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Salesboom practices a different kind of CRM philosophy. We don't tout our software as something it's not - you won't find an outlandish statement claiming Salesboom is a CRM On demand Operating System here. Salesboom's hosted CRM software is only a piece of the entire CRM puzzle. That's why Salesboom has stood behind a simpler, more direct approach to what CRM is supposed to be - Customer's Really Matter.

No matter how you slice it - CRM, CLM, CEM, or any other number of acronyms, what it boils down to is the corporate philosophy that every customer matters. That is the philosophy that Salesboom embraced when it designed its industry leading hosted CRM application, and it is the philosophy that Salesboom has followed for every release since. Because Salesboom recognizes what its competitors do not - Customers Really Matter. It's the same philosophy that starts small businesses on their CRM search, and it's why they always end up with

Salesboom's CRM is designed with the Customer's Really Matter strategy behind it, giving you the powerful analytics you need to put customers first. From the powerful Salesboom Analytics, Reporting and business intelligence tools ( sales marketing software ), through the Case and Solution Knowledge Management database, all the way down to the Customer Self-Service Portal, Salesboom provides you with all the tools you need to put your customers first - right where they belong. The cost of acquiring a new customer, versus the cost of retaining a current customer is a staggering ratio in most small businesses. That's what brought about the birth of Salesboom hosted CRM Solutions, and that's what keeps us bringing you relevant, customer relationship-orientated updates. Salesboom hosted CRM Software Solutions are dedicated to enhancing your Customer Relationships through the CRM philosophy that Customers Really Matter.

Your small business deserves more than just another software company. No matter where you look, software companies are trying to sell you on their products, instead of providing you a critical support foundation to help you with your CRM strategies. We're not selling our "New and Improved Widget Management Coordination Tool" - we're selling the strategy that CRM - Customer's Really Matter - works. We empower your small business with all the tools it needs to have a successful CRM philosophy launch - re-orientating your small business to include a Customer-First mentality. And when your customers revisit your small business, purchasing again and again, and you strengthen that customer relationship, you can count on Salesboom to continue to provide the support and foundation you need to succeed in enhancing a positive value to your customer relationships, throughout the customer lifecycle.

Salesboom is leading the Small business CRM Revolution through its Return on Customer metric measurement, pioneering the new CRM frontier where other CRM providers are too afraid to venture. Because, let's face it - Customers Really do Matter, no matter which acronyms you choose to use. And wouldn't you rather be with a CRM provider that recognizes, and practices the philosophies behind CRM, instead of ones which are just glorified software companies?

Join the Small business CRM Revolution and take Salesboom for a Free CRM Software 30-Day Trial. You can take advantage of Salesboom's industry leading, innovative and cutting edge CRM solutions for free, with no obligations. Take the Free CRM Software 30 Day Trial today, and see how your small business can benefit. You can also call our knowledgeable CRM Strategy Support Representatives today at 1.855.229.2043 or via email at Don't let the Small business CRM Revolution take off without you - take advantage of Salesboom today. - All the Small business CRM Tools You Need to Succeed; Without the Price Tag.

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