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Salesboom Release 8 improvements include:

on demand hosted Cloud CRM software / web-based SFA | Cloud CRM

On Demand Customer Facing and Back office solutions integrated across your company in real time.

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  Time Saving Features:
AJAX User Interface Enhancements
Salesboom Interactive AJAX-rich Calendar
Mass update contacts to synchronize with parent account address
Mass update Tasks Due Dates
Mass transfere Contracts, etc when employees leave
Improved MS Outlook Integration
Zip Code Proximity search for contacts, accounts and opportunities
Enhanced Mail Merge into MS Word & Excel and Openoffice
Contact and Account Weather Information

Salesboom Suggest Tool

used auto sales CRM

  New! Online ERP Solutions:
Improved Billing & Invoicing
Improved Inventory Management
Enhanced Project Management
Employee Management
HR Policy Tracking
Expense Tracking

Vacation Requests

  Other New Cloud CRM Improvements:
More advanced Reporting & Analytics engine with AJAX methodology
Unlimited Custom Fields
Contact Groups
Improved Profile Based Security
More Reports and Dashboards
Workflow & Process Automation enhancements
Contact Rolodex

Stay-in-Touch Mass E-mail

  Administration Tools
Monitor Salesboom Service status in real time
Mass email users
Contracts Reports by User

Create Tasks for entire team members




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