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HomeNEWS: Current says SugarCRM Goes Sour with Major Security Flaw Exposing Customer Data says SugarCRM Goes Sour with Major Security Flaw Exposing Customer Data

Friday, September 23, 2005 — Halifax, NS Canada- (, industry leading provider of hosted CRM, SFA, ERP and CLM solutions today revealed a security exploit present in the SugarCRM open source hosted CRM software product. The security exploit present in the flawed open source software exposes sometimes sensitive customer data to anyone with access to an internet connection, and requires absolutely no login authentication to display the information. While Salesboom will not be exposing this exploit to the general public to protect SugarCRM customer's data integrity, it acknowledges that this type of security hole is even more dangerous in an open source software environment, as there could be developers in the community who already have taken note of the exploit and plan to use it maliciously.

"The security exploit present exposes sometimes sensitive customer data to anyone with access to an internet connection, and requires absolutely no login authentication to display the information." Said a senior developer with

"Many hosted CRM buyers were concerned about the potential security issues in both a hosted CRM and an open source environment to begin with," Commented Rami Hamodah, Salesboom President and Co-Founder. "This just confirms that their suspicions were correct. I'm not going to reveal what the security exploit is to the general public for obvious reasons, but we will be trying to work with SugarCRM directly to get this cleared up for their customers as soon as possible. We've had customers migrate from the open source SugarCRM over to Salesboom in the past because of security concerns, and I'm sure we'll continue well after this exploit is addressed. businesses want a secure, reliable product, and that's what they deserve. Salesboom delivers that."

The security hole allows any unauthenticated user with basic levels of technology expertise to access any number of critical data within the SugarCRM software system, including sales information and customer information amongst others. This data is easily accessible to anyone, whether or not they are logged into the SugarCRM software system.

For more information, interested media contacts are asked to contact Rami Hamodah of directly at or via telephone at +1 902 446 4312. For more information on the suite of hosted CRM software solutions, interested parties are asked to contact the Salesboom sales department at or toll free at 1.855.229.2043.


About is an online web based CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) and web-based SFA (Sales Force Automation) service provider that offers the small business the opportunity to tap into a software technology that is reserved for large corporations. is an online web based CRM software service that meets the budgetary needs of the small business while delivering valuable online web based CRM software and web-based SFA software services, helping the small business compete head-on with larger competition employing traditional small business CRM software solutions.'s online web based CRM software includes Web based Contact Management , instant messaging Service Software (IM), Lead Management, Sales Account Management Software, Products, Contracts & Invoicing, File & Web based Document Management , Forecasting, Customer Support, Email, and the latest advanced Small business CRM Reporting & Analytics tools. Our MS Outlook CRM software integration is second to none.

It is our position that the time has finally arrived for the small business to cash in on the ASP software (Application Service Provider) industry's promise of applications that are useful, aggressively priced, and accessible 24/7 from anywhere there's an Internet connection.

For additional information or a free CRM trial, contact: Tel: 1.855.229.2043 (toll free in North America) or 902-446-7293, Fax: 902-446-4850 email:

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