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The hosted solution for all your CRM, SFA, and ERP needs. Only $95.00/user/month!
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Key SFA Tools Features

    Lead Management
Automatically capture leads from your web site, or import them from any other source. Your leads are routed to the right sales rep based on business rules you have customized. All leads are tracked through the pipeline in real time sales software.
    Account & Web based Contact Management
With you get instant company-wide access to your current and past customer information, interactions, notes, emails and all other activities enhancing collaboration between sales, service and marketing teams.
    Forecasting Management
With a 360-degree view of past trends and current opportunities, advanced automation functionalities, built-in best practices, and the ability to instantly share information across your small business, generating accurate forecasts is quick and easy. Sales data can be viewed by time frame, territory, management, and more. All data is accessible via the web at anytime and from anywhere.
    Opportunity Management
All opportunities across all sales reps, all territories and all managers, are accessible in real time sales software. With the click of a button you can capture opportunity milestones, competitor info, key design issues and other critical data.
    Activity Management
Allow your sales team to collaborate by scheduling events, assigning tasks and coordinating meetings. Centralize access to standard and special communication tools and presentations. Get an instant view of sales rep activities and compare them with other sales representatives.
    Customized Reporting & Analysis
Our built-in Best Practices reporting and customizable reporting will allow you to gain critical, up-to-date insight into your sales pipeline, performance against competitors, and much more.

Salesboom's Key CRM Tools

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Introduction to Small business CRM Software
Salesboom Small business CRM Software Editions
Industry Solutions

On demand hosted CRM 7.0 Features

Role-Based Dashboard
Self Service Portal
Mass email Marketing
Multiple Currency Management
Importing and Data Migration
sales quote software
Sales Territory Management

Additional Features

email Overhaul
Case Management
Customizable Reporting, Analytics and business Intelligence
Web based Contact Management
Multilingual Support
Rapid Small business CRM Deployment
Customer Relationship Management
Sales Force Automation
Marketing Automation
Reporting & Analysis
Web based Document Management
email Supervision & Retention
Web based Project Management
Dashboard Reporting
Product Database
Contract Management
Billing management & Invoice management (Small business Accounting Software)
Web Capture
Instant messaging Service Software
Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions
CRM Campaign Management
Call Center Software Solutions
Sales Quote Software
sales Territory Management Software
Lead Management Software ( Sales Tracking Software )
small business crm software
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