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Give your development team control and access with Salesboom. No Vendor Lock-In means we do our own integrations and have many pre-built plugins for developers to use and power. Unlike Salesforce and many other competitors, our open AP gives you the tools to code with HTML 5, XML, CSS2, RESTAPI and more. With 15 years in the CRM world, we understand how to accommodate your developers so that they can customize your CRM for your business. Explore our All-In-One CRM and see why we are the world's best Value-Based CRM platform.

Salesboom platform includes:

The Salesboom platform includes Online CRM Software and ERP functionality, integrated out of the box, but there is generally some customization and sometimes integration with proprietary or third party software required to fully leverage the capabilities of Salesboom. For complex customizations and integrations, the Salesboom platform allows direct, low-level access to Object data stored in Salesboom via a Web Service Application Programming Interface (API). The Salesboom API is a Web Service built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is used to either extend existing Salesboom functionalities, or to integrated Salesboom with third-party and/or ‘home grown’ applications. read more

CRM integration

CRM integration is the one of the main factors deciding whether your CRM implementation succeeds or fails. Integrating CRM properly not only decides your success with implementation but also how fast you achieve a positive ROI, if your CRM platform is not integrated properly then users will have a difficult time adopting the new software, this is why Salesboom ensures that your CRM integrations will go smoothly. read more

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