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Online web based Customer Relationship Management | Cloud CRM System Software Solution:

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The Best Cloud Customer Relationship Management Tools: Service & Support Functionalities with Zero Headaches Online web based ( Cloud ) Customer Relationship Management Software Solution (online web based Cloud CRM software), Service & Support tools provide your support and marketing teams with a complete view of your customers in real time sales software. Our Cloud CRM System Software will dramatically streamline support operations, increase customer satisfaction, and build long-lasting relationships with your customers and enable you to retain existing customers.

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Benefits of our Cloud CRM solutions:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our hosted web based ( Cloud ) Customer Relationship Management Software Solution package (online web based Cloud CRM system software) gives your company instant benefits such as systematic case tracking, automatic case routing and case priority escalation. Never again will customer inquiries fall through the cracks. Instant access to case histories and customer communications will ensure service-level agreements metrics are met and even exceeded.

Boost Productivity

By automatically capturing customer inquiries from your web site and routing cases to specific reps based on customized business rules you can support more customers with existing staff and increase productivity. Salesboom On Demand hosted Cloud CRM System Software Solution Helps you do just that.

Better Customer Service, Less Training

A centralized knowledge database consisting of previous expertise and case histories will decrease response time and deliver consistent responses to your customers.

Magnifying Glass

with Salesboom customer relationship management solution Analyzing and understanding sources of top customer inquiries will allow managers to proactively address top issues to improve customer service.

Increase Revenues

With access to complete customer histories, you can create new opportunities to sell additional products or services to your existing customers.

One Face, One Company

Reps utilizing the power of Salesboom's Web based Cloud CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) System Software Solutions tools can access relevant customer information such as inventory levels, delivery status, and billing information, anytime, anywhere.

  • Traditional CRM meant software on a stack of desks and a team of people for Cloud CRM consulting. With's online web based Cloud CRM software solution, users get One-on-One Free Cloud CRM training. Our Free Cloud CRM training packages are sure to drive user adoption of Cloud CRM system software for your organization.
  • Long gone the CRM consulting fees associated with Customer Relationship Management Software Implementations.
  • Salesboom Beats All Microsoft CRM Requirements but is available in a convenient subscription based pricing model and fully hosted.
  • Salesboom On Demand hosted CRM solutions are much more robust and user friendly than ACCPAC Cloud CRM.
  • The Alternative: Enterprise Edition is a alternative with more robust ERP software tools for 60% less money. Web based Online Customer Relationship Management Software Solution ( Cloud CRM Software ) is utilized by the IT, Media, Advertising, Legal, Engineering, Corporate, Pharmaceutical, Government, Construction, Automotive and the Service industries around the world such as USA(San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Washington, and in every other state), Canada, UK, Italy, Bordeaux, Rhode Island, Spain, Germany, Holland, Sweden, France, Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Africa Singapore, China (Hong Kong, Shanghai), Japan, Australia, and many more.

We built our web based Cloud CRM system software from the ground up to maximize the significant advantages that hosted software provides. is delivered as a web service, eliminating the need to download and install software. All upgrades and customizations are implemented transparently to users. Minimal training is required. In fact, you can be up and running with in days, not the months or years required by conventional Cloud CRM System providers.

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Consumer Goods Retail
Electronics Staffing
Energy Transportation
Finacial Services - Banking Travel


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