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Notes for Quickbooks Press release

Accounting systems are great for tracking Sales after they happen, do not share easily and give no insight into the Sales process. Quickbooks integrated with CRM keeps key information synchronized between Quickbooks and Cloud CRM. Data is synced bi-directionally and in real time, with real time alerts and customizable workflow to keep things running smoothly. Data sharing is also customizable with Roles and Profiles that only shares the right data with the right people. Cloud CRM provides a single, easy to use interface to access information organization-wide. Gain Business insight with Reporting and analytics that tap into all data about your customers, products, quotes, Orders and Invoices.

Maximize the efficiency of your business with Quickbooks + CRM : is a global leader in Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SaaS solutions for the Enterprise since 2003. With the most robust platform on the market and with thousands of customer implementations from our in-house Professional Services, has the knowledge and experience to rapidly bring success to any business. Our solutions are crafted to be easy-to-use system and drive user adoption.

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