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Immigration Software Solutions
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Immigration Software

Customized Approach
Salesboom.com worked with immigration consultants to be versed in the needs of immigration consultant and law firms exclusively. Capture screens are designed with the immigration consultants in mind, included are:
  • automatic case file number generation to ease filing and client identification.
  • originating office pull down menu track what areas are your most profitable.
  • services required keeps staff on track.
  • courier receipt number confirms when forms and applications are submitted and sent back to the client.
  • housing requirements tracks temporary and permanent residence.
  • language proficiency tests.

Salesboom.com complies with all government classifications and further defines services into students and individuals.

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Intuitive Interfaces
Salesboom.com Immigration Version is extremely easy to use—it takes no time to learn. With the Zero Software mind set of Salesboom.com products your small business can rapidly benefit from our solutions with very minimal work—the tools are self-explanatory. Role out to your immigration offices is as close as the Internet away. Assign user names and passwords to each of your staff and then it is as easy as fill in the blanks online. Salesboom has included a work in progress tab, that will track the immigration clients application and report the status.

Secure Information
Client data is stored encrypted in our secure servers, and Salesboom.com serves as your backup. Salesboom.com provides state-of-the-art security to ensure that your customer data is never compromised. At Salesboom.com, we know that security is crucial to you that is why security is our top priority. We devote significant resources to continually develop our world-class security infrastructure to deliver unsurpassed security and privacy of our customers information.

Global Access
With accounts online, you can administer applications from anywhere! Salesboom.com Immigration Version facilitates the resources to key-in forms for your clients through the web. When you are away from your office Salesboom.com eliminates reams of data waiting for you on your desk, meanwhile staff initiate many of the sundry elements of the applications in progress and realize results.


Typically client data is transposed from paper worksheets, clients can eliminate the lag time by submitting his/her data online. You and your client both benefit from the speed of the Internet by transferring information and reducing the need for long distance calls. The client can key-in the necessary data online, make an initial payment via credit card and check their status once processing starts. Your leads database will enable you to funnel work through to the immigration branch office immediately once the client enters his/her data.

Students have quick access to:

  • University acceptance results
  • Visa service if required
  • Residence confirmation
  • Arrival date confirmation
Salesboom.com Immigration Version eliminates re-keying information with the ability to input information on-line into your database. When a client omits the proper data the lead form does not allow the lead to move forward within the form.

While the form filling process becomes easier for you, the savings in time can be relegated to new opportunities, clients will also have a simple means of communicating with your firm; in addition, credit card processing is included to get things under way.

Total Cost of Ownership
The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the total of the actual costs involved in acquiring, deploying, and maintaining an enterprise system such as Cloud CRM (Client Relationship Management) and SFA (Sales Force Automation).

Internal Documents
The need to track associated information from many sources has had Salesboom.com assign areas for:
  • Student ID#
  • Date of Acceptance
  • Courier Tracking #
  • Temporary and Permanent Residence
  • Starting Date
  • Cellular Telephone #
  • Health Insurance Carrier
  • All activity by office
  • All student applications at university and no acceptance
  • All students applications accepted and waiting for visa
Credit Card Acceptance
All major credit cards are accepted.
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