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  • CRM has been around since the 1980s.
  • As a concept, it started with the idea of presenting customers with a global face, thus increasing customer relationships.
  • This was to be accomplished by providing a readily accessible data repository which all employees across an organization could access.
  • This data silo would hold all the information a company has gathered on every customer, effectively building a ‘customer profile.’ Every time an employee had any interaction with a customer, they would then leave a ‘fingerprint’ on the customer record, so that all interaction with each customer was completely recorded.
  • It would eliminate the need to use paper trails, disorganization, and free up company time to dedicate to providing a more customer-focused atmosphere. The realization of CRM spread like wildfire and it quickly became a new catch-phrase in the business world.

Key Concepts / Benefits


The key concepts of modern-day CRM have grown by epic proportions from its original vision. Now integrating highly functional reporting, analytics and business intelligence tools, as well as branching into other areas such as Sales Force Automation and Enterprise Resource Planning, a CRM solution today is a lot more than what it used to be.

Customer Centric Focus

It’s been shown time and time again the biggest gripe customers have with business interaction is uninformed employees. By sharing a central data repository across your organization, you can overcome these issues. All agents that have any interaction with your customers can quickly reference the customer’s history and view all previous dialogues or contacts that the customer has had with your organization. This drastically improves speed of service, and best of all, customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is the most valuable marketing tool your organization can have - word of mouth recommendations don’t cost you a dime, and do more to promote your company’s products and services than any marketing campaign ever could.

Intelligent Business Decisions

Never make uninformed business decisions again. Using Salesboom’s reporting and analytics tools, you will have a complete overview of your company’s entire operations. From key tools such as Revenue Forecasting, down to analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, Research & Development Projects, or anything else, you’ll always have easy-to-use tools to give you the reference point you need to make informed decisions moving into your company’s future.

Automated Sales Force

No more disorganization or individualism in your sales team. Define your process and watch as your sales agents all conform to the most efficient manner of pushing prospects through your sales process all the way into closed deals. More efficiency in your sales team means a shorter sales cycle, which means you can generate and process a higher number of prospects with the same amount of human resources. Never let another deal slip through the cracks due to being disorganized. Never have your prospects fall out of reach of your company due to employee churn. All the data is centralized, and you can make as rigid or as flexible a sales process as you need.

Backend Automation

Many of the tasks that are run in the background to make sure your business continues to flourish can now be automated with Salesboom CRM. Automating your R&D products through Project Management, a complete history of all products and services offered in the Product Database, as well as the pending release of Billing & Invoicing Automation will all serve to make these tasks less time consuming and more employee-friendly - freeing up your resources to generate more sales through your pipeline.

Feature-set Introduction

Event & Task Management and Propagation

As soon as you log into Salesboom you’ll see a complete Task list. All pending tasks, whether current or future, are saved here. Keep organized. Never miss a follow-up with a customer, forget to generate a report for your boss, or neglect to get the new information to your other team members about an update in policies. Plus, schedule events - from meetings to dentist appointments - and invite the other organization members who need to know what’s going on, while keeping it private from those who don’t.

Instant Messenger Collaboration Tool

Instantly send messages to any user in your organization, whether they’re on-line or off-line. From across the room to across the globe, make sure that you’re collaborating with the right individual real-time, to get all the necessary information across as it’s available.

Campaign Management

Keep tabs on current campaigns, plan future campaigns, and reflect on past campaigns. Look at how much a campaign cost you five years ago, and how much revenue it has brought in to date. Be able to easily see what marketing campaign originally brought in a customer that’s been with you for ten years. Keep track of how your marketing budget is being spent - and quickly find out the most efficient uses for your marketing dollars.

Lead Management

Keep your Sales Reps busy by building a large pipeline of sales leads. Never let another lead slip through the cracks again. Employee churn is no longer a problem. A central repository of all leads - past and present - will assist you now and well into the future. Keep track of how your leads are progressing through your sales pipeline into revenues for your company.

Account & Contact Management

A complete database of all past and present customers, all pertinent contact information including names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, all in one spot that they’ll never be lost - Salesboom CRM. Easily accessible on-demand from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, you’ll always be able to get a hold of your customers whenever you need to, and wherever you need to.

Opportunity Management & Revenue Forecasting

Track multiple opportunities and watch their status progress for each account in the database. Run easy to understand revenue forecasts on all your opportunities, past present or future, to get an accurate idea of your company’s revenues. Leave the guess-work to your competition - get quick references on how much your sales team expects to bring in in revenues for the next quarter so you can plan your budget accurately ahead of time.

Contract Management

Keep an electronic reference for all the contracts your company signs. From sales contracts to service agreements, non-disclosure agreements to partnership documents. Store where the hard copies are located in the office, where an electronic version can be located in Salesboom or on your corporate intranet, who signed the contract from both parties and when. Never have another contract expire with Salesboom’s owner expiration notice.

Case & Solution Database

Keep track of all your customer service issues as cases, and keep a database of solutions to common problems that are easily searchable and quickly referenced by your customer service agents. See which customers are bringing forth the most problems, find out how quickly your cases are being addressed and resolved, and communicate internally between all agents needed to solve the issue.

Product Database

A complete history of all past and present products and services that your organization has offered. Keep track of prices, and product numbers, group your products into similar categories. Even offer multiple products in a suite for a discounted price.

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