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Salesboom vs., Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel, Netsuite, Rightnow, and Entellium - Why you should switch:

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HomeSalesboom vs., Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel, Netsuite, Rightnow, and Entellium - Why you should switch

Salesboom vs., Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel, Netsuite, Entellium -
Why you should switch:

    How can a public company like and Siebel with reported yearly sales in the hundreds of millions (hoover's), not meet the Cloud CRM needs of small, medium and large size businesses? See for yourself - and ACT!

  1. Billing management & Invoice management Automation- Salesboom's Billing & Invoice management Automation component, part of it's ERP Software suite of features, is the industry standard with which to measure your Invoicing software against., Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Siebel and RightNow do not offer such tools.

  2. Web based Project Management- Salesboom is still the only true web based CRM provider to give its customers a fully comprehensive, completely integrated Web based Project Management offering as part of its CRM software solutions. When evaluating a Rightnow CRM Service Review or Rightnow technologies it is easy to see how they can't support advanced Project Management tasks.

  3. Inventory Management- Salesboom offers your business a fully integrated Inventory Management solution with CRM, allowing you to track inventory levels through both manual and automated inventory management systems. If you were to compare features of or Microsoft Dynamics, their Inventory Management services are not as functional or integrated as that of Salesboom.

  4. Most Secure Cloud CRM– Recently, was a victim of a phishing attack. This security breach has lead to the leak of many customer data records. At not only do we offer a multi-factor authentication process using USB Tokens, but we also depend on Security Education for our customers and employees to fight back. Netsuite services, Rightnow technologies, Entellium, Microsoft Dynamics CRM don't offer multi-factor authentication leaving them as venerable to situations like the leak.

  5. Service Level Agreement- is the only Software-as-a-service CRM vendor to offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with an uptime guarantee of 99.8% and refunds customers 2.5x the down time, if any. A real-time CRM system monitor is also available. and others do not offer an SLA! There has been much discussion in the past regarding downtime and a quick Rightnow CRM service review will show how Salesboom's guarantee is an important aspect to maintaining a successful CRM Software solution while avoiding any problems.

  6. Sales Territory Management- How can you deploy an online web based CRM software solution and not even allow your employees to effectively manage particular territories through the application?

  7. Campaign ROI Reporting- Salesboom gives you more for your marketing dollar than any other on demand hosted CRM software provider on the market.

  8. Sales Quote Software- Selling is great, but most people need to be able to generate quotes on the fly for their customers instead of just miraculously closing them over the phone before they even have a quote in hand.

  9. Cases Outlook Integration- Salesboom's Outlook Integration with its Cases and Solutions service & support modules is unrivalled in a comparable MS Outlook Plug-in offering from's offering doesn't integrate with any of their non-contact related features.

  10. Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)- Salesboom is the only on demand hosted CRM software provider to give true support for Customer Lifecycle Management, or CLM.

  11. More email Functionality, Including Mass email Support- Salesboom knows that email is one of the most critical and common ways to communicate in this age of technology.

  12. More Employee Collaboration- Salesboom allows you to get the most out of your employees by providing you with CRM Software Tips and many hosted features to let your employees collaborate with each other quickly and easily.

  13. Re-Occurring Events & Tasks- Salesboom gives you the power of recurring events & tasks to take full advantage of the robust power and ability that a CRM solution should offer you.

  14. Billable Support Time Tracking- Salesboom gives you the support your support department needs to keep track of all the relevant details.

  15. Relevant, Contextual Dashboard Reporting- Salesboom offers you better Dashboard reporting than by combining two major features in its dashboard system - Role Based Dashboards, and One Click Drill-Down capabilities.

  16. All the Small business CRM Tools You Need to Succeed; Without the Price Tag- Salesboom's policy of empowering the true small business to succeed with the same functionality their larger competitors such as Siebel and SAP enjoy comes by setting an honest price tag on our services.

  17. Better Customer Service, Less Headaches- At Salesboom, we understand the great irony of the CRM market. So many CRM companies to choose from, yet not a single one of them practice the corporate philosophy of CRM that they try and sell in software form.

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