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Streamlining Business Operations with ChatGPT and Google Bard


What is Google Bard?

Google Bard is a cutting-edge conversational AI tool designed to collaborate with users in brainstorming ideas, sparking creativity, and accelerating productivity.

As a Google AI experiment, Bard specializes in generating text, translating languages, writing creative content, and more, aiming to simplify complex concepts.

How Does Bard Work?

  • The Simple Explanation: Bard generates responses to user prompts using its extensive knowledge base and integration with other Google services.

  • The Technical Side: Bard is a large language model trained on trillions of words, constantly learning from user interactions to improve its language understanding and responses.

Using Bard Effectively

  • Creative and Educational Uses: Bard can be used for a variety of purposes, from explaining scientific concepts using everyday examples to brainstorming creative titles for stories.

  • Continuous Improvement: As an experimental tool, Bard is in a constant state of evolution, learning from user feedback to refine its accuracy and capabilities.

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Limitations and Responsibilities

  • Bard’s Limitations:

    While sophisticated, Bard isn't sentient and can't replace human judgment in critical areas like personal relationships, professional work, or life decisions.

  • Accuracy and Fact-Checking:

    Bard's responses, while informative, should be double-checked for accuracy, especially since it's still prone to errors and inaccuracies.

Expanding Accessibility and Language Support

  • Broad Language Support:

    Bard is accessible in over 40 languages, with plans for further expansion.

  • Inclusive Access:

    Available to users over a certain age, with compatibility across personal Google Accounts and Google Workspace.

Integration with Google Services

  • Bard now integrates with real-time information from Google Maps, Flights, Hotels, and YouTube, enhancing its utility as a comprehensive AI assistant.

Privacy and Data Handling

  • Bard's use is governed by Google's Terms of Service, emphasizing responsible data handling and user privacy.

Final Thoughts On Google Bard

Google Bard represents a significant step forward in conversational AI, offering both the general public and professionals a versatile tool for creativity and productivity.

As it evolves, Bard's role in simplifying complex ideas and assisting in creative processes will only grow more significant.

This overview captures the essence of Google Bard, an innovative tool in the AI space.

Contact us today for a consultation on the capabilities and potential applications of this exciting new technology.

We build custom features, integrations, and apps on top of Google Bard, Google Gemeni, and other leading AI platforms such listed below:

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  • Build customizations, and integrations on spec

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  • People-as-a-Service

  • Awesome Idea: Copilot integrated with Outlook could prioritize emails using AI, optimizing time management, and ensuring key communications are addressed promptly to drive business goals.

  • Creative Idea: Within Word, Copilot could enhance document accuracy and creativity, facilitating higher-quality content that aligns with strategic business messaging and branding.

  • Perfect Idea: In Excel, Copilot's data analysis capabilities could reveal trends and forecasts, empowering businesses with foresight to capitalize on market movements.

  • Cool Idea: Teams integration with Copilot could synthesize meeting content into actionable insights, promoting informed decisions that propel business initiatives forward.

  • Bright Idea: Copilot could auto-generate PowerPoint content that resonates with audiences, elevating pitches and presentations to win more deals and grow business relations.

  • Simple Idea: SharePoint organization powered by Copilot could streamline document access, enhancing operational agility and supporting a more responsive business environment.

  • Great Idea: A comprehensive Copilot integration across Microsoft 365 could unify disparate workflows, fostering a cohesive and productive digital workspace.

  • Modern Idea: Custom AI solutions developed with Azure AI and Copilot could address specific industry challenges, positioning businesses as innovators in their fields.

How to use ChatGPT and Google Bard for business? The AI-People Economy will lead this business revolution.

There is no debate whether AI will change work forever. ChatGPT, Google Bard, and other Generative AI services are changing the game.

Now is the time to start learning the new paradigm and leverage the tools we have for the betterment of your business.

The release of ChatGPT and the quick follow-up by Google to release Bard reminds me of the beginning days of Search.

At that time it was Google pitted against Yahoo! for search dominance. Google bought Sprinx and got into the Pay-per-click search business. A few months later, Yahoo! followed suit and bought Overture, the largest publicly traded pay-per-click vendor.

The race was on, and Google for the first time monetized its search results, resulting in today, still comprising over 99% of revenues from - Paid Search.

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Back then, the only search inputs were the users' search phrases, and it was hard to distinguish questions from simple words or phrases.

The power to be able to tap into the world's knowledge with a simple search term revolutionized work, and still does today, for those who were adept at using Google as a search tool.

They say data brings knowledge, knowledge brings wisdom, and wisdom brings foresight.

It is humans that have that ability, by using tools like search and generative AI like ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Over the years, Google Search has largely transformed its search into a question & answer machine, where it understands questions and suggests questions and answers as search results in themselves.

This transition from search query to questions and answers can offer a deep and more encompassing view of the topic, by suggesting great questions to ask, and the answers to those questions, as ranked by the Google algorithm.

The key is that Google ranks them.

Now with ChatTPT and the new generative AI solutions, they write the answers to your questions, based on the best percentage chance of what the next word will be, and writes that.

It takes the best next word from the amount of information it has processed from the web and writes an entire document comprised of the best words, in order.

This is quite different in that it is the total of the words in all documents (that have been scanned before 2021 currently for ChatGPT).

Since it is a Chatbot, you chat with it, so asking the right questions, makes all the difference in the answers you get.

You need to be a knowledgeable person in that area of expertise, ask the right questions, then the right follow-up questions, and phrase them in a way that will get the meaning and full context of the topic.

For now, generative AI generates responses, like a search engine does, and it empowers people's learning, who then teach others what they have learned.

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Check out this diagram to see how our Fast Track program works:

CRM Setup and Support Success Diagram

Since 2003 we have set up and trained customers with the Fast Track Program.

AI is ushering in a new revolution, much like the industrial revolution, where new technologies introduce new capabilities and re-invent how business is done.

Much like when the Web first burst onto the scene, it was hard to predict exactly how businesses would be disrupted by this new technology, but it was clear disruption was coming fast and furious.

Some businesses adapted to doing business on the Web, new businesses formed, and the ones that couldn't adapt were consolidated or shuttered.

It takes people, processes, technology, and data that are used by humans, to be able to pass that knowledge, wisdom, and foresight onto other humans and AI, to further the process.

Investing time in the Web and how it worked has spawned so many new ways of doing business, it is hard to imagine life without it, or even to remember how commerce even happened before the Web.

In a few short years, we won't remember business without AI being the center of the business. The ones that adapt are the ones that live to tell the tale. It will spawn entirely new ways of doing business that we can't even dream of today.

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We have a new knowledge machine that writes the knowledge out for us to decipher.

We are integrating with ChatGPT and Google Bard, to enhance the business processes for CRM, SFA, Partner Relationship Management, Contract Management, Project Management, and other back-office solutions in the ERP of customer choice.

The combined systems are pre-integrated out of the box, and come with setup and training included.

We call the combined system 'the CRM' going forward.

These knowledgeable questions get fed into the question/answer machine, and it writes a response for you.

This response is the same response everyone else gets as well, more or less, with the same questions being asked, so this doesn't mean the content it writes is original. You must re-write the content as a human, and add your thoughts, research, knowledge, wisdom, and foresight, that expert humans bring to the equation.

The huge difference between Google Search and ChatGPT, Google Bard, and other generative AI Chatbots, is that with Search, you have to search, collate the information, read it, digest it, then write out the content, next steps, sales plans, marketing plans, etc. yourself.

With ChatGPT, you ask it to write email templates, Call Scripts, Service Scripts, etc for you.

It will generate a list of the top 20 tasks to automate in each department and division in the business, give you a list of things to prioritize, and augment that list to your exact business needs at the time.

As your needs change, so does the plan, list of tasks, content, emails, etc. but at least you have a working system that used to take many people and many hours.

You can't accept the output as the final product, it must be enhanced and rewritten with human insights, knowledge, and foresight to be competitive. However, it is an amazing start to build a framework of what needs doing, how to do it, and the documents and content to get it going, today.

The content generated by AI must be augmented by people and used as a guide to empowering workers to improve customer experience.

The feedback gathered in the process is fed back into the system, in a closed loop, for continuous improvement and refinement, based on the specific needs of the business at that time in the market and economy, with the resources they have at hand.

Things change over time, as markets and economies change, and so the processes must be constantly fine-tuned, to re-evaluate the best processes for any given situation.

We have been working on business automation with clients for over 20 years and the key to automation is to automate the right processes on good data, at the right time, to be timely and relevant, and with the right people to manage the customer throughout the entire customer lifecycle, all communicating together in the same CRM system.

In the business software world, technology is available, but the problem is many business users find it too time-consuming and difficult to use business software and CRM systems today. They are not being used by many people to their full potential, and with early adopters and larger organizations reaping most of the benefit, while simultaneously putting other business models in potential peril if they too do not adapt to the new rules of the market economy.

So if you now have a question/answer machine that writes out what to do, the question becomes:

Do you have the people and technology combined with the right processes and clean data, updated in real-time to execute?

The answer for most businesses is a resounding No.

The problem is not that the apps are great and the access to data has never been better, it is that it is left to the business user to manage the system, and the business to manage the integration of systems, and learn how these new technologies can be put to use.

The pace of innovation is happening so fast, it is hard to keep up.

Now with new AI technologies that are changing the game, it is more pressure on businesses to adapt to the new technology, innovate to stay ahead, and grow using it. That is very difficult to do in today's environment for several reasons.

Today's workers are spending half their time managing data and apps, which drains most of their energy to do their regular jobs.

All organizations need to plug into an integrated technology and people platform to augment operations so that databases and systems are integrated, and productivity is happening in the system.

This helps to ensure all data is synched up and reports driven, APIs satisfied, and workflow rules initiated and emails sent, while your core staff is focused on improving the business by talking with customers, partners, management, etc.

Those organizations that master the technology advancements of AI and Cloud CRM and Saas apps are the ones that have pre-integrated the apps, data, processes, and people, that work together as a unit. This tight unit of people, systems, and data allows for a new AI to be created, that is a new level of Artificial Intelligence is created, by allowing for continuous innovation, and with input costs shrinking to the point where productivity can skyrocket.

As with any revolutionary technology, AI is can be misused and give false information. Just because the telephone or chat is a great technology, doesn't mean you trust every phone call or message that you receive. It's the same for AI, it depends on whether you are asking questions and getting how-tos and guides to improve your business.

Integrated ChatGPT API and Google Bard API in your favorite apps.

For over 20 years we have been building custom integrations with the leading SaaS and Cloud apps. We are committed to integrating ChatGPT API and Google Bard API into all our products including CRM, SFA, Quoting, Billing & Invoicing, Project Management, Task Management, Scheduling, Event Management, Inventory, and ERM solutions.

We commit to integrating ChatGPT API and Google Bard API into the Google Gmail plugin, and the Outlook365 plugin, as well as our integrations with Google services such as Google Maps, Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Google Workspace, and more.

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Quickbooks Integrated with ChatGPT API and Google Bard API.

Integrated ChatGPT API and Google Bard API with Quickbooks Offline and Quickbooks Online, to automate the best in processes from lead through closed sales, including eCommerce, Invoicing, Inventory, ERM, and more.

Integrating your Calendar with ChatGPT API and Google Bard API.

Integrated ChatGPT API and Google Bard API with Calendaring apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook365 Calendar, iCal, Calendly, and more.

Marketing platforms

Integrated ChatGPT API and Google Bard API into Marketing platforms such as Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, and more.

Integrating Email with ChatGPT API and Google Bard API. Email and messaging apps such as Gmail, Outlook365, Twilio, Segment, MailChimp, MobileMonkey, iCloud mail, Constant Contact, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Campaigner, Campaigner, Omnisend, Moosend, Renderforest, Semrush, and more.

Integrating Help desk with ChatGPT API and Google Bard API. Zendesk, Freshdesk, HubSpot Service Hub, Jira Service, and more.

Integrated ChatGPT API and Google Bard API into Online documents products such as Google Docs, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Sync.com, and more.

ERP & Accounting integrated with ChatGPT. Integrated ChatGPT API and Google Bard API into popular ERP and accounting systems such as Quickbooks Offline, Quickbooks Online, Sage, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Syspro, and Epicor.

Integrated ChatGPT API and Google Bard API into eSignature products such as Docusign and Hellosign.

Integrated ChatGPT API and Google Bard API into all popular apps, by building custom Zaps on Zapier and other integration platforms such as Maker, and Apination.

Integrate ChatGPT with social sites to create content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

What are the downsides of using ChatGPT and Google Bard to generate copy, tasks, code, and more for my business?

Some of the downsides to using AI-generated content may not be obvious and are being created as we go. By whom? By the people involved in the AI-People Economy, and every business person on earth.

In short, do not just copy and paste what is written as it can get you blocked for spam, and the answers can be incorrect and mislead you.

Take the output from ChatGPT and read it, and change it to be the right thing for your business.

Interject your business expertise and years of experience in writing the content in your words, but based on a template that is AI generated, so that you get to start with something that is generally complete and useful, and tweak it to put in your competitive differentiators, and why they should choose you.

Here is a short list of downside risks to consider when you are using ChatGPT:

1) for SEO, you can't just use it to write content, then publish the content as it is comprised of other people's words. Google automatically checks the writing against the ChatGPT checkers out there which determine if the text was written by ChatGPT, and they consider the content spam if published on a web page, Video, etc. and it can get the site banned for spam if used like this. It is great for ideas and a draft, but humans still have to do the writing. For now, anyway.

2) once everyone starts using the new ChatGPT, it is all about the questions you are asking, just like in Google, if you can search Google better, you have an upper hand.

3) Google search drives information on the web, so how to get your brand and your client's brands into ChatGPT in a way that is accurate and favorable, is not known yet. For Google, you update your web page, and that is the source of the record. This is not the same, it starts with the first word, then says 'what is the next word most likely to be?' then it adds that word and says 'what are the next most likely words for this 2-word sentence', then 3, then 4 and so-on until it writes it all out. The words are pulled from various web pages and data sources, so it is not as easy to control the answers.

4) Who owns the written content, legally? Currently, it is thought that you own it, even though ChatGPT wrote it, which is counter-intuitive

Use AI to empower your people, and drive growth.

Forward-thinking organizations are using AI to power the growth and longevity of their business, driving value by automating better processes, with the right people, technology, and data combination to empower workers, and drive productivity.

The denominator in the growth equation for businesses and economies is the amount of productivity output per dollar, and if productivity gets increased enough, then the denominator can get large enough so that productivity can improve by leaps and bounds.

The GDP of countries follow this same model and some could have almost infinite GDP.

There are so many great apps out there, but the workers of today, are unable to keep up with the logins to these apps, and consolidating the data and reports to feed the CRM and accounting systems, and it results in more time focused on software, IT, and data than is spent focusing on the business, and improving your craft.

Open Ai Integration Services Salesboom

Large companies have the continuity of doing business over long periods to gain knowledge, wisdom, insights, and foresight. Large enterprises have the budgets and people to go and hire and manage teams of people for their IT operations and build out Sales operations teams, Marketing operations teams, and teams for each thing they need.

Small to medium-sized businesses and SMEs don't have the same HR and software and IT and operations skills in-house.

Augmented Staffing plus AI is the solution.

The only thing that will beat AI is AI plus the Human Touch. IE, trained experts (People) who devote their time and energy to using AI to ask the right questions, add the human element, and train other humans and AI how to be more successful with their endeavors.

This is the AI-People Economy. People use AI to train other people and AI and repeat.

Some people will not share their wisdom and foresight internally, some will be for all to use, and knowing which true experts to trust will become more difficult.

People-as-a-Service solutions offer a dedicated team of experts dedicated to your business, to train the AI, and use it to implement the people, process & technologies to keep your business ahead of the game. It is a plug-and-play solution, offering fractional HR resources already trained and ready to go to augment business operations teams.

We hire and maintain the team, so our customers can hire them on their schedule, for example, 3 hours a day, 3 days a week. They learn and train our customers on what is going on with business operations so that together, we can tap into the wisdom and foresight of our customers, and augment that will new solutions to drive their business into the future.

For over 20 years, we have offered the Fast Track program, a fixed-cost, all-you-can-eat Professional services bundle to get you set up and trained on Cloud CRM, SFA, and back-office solutions. We do consultations, create a rollout plan, configure the CRM and apps, migrate the data, integrate apps, and do rollout and training, over a 3-5 week period, depending on the customer.

This knowledge of what works and what doesn't work, over many industries, and many companies over many years has given us the unique ability to know each different business and industry intimately.

For over 20 years we have built custom features, websites, apps, and integrations with custom programming, as a programming project for our customers, so they get the exact system they want. We call it the 'Built-to-Suit' model of software development. It involves quickly identifying and creating the scope, designing, architecting, building, testing, rollout, support, and maintenance of custom software solutions, in one bundle.

This experience of iterations, for over 20 years has led us to have a huge repository of software we write and maintain, and that is more nimble than most platforms, allowing for point-and-click customization by business end users.

We are integrating with ChatGPT and Google Bard, to enhance the business processes for CRM, SFA, Partner Relationship Management, Contract Management, Project Management, and other back-office solutions in the ERP of customer choice.

The combined systems are pre-integrated out of the box, and come with setup and training included.

We integrate ChatGPT and Google Bard into all aspects of CRM, SFA, Back-office, and all apps integrated into the CRM. We set up and train you in-house. We build custom software for new features, apps, integrations, etc. We provide fraction workers to get it all done and provide continuity and continuous improvement in our business.

Let Us Provide The Answers Salesboom

Here are some of the features we are working on to integrate CRM with ChatGPT and Google Bard to create a framework including the people, process, technology & data required to keep the CRM operating and full potential. The list of questions is endless and should be tailored with more color and exact questions, with lots of detail and perspective, and very personalized to your business, to get the best results. The most important part is to ask ChatGPT the right questions.

Examples of what we have implemented for customers, using ChatGPT and Google Bard:

. Generate email templates

. Write Sales Scripts

. Write Service Scripts

. Create FAQs lists for your customers, partners, employees, and all constituents, in their dealings with you

. Create FAQs lists for your dealings with your customers, partners, employees, and all constituents

. Create an FAQ list on how to buy from you

. Create FAQs on how to get service, support, and maintenance from your business

. Create FAQs on how to sign up as a lead, and get more information

. Create FAQs on each stage of the promotion through the sales funnel, qualifying leads

. Generating copy along to way to use to write better emails, texts, proposals, agreements, case studies, and more, in real-time, and get it signed with DocuSign, Hellosign, etc.

. Write common Sales rebuttals and how to address them, while dealing with the customer.

. Write common ordering issues and how to solve them, in real-time, while working in Quickbooks, the CRM, or any app.

. Create FAQs on customer onboarding

. Create FAQs and checklists for after-sales processes

. Create FAQs on how to request a Quote

. Create FAQs on how to sign up as a partner, reseller, vendor, supplier, etc.

. write a service call script to book an appointment for service or repair

. write a service call script for the technician to describe to the customer the steps in installing or servicing the product

. Generate Agreements

. Write a Sales Proposal

. Write a Partner proposal

. Write Case Studies

. Write Presentations

. Write Marketing & Sales Collateral

. Create responses to email instantly from Gmail or Outlook365

. Generate Google Docs or Microsoft Office Word documents based on all interactions with the customer

. Generate Case Studies specific to each client, instead of broad-stroke based on industry

. Ask questions about the future of your business and keep on top of trends.

. Write a Service Agreement

. Write a Maintenance Agreement

. Write a list of tasks to automate in each department

. Write a Marketing Plan

. Write a Sales Plan

. Create a follow-up schedule

. Write a list of tasks to automate for Partner Relationship Management

. Write a ToDo list for Managing a contract

. Here are 20 tasks that could be automated in my business

. what questions must you ask your clients to prepare a quote for them?

. what questions must you ask your partners to manage the partnership?

. what questions must you ask your clients to get a quote from a vendor, supplier, dealer, etc

. Write a checklist of items to remember when booking, performing and following up on a meeting.

. list of tasks for the owner

. Tasks that an Office Manager must perform

. list of tasks the COO would perform in your business

. list of tasks the CIO would perform in your business

. list of tasks the CRM manager would perform in your business

. list of tasks for the Sales manager

. list of tasks for the Sales representative

. list of tasks for the Sales Operations

. list of tasks for Marketing Manager

. list of tasks for the Marketing representative

. list of tasks for the Marketing Operations

. list of tasks for the IT manager

. list of tasks for the Quoting/Estimating department

. list of tasks for the Quoting/Estimating department

. Tasks that a Purchasing Manager must perform to manage their business.

. create a list of benefits of integrating a CRM, marketing, sales, email, text, accounting, and ERP system

. how does project management with scheduling integrated with a Cloud CRM plus Quoting, Service Call management, Repairs, etc benefit a field, workers

. what are the benefits of a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) SaaS, integrated with Cloud CRM, Quoting, & Billing & Accounting

. how does Cloud Scheduling software, integrated with Google Maps, CRM, Quoting, & Billing

. create a list of benefits you wish to gain from a Cloud CRM

. How does integrating a CRM, marketing, sales, accounting, email, text, and ERP system reduce data duplicates and errors

. How does integrating a CRM, marketing, sales, accounting, email, text, and ERP system enhance customer experience

. Write compliance checklists

Automate Sales Support and Sales ops with knowledge base management and FAQs, automated follow-up schedules, and meeting schedules, with solutions to common cases and tickets.

This searchable knowledgebase can be accessed from the website search box, or the self-service portals for customers, partners, and employees.

The FAQs are first vetted in the CRM before publishing, and can be published internally, or externally, and with customized sharing rules.

Integrated ChatGPT API and Google Bard API with the CRM and Case Management system, knowledgebase, and self-service portals bring real-time solutions and step-by-step guides of what a possible solution could be, right now, and in real-time.

It is up to the people to vet the answer, and re-write it to make an original, and not a copy-and-paste of the AI-generated answer, to not get blamed for SPAM, and to put your unique spin on it based on your intimate knowledge of the opportunity at hand.

Automate Opportunity Management with Sales Rebuttals at each stage of the Sales pipeline.

Not only AI-generated responses, to keep you focused on possible solutions, in real-time, based on the context and timing, and details of the opportunity.

Take your pick of the best solutions, but use it as a creativity booster, to brainstorm options on opportunities.

This will result in higher close rates, lower time to conversion, higher sales, more up-sells and cross-sells, etc as you have a team of people plus AI to augment your Sales strategies, and keep the deals moving through the pipeline, while you are busy making calls, attending meetings, sending emails and closing deals.

Create Sales Collateral such as presentations, reports, Business plans, Sales plans, Marketing plans, case studies, product sheets, data sheets, and more. Remember to only use the AI-generated copy as a starting point for brainstorming. Add it to the private knowledgebase in the CRM, and use it for brainstorming and writing your original copy. This added effort brings forth your uniqueness and separates you from the competition.

Create follow-up schedules to follow up with leads, customers, partners, etc. AI-generated scheduling systems combined with integrations to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendars, iCal, and more. It will build a schedule to keep you on track with follow-ups and put them in the right spots in the calendar.

Plan and execute Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Integrate ChatGPT with social sites to create content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more to generate posts. Use it as a tool to brainstorm and get ideas, that resonate with people, then edit them to add your input based on your experiences, and you will create compelling posts that people like.

Add the right people to manage the CRM, apps, and data.

We now offer to train professionals to perform CRM administration, Data management & synching between apps, IT services, Sales Ops, Service Ops, Marketing Ops, eCommerce, Projects, inventory, and more.

The People-AI Economy is about a team of people working with AI to develop a short, medium, and long-term learning and upgrade path to incorporate the new technology.

The good news is you don't have to hire, train, and manage the people. We do, with our fractional 'People-as-a-Service' fractional staffing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The only way to beat AI is the right team of people, using the AI, and dedicated to the business over time, using the AI as a tool to generate the right data to glean knowledge, insight, wisdom, and foresight.

The People-AI economy is a new economy of people plus AI, to use the technologies, and generate new systems, to empower the same People-AI economy, in a closed-loop circuit.

Forward-thinking businesses will use it to better the growth and longevity of their business by making better decisions and being more efficient in how things are done.

The goal is to reduce the friction between the business workers and management, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and all constituents.

We have been consulting with customers and business leaders from all industries, and all business sizes, for over 20 years, solving these same challenges but having to wait for the customer to write the emails, plans, documents, next steps, etc.

Now, with ChatGPT and Google Bard, and generative AI, we can enhance our value by enhancing the automation of business operations, without as much input required of the customer.

If you provide the people, process, technology, data, and AI combination for your business, it can be like having extra players on the field, playing for our team, without limit.

We provide the software, and solutions combined with trained people to manage it all, to free your staff to focus on being the best they can be at their jobs, and having a dedicated team of people to use the systems and augment them with AI-powered solutions that are tailored to each business department and role, and, tailored to each worker, to augment their day on their schedule.

We are providing the expertise and people to augment your Sales team with Sales Ops solutions out, of the out-of-the-box.

We are running campaigns and generating and nurturing leads to augment your Marketing Opts.

We are handling customer requests and forwarding them to the right people, keeping the communication lines open, and satisfying your customers.

We are processing Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and more, to automate mundane tasks.

We are helping to follow up on contracts, projects, tasks, and emails to help manage communications and change management.

Our team is available 24/7 to fill in the gaps, to get real production done, independent of your existing team, to free them up to focus on their main job, instead of managing software, data, and mundane tasks.

We help find and retain the right people, by automating Employee Relationship Management and augmenting your staff with trained people plus AI.

There is no debate whether AI will change work forever.

Now is the time to start learning the new paradigm and leverage the tools we have for the betterment of your business.

Become part of the AI-People Economy, give back to it, and empower its ability to help people.

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