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Can CRM eliminate Restructuring your business

With the proposed changes to the Labor Standards act, in the US, business is facing the potential of having to pay overtime for any employee making less than $50,500.00 (roughly) annually. Everyone is having to recalculate growth and profitability calculations. For others sluggish economic growth is mostly to blame, yet the same problem remains - how to manage thic change until you can get back to growing profitably again?

Unfortunately many organizations are still believe the only way to tough transitional periods in the businessis to cut to reduce costs . Many businesses realize that profitability and growth are the keys to getting through, however most look at reducing expenses and don't give enough credit to the growth and customer retention side of things. Luckily there is an answer - Cloud CRM.

Here are some common strategies for Businesses to manage a restructuring, and how Cloud CRM can mitigate the damage by focusing on the customer and grow your business.

1) Decrease operation hours These days you should offer an outlet to your customers to self-service handle certain activities 24/7/365 from your website and/or mobile app - regardless of the working hours of your company. Cloud CRM is intelligent and can react to different work hours and availablity of each individual worker, so that the customer gets the right access and information, at the right time, and is automated by the CRM. Common touch points with the customer that are automated using Cloud CRM are:

2) Reduce staff

3) Increase the number of contract positions to alleviate worker overtime.

Cloud CRM is about giving employees and contractors real time information, that is shared organization-wide. Never has it been easier to on-board, train and retain people because your business process and workflow is baked into the Cloud CRM. Cloud CRM bridges the gap between employees, contractors, virtual employees and Customers. Everyone gets alerted at the right time.

As well, you can augment staff with online companies like never before with real time virtual employees and have them logging information into the CRM. Perfect for Marketing, Customer Support, Virtual Assistants, etc. There are many Cloud based companies catering to specific budgets and needs.

4) Decrease salaries to balance our budget You can't cut your way to growth. Your employees are the connection to your customers and can make or break you, so you had better manage this resource better than any other resorce (including your cash). Use Cloud CRM to motivate and promote those employees that deserve it and give them the best tools to succeed. To see how Cloud CRM can help see point 5) below.

5) Increase salaries to make employees overtime exempt Let's face it, increasing salaries for the right employees is always a good idea. The question is who is the right employee and for what reasons? Cloud CRM gives you the insight into key employee and business metrics, but at the same time the point-and-click customizability of Cloud CRM systems means that regular business people can be creative in tracking those metrics important to them in evaluating employees. As well, having a Cloud CRM with good data, good process and defined workflow running on real-time cutomer information, organization-wide, is a must in giving employees the best shot possible in being successful. The Cloud CRM trains them, alerts them, motivates them and reduces the redundant tasks of reporting to management what they are doing, rather than being allowed to focus solely on the customer and building those long-lasting relationships. Pay those people who recognize and capitalize on Opportunity whenever and wherever they can, and give them the right tools to prove you right!

6) Reduce travel, office, or other misc. expenses Online meetings have all but replaced face-to-face meetings for most businesses, for those opportunities that don't require pressing the flesh. It is not to be misunderstood - face to face will always win out, but in order to manage more with less, online meetings can be a great resource. Cloud CRM integrates your Calendar, meetings, tasks, alerts with online meetings so it is seemlessly integrated and meetings can be planned and launched from any device, anytime.

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