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Salesboom Phone

The Salesboom Phone app is an add-on available in Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition user licenses.

Intelligent Call lists and dialing from any custom report with click to dial on all phone numbers.

Calls are made one-at-a-time and with no delay in connecting caller and the customer picking up the phone on the other end. This is done using power dialer technology, not a predictive dialer that calls many numbers at once and causes a delay. The customer will not know that the call was made from software.

Today's phones are all software driven. Salesboom has embedded the phone into the CRM and with intelligent Call Lists, you are always prompted with a list of the right people to call, at the right times.

Click-to-dial is embedded within the Cloud CRM login area as a clickable link on the phone number field, such that when you click it, a call is added to the call list and a call is initiated.

Click-to-dial from any Custom Report ( Enterprise Edition only, 5 user minimum ) - You build any custom report to segment your Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Quotes, Invoices, Cases or Projects and there will be a button to click to dial that allows you to choose some or all of the phone numbers to dial. The calls are made one at a time, with no delay in resonse when the call is answered by the customer.

Leave pre-recorded voice mails to reduce time, redundancy and errors. It gets old repeating the same old voicemail with zing and flair day after day. It is also a big time waster, turning each call into a 5 minute endeaver at best. With Salesboom CRM and phone app, the system will intelligently recognize when the call has been sent to voice mail and you can opt to leave a pre-recorded voicemail and get on with the next call. This alone can save 1-2 hours every day for an average sales person and means the voice mails are always fresh and lively, more likely to get a response back from the customer.

Local dialing can be added on, please contact for more info. Local dialing allows for your call to show up on the receiver's end with a phone number that is from the recievers area code. This way they think it is a local call and pick up, rather than no recognizing a number from an area code they don't recognize and letting it go to voicemail.

Intelligent call lists uses the latest in human innovation, with case studies of over 100,000 businesses to deliver the right list of contacts. This is a new product and is not available to all customers. Please email to set up a time to discuss further.

With the Salesboom Data plan you can also have up to date information to give you all the background on that customer, with real time prompts when something signficant changes with an Account or Lead.

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