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Enhanced Outlook Edition by Drives User Adoption


April 15, 2008, Halifax, Nova Scotia -™ leading vendor of Software-as-a-Service CRM and ERP Solutions announced today the release of an Enhanced Outlook Edition containing the most advanced Outlook and CRM synch tools on the market. The Enhanced Outlook Edition is another great tool by to help resolve user adoption hurdles which face the Web Based CRM Software Industry. Effective immediately the Enhanced Outlook Edition is available to all clients and web trials and is included within all platforms at no extra cost.

enhanced-outlook-edition | Cloud CRM

The Enhanced Outlook Edition was designed knowing that many users of Web Based CRM Software chose to continue using Outlook to manage emails, contacts, tasks as well as other records and require a seamless connection between Outlook and their CRM platform. With the Enhanced Outlook Edition users can synch all information between Outlook and including; contacts, tasks, notes, appointments, emails, cases, accounts and opportunities, unlike other CRM vendors like where some data like notes are unable to synch. By eliminating the need to enter duplicate data on multiple platforms we are increasing user adoption as well as lowering the chance of error to ensure the integrity of your data stays intact.

“Why force users to take on a particular mold when we can build the tools to work for them, the way they want? A key aspect to successful CRM implementation and swift ROI is user adoption and we listened closely to our clients while designing the Enhanced Outlook Edition to find out exactly how to drive our high user adoption rates even higher.” said Morley Prendergast, Senior Marketing Officer at

During the synching process the Enhanced Outlook Edition contains fields to link tasks, notes, emails, cases and appointments to other areas within the platform creating a 360 degree view of your business. While viewing your contacts, leads, accounts or opportunities you also have direct access to all records linked from the Outlook synch process making more user friendly by cutting down on the amount of clicks and ultimately the time spent searching for documents. Synching cases and emails are also a simple process; all emails can be logged within your email history and associated with cases, contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities while case routing assigns the desired employee.’s Enhanced Outlook Edition further encourages its users to successfully adopt the platform by adding more functionality to Outlook. Standing alone Outlook users are unable to share their calendar and appointments with other employee’s creating difficulty while working in teams. With the Enhanced Outlook Edition users can synch their entire calendar to where they can instantly share events with other users within the system, this is a great solution for teams and those with busy schedules. This latest Enhanced Outlook Edition leaves nothing behind; users can feel comfortable knowing their data is intact no matter which platform they choose to operate within.

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