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Salesboom Says Bullying Rivals: Salesboom vs Goliath.

Thursday, March 09, 2006 — Halifax, NS, Canada- (, industry leading on demand Cloud CRM system & ERP provider has released parts of legal documents exchanged between (NYSE:CRM) and its direct competitor, Salesboom Inc. In the documents, senior Vice President and former General Counsel David Schellhase openly accuses Salesboom, on more than one occasion, of attempting to "trade off the goodwill created by" citing the similarities of the two companies' names. Salesboom President Rami Hamodah responded, denouncing the accusation as an "absurd statement" and stating that SFDC appears to be engaging in "intimidation practices". The documents go on to further accuse Salesboom of attempting to trade off the goodwill created by through various industry-standard terms, such as the Hosted Model employing an intrinsic "Zero Software Promise". These documents reveal a menacing side of not previously seen in the Hosted Cloud CRM market.

Cloud CRM News bullying

"To say that this letter has proven that even a company the size of isn't beyond reproach is an understatement", commented Rami Hamodah, President and Co-founder of Salesboom. "The fact that such a prominent executive like Mr. Schellhase has the audacity to accuse Salesboom of any wrong doing; creates the impression that the document is being used as a way to bully smaller competition out of the Cloud CRM space. If and others want to wage corporate warfare, be my guest, but Salesboom does not intend to be drawn, nor bullied, into an unsubstantiated argument. Rather we pledge to continue our long-standing ".

Salesboom has since documented continued incidents of employees misrepresenting their information in an attempt to gain access to the Salesboom system, a direct violation of the Salesboom Terms and Conditions of using the service. In a Salesboom rebuttal to the allegations, Salesboom finds "it very disturbing that an organization of the size and stature of be condoning such disgraceful business activities", and feels that "it is against the goodwill continually shared between all other friendly competition in this explosive market space."

For more information, or copies of the released portions of the documents in question, interested parties are asked to contact Salesboom directly at 1.855.229.2043 or


Rami Hamodah, 902-446-4312

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