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What is an Account?
Accounts Tab Page
Viewing Accounts
Custom Account Views
Manage Accounts
Managing Accounts
Creating a New Account
Saving Accounts
Edit an Account
Delete an Account
Print an Account
Account Tools
Import Accounts
Account Web Capture Tool
Account Reports
Adding a Contact
Adding an Opportunity
Adding Multiple Addresses
Adding a Note
Adding a Task

Ajax and COMET Tools
Ajax Contacts Rolodex

What is a Campaign?
Campaigns Tab Page
Viewing Campaigns
Custom Campaign Views
Featured Campaigns
Managing Campaigns
Creating a Campaign
Saving a Campaign
Edit a Campaign
Delete a Campaign
Print a Campaign
Adding a Lead
Adding an Opportunity
Adding an Account
Adding a Contact
Adding a Web Capture Tool

What is a Case?
Cases Tab Page
Viewing Cases
Custom Case Views
Featured Cases
Manage Cases
Managing Cases
Creating a New Case
Saving a Case
Sending Notification
Edit a Case
Delete a Case
Print a Case
Linking to a Contact
Case Reports
Case Tools
Web Capture Tool
Adding a Note
Adding a Task

What is a Contact?
Contacts Tab Page
Viewing Contacts
Custom Contact Views
Manage Contacts
Managing Contacts
Creating a New Contact
Edit a Contact
Delete a Contact
Clone a Contact
Contact Tools
Web Capture Tool
Contact Reports
Adding a Note to a Contact
Adding a Task to a Contact
Adding a Photo to a Contact

Control Panel
Personal Information
Edit Personal Information
Change My Password
Customize My Tabs
Customize Tabs
Customize Buttons
Customize Sidebar
Set Organization Logo

Control Panel: Import

Corporate Policies
Quick create for policies
Reports for policies

CRM Administration
Add Company Message
Custom Tabs and Fields
Customize Selection Lists
Rename My Tabs

Custom Page Layout
Campaigns Layout
Leads Layout
Accounts Layout
Contacts Layout
Opportunity Layout
Contracts Layout

Data Management
Custom Templates
External E-mail Settings
Mass E-mail History
Outlook Integration
Flagged Errors

What is a Document?
Documents Tab Page
Viewing Documents
Custom Document Views
Retrieving Saved Documents
Document Hierarchy
Featured Documents
Managing Folders
Creating Folders
Editing Folders
Deleting Folders
Managing Documents
Adding Documents
Sending Notification
Editing Documents
Replacing Documents
Deleting Documents
Moving Documents
Manage Documents

Custom Templates
External Email
Mass Email History
Detailed Mass Email Reports
Mass Email Attachments
MS Outlook Integration
Email to Case
Email to Lead
Viewing Messages
Viewing Folders
Creating a Folder
Composing a Message
Adding Attachments

What is an Event?
Viewing Events
Creating Events
Creating a New Event
Inviting Others
Sending Notification
Editing & Deleting Events

What is a Forecast?
Forecasts Tab Page
Viewing Forecasts
Custom Forecast Views
Featured Forecasts
Forecast Data Fields
Opportunity Data Fields
Creating a New Forecast
Edit a Forecast
Delete a Forecast
Print a Forecast
Forecast Reports

Human Resource Management
Employee Management
Employees tab
Viewing an Employee Record
Employee Policy Violation Reports

Importing Data
Supported Data Types
Importing Your Data

Instant Messages
Personal User Data
Sending Messages
Message Archive
Message Archive Search
Message Key Users

What is a Lead?
Leads Tab Page
Viewing Leads
Custom Lead Views
Manage Leads
Managing Leads
Creating a New Lead
Sending Notification
Edit a Lead
Clone a Lead
Delete a Lead
Converting a Lead
Generating Lead Reports
Lead Tools
Import Leads
Lead Web Capture Tool
Adding Document to a Lead
Adding Photo to a Lead
Adding a Note to a Lead
Adding a Task to a Lead

Logging In and Out

Microsoft Outlook Integration

What is a Note?
Viewing Notes
Creating Notes
Editing and Deleting Notes

What is an Opportunity?
Opportunities Tab Page
Viewing Opportunities
Custom Opportunity Views
Manage Opportunities
Managing Opportunities
Creating a New Opportunity
Saving an Opportunity
Edit an Opportunity
Delete an Opportunity
Opportunity Reports
Linking to an Account
Adding a Note
Adding a Task

Organization Mapping with Accounts Parent Account Field

Creating and Editing Profiles
Managing Profiles Profile drop-down in User
Add/Edit screens
Disabling a Tab in the Related Records Section
Setting User Login Hours Restrictions (Rules)
Assigning Login Rules to Profiles
Standard Profiles

Public Knowledge Base
Adding solutions

Generating Reports
Creating Custom Reports
Editing Custom Reports
Deleting Custom Reports
Filtering Reports & Views
Sorting Reports & Views

Sales Commission Programs
Enabling Commissions Porgram
Sales Commission

Sales Contracts
Contracts tab
Contract Mangement

Skype Integration

Spell Checker

Stay-in-Touch Mass Email
Exporting data
Mail merge

Tab Page Views
Creating Custom Views
Editing Custom Views
Deleting Custom Views

What is a Task?
Viewing Tasks
Creating Tasks
Linking Tasks
Editing and Deleting Tasks
Task History

The Sidebar
Adjusting the Sidebar
Sidebar Panel Tools
Advanced Search
My Favorites
Item History
Company Messages
Date & Time

Trash Can
Restoring Deleted Items

Violation of Corporate Policies
Violations tab
Reports on Violations
Quick create for Violations
Importing/Custom Views for Violations
Viewing a Policy
Policy Violation Report

Web based Project Management
What is Web based Project Management ?
Viewing Projects
Viewing Project Tasks
Viewing Project Resources
Viewing Project Expenditures
Featured Projects
Managing Projects
Creating a Project
Saving a Project
Editing a Project
Deleting a Project
Project Tasks
Creating Project Tasks
Adding Project Tasks
Removing Project Tasks
Project Resources
Creating Project Resources
Adding Project Resources
Removing Project Tasks
Project Expenditures
Creating Expenditures
Removing Expenditures
Tracking Project Progress

Web Capture Tool
Creating a Capture Tool
Generating HTML
Editing a Capture Tool
Deleting a Capture Tool
Web Capture Fields

Big Deal Alert
At-Risk Deal Alert
Business Support Hours
Workflow Rules
Workflow Tasks
Workflow Alerts
Adding Conditions

Working with Mass Data

ZIP Code Proxomoty Search

What is an Event?

An event is an appointment that is scheduled for a specific day, time and length. For example, use an event to schedule a 1 hour meeting for next Monday at 1:00 PM or to remind you of your dentist appointment at 10:00 AM next Wednesday. You can schedule an event weeks or months in advance.

Viewing Events
There are two methods for viewing your scheduled events:
My Agenda
  • Click the Home button located at the top of the page.
  • Events you have scheduled are listed under the My Agenda section.
  • Use the Current Events drop down box to view events scheduled for the next 7, 14, 30 or 365 days.
  • Click the data or title of any listed event to view the event in detail.
Calendar Sidebar Panel
  • Select any day of the month listed on the sidebar Calendar. This will display a detailed view of scheduled events for that day.
  • You can also click the Today , This Week or This Month icons located at the bottom of the calendar to view events scheduled for the current day, week or month.
See Also: Calendar

Creating Events

Creating a New Event
  • Navigate to the New Event page using one of the following methods:
    1. My Agenda
      • Click the Home button located at the top of the page.
      • Click the Add Event button located next to the My Agenda section. This takes you to the New Event page.
    2. Calendar Sidebar Panel
      • Choose a month on the calendar by using the icons located at the top of the calendar.
      • Now click a day of the month on which you would like to add an event. This will take you to the Day View page detailing scheduled events for every hour of the day you selected.
      • Click any time of day listed to schedule an event for that time. This will take you to the New Event page.
  • You should now be on the New Event page. If you are not, please follow one of the two methods listed above.
  • Fill in your event information using the Event Details, Invite Others and Description Information sections of the form. Fields highlighted in red and marked with an asterisk are required fields. All other fields may be left blank if you wish.
  • Save your new event by clicking the Save Event button.

Inviting others to your event When creating an event you have the option of inviting other users. A list of all users within your company is listed in the Invite Others section of the New Event page. Use the buttons to add and remove users from your invitation list. All users who are invited to your event will automatically have the event added to their calendar. You can also 'copy' other users for the event. Copied users will have the event added to their calendar, but they will not be expected to attend. To add and remove copied users, use the buttons located to the left of the Copied Users list.

Sending Notification When creating a new event, you can send notification to the invitees to inform them that they have been invited to your event. Users you have 'Copied' for the event may also be notified. Upon receiving notification, the user can then check their calendar to view the event details. Follow these steps to send event notification:
  • When creating a new event, invite and copy users to your event using the buttons as usual.
  • To send notification to invited users, type your notification message in the Notification Message text box.
  • Notification will be sent to the selected users when you click the Save Event button. If the Notification Message text box is empty, no message will be sent.

Editing and Deleting Events First, use one of the two following methods to view the event you want to delete:

Method 1
  • Select the event you want to delete from the list shown in the My Agenda section of the Home page.
  • If the event is not shown, select a different viewing option from the Current Events drop down box. These options allow you to view events scheduled up to 365 days from the current date.
Method 2
  • Use the sidebar Calendar to navigate to the day on which the event you want delete is scheduled.
  • Click the day of the month on which the event is scheduled. This will take you to the Day View page detailing all events scheduled for that day.
  • Click the event you want to delete. This will take you to the Event page.
You can now edit or delete the event as described below.

Delete the Event
  • To delete the event, click the Delete button located either at the top or bottom of the event details.
  • You will be prompted to confirm that you want the event deleted. Click OK to delete the event. Click Cancel if you do not want to delete the event.
  • If other users were invited to this event, it will also be removed from their calendars.
Edit the Event
  • To edit the event, click the Edit button located either at the top or bottom of the event details.
  • This will take you to the Edit Event page.
  • Make your changes to the event.
  • Click the Save Event button to save your changes. Click Cancel if you do not want to save any changes.
  • If other users were invited to this event, it will also be updated in their calendars.
See Also: Calendar

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