business Advantage

   Advantages and disadvantages CRM: To fully understand which CRM Software Solution is the right fit for your company one must know the advantages and disadvantages involved with the different forms of CRM Software on the market. It can basically be divided into two groups, Traditional On-Premise CRM Software and Web-Based/Cloud CRM Software.

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   The advantages and disadvantages of CRM Software provided to businesses largely differ between these two groups. Both forms of CRM systems provide a business with a way to manage leads, contacts, campaigns, accounts, customer service and all other areas of business within a software solution.

   Why use CRM software? That question passes through many business owners’ minds. As they look towards purchasing a CRM system as an Expense not as an investment. “Why fix it if it is not brokenattitude is driving these companies out of the competition  and makes them end up taking lower shares of the market than their competitors. Will just buying a brand new Customer Relationship Management solution, which can be referred to as Client Management as well, be the end of your dilemma ? Will it magically put you up there with your competitors or even above them?

  A CRM, or customer-relationship management, system is often used by businesses to keep sales, marketing and relationship-building goals on track. Integration of the different business departments helps furthermore enhance the overall revenue. So, business owners can either not use CRM, keep their current business processes as it is or they can invest in a CRM system and enjoy the synergy of the integration of their business’s departments into bringing in more profits as well as providing overall service, support and sales.

 Different types of CRM systems are currently available in the market, but they can be categorized into 2 main groups, traditional On-Premise/On- Site CRM software and web-based/Cloud based CRM solutions. The advantages and disadvantages of these 2 different CRM groups vary a whole heap as the difference of nature between these two in addition to the way the CRM service is provided have a great effect on how they perform.

   The advantages and disadvantages of CRM on-premise solutions are wide spread; this form of CRM Software has been in use for a longer period of time than Web based/Cloud CRM Software online. This was due to the inability of technology to provide solutions online in a manner sufficient to small, medium and large enterprises. An advantage of on-premise CRM Software was that it was installed locally within a corporation; no outside networks were needed in order to operate, meaning; it did not need to wait for Cloud Computing to catch up. This advantage also comes with a large disadvantage; every computer within the business network requires the CRM Software to be installed directly on it and to be connected via network cables to all other computers. This would cause an extremely long roll out time for new CRM Software implementation as well as a great expense.

   Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of CRM in both of its forms begins with roll out time. Traditional on-premise CRM Solutions take a long time to roll out and need to be directly networked, on the other hand, Web based/Cloud CRM Software online requires no networking cables or software installation; this is possible because of the CRM Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS). A great advantage of web-based CRM is that all data is stored within a single data repository and accessible from any computer in the world with internet access. This means you will never have the disadvantage of not having the right files while traveling or working in the field. Another advantage of Web based/Cloud CRM Software online is the security of your information; every measure is taken to protect the data warehouse and information is further secured by creating frequent backups. While working with company data, all information is transferred over an encrypted page and although all employees with user access can view company data, a role hierarchy with customized security settings may be set.

   In the age of mobility, Cloud CRM gives you the full capacity to control your data, company processes, employees and more from anywhere around the globe by enabling you to access the system from any mobile device ( iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows mobile phones, etc… ). Web-based/Cloud CRM uses the latest technologies to facilitate the business processes for your Sales, Marketing and Customer Support teams. It is also proper to mention that with Salesboom Cloud CRM you can easily manage other aspects of your business such as HR, PR, and Inventory Management through the same system. Giving you the choice to manage all aspects of business in only one place is what makes us proud and allows us to be one of the top Cloud CRM vendors in the global CRM market.

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Read more on the Advantages and Disadvantages CRM brings to your business or take a look at a more in-depth comparison between on-premise and Web CRM Software online. Find out the advantages Salesboom’s Web-Based/Cloud CRM Software can bring to your company with our Free30 day trial

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