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Salesboom Small business CRM Rescue Operation for stranded Siebel CRM On Demand Customers

With Siebel's recent takeover by Oracle, Salesboom saw a challenge - where will all these stranded Siebel CRM On Demand customers go?

The answer was clear - Siebel's CRM On Demand customers need a fully functional, robust wall-to-wall small business crm software solution and Salesboom is the right on demand hosted CRM software provider to offer it.

That's why we're conducting the largest small business CRM Rescue Operation in on demand hosted CRM history. We're offering a life-raft to any stranded Siebel CRM On Demand customers looking for a way off the sinking ship, and we're making it completely painless and hassle-free.

Salesboom is proud to offer any current Siebel CRM On Demand subscriber 100% credit for the remainder of any existing contract with the now sinking Siebel Systems enterprise. That means that all migrating customers won't have to pay an extra penny for the duration of their Siebel CRM On Demand contracts - an offer that will help make sure your migratory process is flawless and you don't waste any extra revenues making the switch. Siebel Systems is taking the easy way out when faced with the daunting task that Salesboom has undertaken to redefine on demand hosted CRM software,

so why stick around and risk paying even more outrageous fees that Oracle is sure to charge? Do you really want to find out how long it will take before Oracle gets around to trying to switch all the Siebel CRM On Demand customers over from the current IBM data centers to their own in-house Oracle databases? Oracle's takeover of Siebel Systems is for the millions of installed client-server Siebel Systems infrastructures - the few Siebel CRM On Demand customers will end up as a last priority.

Data migration is also being offered free of charge for all Siebel CRM On Demand customers migrating over to the Salesboom on demand hosted CRM software system. Salesboom has a team of experienced data migration technicians which have been helping users switch from lackluster competitors to the Salesboom small business CRM software system for years, our professionalism, security and caution in handling your sensitive small business CRM data is second to none. Salesboom's data security is set to the highest standards in the industry, and we don't outsource any part of our technology infrastructure to make sure your small business CRM data is safe and sound, with complimentary data backup processes included in the Salesboom on demand hosted crm software solution.

Are you thinking about getting Siebel training, or looking for Siebel consulting services? Stop searching! Don't waste your time or money on a product that won't even exist after Oracle finishes dismantling it. Salesboom offers relevant, contextual equivalents to Siebel training and Siebel consulting that will save you hard-earned revenues on training and retraining staff.

Are you a Siebel Reseller? Not sure where you'll stand soon? You're not alone. Siebel Resellers are now stuck in an uncanny position where they're not even sure what products they'll be reselling in six months. Salesboom offers a comprehensive equivalent to any Siebel Reseller program currently in existence, and we can help you realize a much higher revenue stream by joining the most exclusive and lucrative resalable product in the on demand hosted CRM software market - Click here for more information on the Salesboom Small business CRM Reseller Program.

A number of questions remain. What is Siebel? What is Siebel now? What are Siebel Systems? The answer to the question 'What is Siebel?' is now readily apparent - a sinking ship for Siebel CRM On Demand customers.

If you're looking for on demand sales automation, on demand sales management software, or any other small business CRM services Siebel CRM On Demand used to offer, including Siebel Analytics, Salesboom is the answer to your search. It's time you joined the thousands of others in the Small business CRM Software Revolution. Take the 30 day trial of Salesboom's on demand hosted CRM software alternative today, true Siebel small business CRM competition. You won't be disappointed.

Join the Salesboom Siebel 100% credit program...

Small business CRM experts talk about the downfall of Siebel...

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