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Web Self-Service Portal

on demand hosted CRM software / web-based SFA instant messenging service software

  • Online Customer Self-Serve.
  • Public Knowledgebase.
  • Resolve support issues more quickly and reliably.
  • update or check the status of existing issues via a Web portal.

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Web Self-Service Portal:

Salesboom's Customer Self Service Portal is the latest and greatest in the world of on demand business solutions. Now you can take advantage of Salesboom's cutting edge CRM software solution and have your customer's reap direct benefits as well! Cut through contact center hold queues, email backlogs and more - give your customer's direct access to the trouble tickets and updates on their status, allowing your service and support representatives more flexibility to work towards resolving the issue, instead of answering repeated phone calls from frustrated customers.

Salesboom's Customer Self-Service Portal empowers your business with robust functionality and CRM tools allowing your customer's access to their own service and support requests. A Salesboom administrator can create special self-serve accounts for any customer in the Salesboom system, which then allows those customers to login to a special self-service portal, giving them access to create cases that are instantly available to support personnel in real time; or reflect on previous cases already submitted to the system.

Web Self-Service Portal benefits:

  • Real Time Access; Anytime, Anywhere

    Using Salesboom's Customer Self-Service Portal gives your customer's real time access; from anywhere an internet connection is available. Now their schedules don't have to coincide with the hours of operation for your contact center - they can log in at their leisure and view the status of their trouble tickets directly from home without so much as picking up the phone.
  • More Efficient Service and Support Reps

    Using Salesboom makes your Service and Support representatives more efficient, allowing them more control over each individual case that comes into the system. They have full access to your customer's entire history which they can then reference on the trouble ticket to demonstrate to the customer which problems are recurring and which are unique. They can also link solutions from other customer's problems back to the original trouble ticket, saving time and money, and letting your support reps work on what they do best - solve the problems.
  • Submit Cases Online

    Your customer's don't even need to contact you in order to submit a case into your Salesboom system. They can simply log in through the Self-Service Portal and submit a case which is instantly available to the correct representative based on routing controls you specify. This frees up your phone lines for customers who don't have internet access, and allows those who do much more automated and efficient service than sitting in a hold queue at your contact center.
  • More Efficiency = Customer Satisfaction

    Customers don't like to wait around. They want their issues solved immediately, and expect your service to minimize their wait periods. You can accomplish this with Salesboom's Self-Service Portal, giving your Service and Support departments more efficiency, lowering turn-around times on support issues and giving your customer's more time to accomplish other tasks in their schedule instead of waiting on hold. Better efficiency equals customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer retention. Happier customers equal more profitable customers. You do the math.

Take advantage of Salesboom's Customer Self Service Portal today, and give your customers the service they deserve. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. You can try Salesboom free of charge for 30-Days, no strings attached.

Get out of the dark ages and join in the on demand revolution. Empower your business with Salesboom On Demand hosted CRM & ERP software solutions today.

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