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Today's businesses are all after the 360 degree view of the customer, to see attached to that one account, contact or lead, every interaction with every employee and what happened, and when, with alerts reports dashboards and KPIs to back it up. Many believe this is possible by integrating together many different application platforms and building layers upon layers of software and complexity. The truth is there is a better way - Cloud CRM that includes ERP functionality that goes beyond the sale. The Cloud business suite of applications is pre-integrated, out of the box, with built in workflow for your industry or can be quickly configured. It handles 80% of the real time data need of the organization and integrates with key apps like Outlook and Quickbooks to round out the suite. Not until you have one platform that handles real time communications between all departments that deal with customers, can you truly have a 360 degree view of the customer.

Many systems sell you the dream, but that is mostly shelfware in reality because the complexity of your CRM grows exponentially with each new integration involved. Each vendor you integrate with is updating their offerings and platforms quickly and often. They are constantly being aquired, or going out of business or dropping product lines, it is like building a house on quicksand. You have to involve so many third party specialists you end up spending way more time and money than any one every imagined. By the time the integration projects are completed, if ever, then they are out of date and need updating and maintenance. It is not the answer.

Just ask anyone who has integrated SAP to SAP or Microsoft to Microsoft, or Oracle to Oracale. They are the same vendors but even that doesn't seem to help as failure in implementations are more common than not.

So what exactly do we mean by a 360 degree view of your custome? It is a catchy phrase but what does that really mean? We attempt to answer that here.

Of course many businesses will define it in different ways, but essentially you are after managing all the Marketing, lead generation, lead qualification and scoring, through to Sales Force Automation with Opportunity management, Products and Product catalogs with Quotes, Contracts, Commissions, Billing & Invoicing, Order & Inventory management, Sales Orders & Purchase Orders, eCommerce. As well the support, self-service forms & portals, Project Management with Timesheets, Workflow, Drip email campaigns, Document workflow automation, Expense management and HR. All this driven by one system for reports, Dashboards & analytics.

Imagine the number of applications you would have to integrate together to get all those data points together so you can build those killer reports with the click of the mouse? You can go that route, or you can have them pre-integrated, out of the box and ready to power your business today. You would be amazed how far the technology has come in such a few short years. Integrate the Cloud CRM with Outlook or Gmail email clients, and Quickbooks for accounting and you have an end-to-end solution that plugs into your existing way of doing things for less disruption. A more detailed list of business pains a pre-integrated suite of Cloud CRM & ERP components can be found below:

self service portal where distributors can login and get the information they need quickly and ping us when they download something so we know when to contact them. Comparing customer reports against product reports Inventory management with Bi-directional integration with QuickBooks Project management, project tasks, tasking, instant messaging, Project dashboard Customer service capability – autoresponders and alerts, Cases & Solutions. Knowledge Base search, Self Service portal, fully customizable Workflow automation rules, customized for all departments, to trigger and send alerts, automatically create tasks, convert leads to opportunities, generate quotes or invoices or contracts, update other objects. Inter-departmental Communication with secure instant messenger Email integration saving sent & received emails against the customer record Able to multi-task within system (ie. Look up orders without having to close current screen we are working in). Log into your CRM account under 2 different browser tabs with the same user login at the same time, and switch between tabs. Once an Invoice prints, we need the packing slips to print simultaneously print out the packing slip to the warehouse ot their printer

Time/Date stamp when order prints Multiple fields for customers (ie. Multiple emails avail)
Activities field – Set daily reminders for calls/follow up calls/emails
Able to run credit cards within CRM ( integrated with or other card processors)
Shipping/Billing fields
Able to use tab/arrow features when entering orders
Order history log
Able to email tracking to customers
Daily dashboard (ie.. daily sales)

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