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Salesboom Web-Based Mass E-mail Marketing Software

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For up to 30 users, as low as $200.00/per user/year!

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Your Small business hosted CRM for only $40.00/per user/month!

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Mass Email Marketing Software from!

Salesboom's adding more functionality into its web based CRM software system by giving you the tools you need to conduct your mass email marketing campaigns through the Salesboom system. Now you can make sure all the leads, contacts and customers in your database can receive targeted, direct emails that are relevant and contextual to your small business. Have a new product that you think would be great for customer's who previously purchased a similar product from your small business? Great! Easily run a quick report in Salesboom to isolate all those customers and send them a direct e-mail informing them of the new product or promotion, and how they can benefit. Drive traffic to your website or to your sales representatives through Salesboom's mass e-mail marketing software!

Salesboom's bulk e-mailer will allow you to take more direct control of your marketing campaigns as well, with full integration into Salesboom's campaign management system. Easily start a mass email campaign with new leads and e-mail everyone at once with a simple, customized control system; then track the metrics of responses and purchases all through the Salesboom hosted CRM software system. At the extremely low price starting at $15/month, you can't afford not to use Salesboom's bulk email software! Take advantage of Salesboom's mass e-mail marketing software today and enjoy these great benefits and more!

  • Build Relevant, Contextual Mailing Lists

    Salesboom allows you to build your own e-mail lists through it's easy to use customized reporting and CRM analytics system. Filter your customer's based on geography, past purchasing history or any other defining metric you need, then send off an e-mail tailored to that segment of your customers, allowing you to send out highly relevant and personal e-mails in bulk.
  • Full Campaign Management Integration

    Salesboom's mass email marketing software is fully integrated with its hosted CRM software's Campaign Management tool. Empowering you with the cutting-edge marketing management technologies that Salesboom employs, you'll be sure to receive the most accurate, targeted marketing analytics that you need from your mass emailing campaigns, including response rate, purchase rate, Return on Investment (ROI) and more!
  • Robust, Intuitive Mass Email Marketing Software

    Salesboom gives you the email marketing tools you need to succeed with its robust, easy to use mass email marketing automation software. With literally a few clicks of your mouse button, you can send off a highly targeted mass email to all of your customers (or any segregate thereof) in a cost-efficient, user friendly model. Specify a special 'reply-to' address to catch all the responses from your bulk email campaign separate from your regular e-mail inquiries, a different 'From' field name and more with Salesboom's fully customizable and user friendly mass email marketing software.
  • Low Cost, No Headaches

    Salesboom's Mass Email Marketing Software is available to you at a starting price of only an additional $15/month. With a price like this, you won't have to worry about justifying the costs or calculating complex Return on Investment (ROI) formulas - one response from a mass email campaign and your investment for the month has more than paid itself off! By far the most cost-efficient way to reach customers en masse, you won't have any problems justifying this small expense to your boss!

Try Salesboom's Mass Email Marketing software now Free of Charge for 30-Days, with no strings attached. Take the reigns in internet marketing today and blow your competition away by taking advantage of Salesboom's mass email marketing software. Empower your small business by joining the Small Business CRM Revolution with - All the Small Business CRM Tools You Need to Succeed; Without the Price Tag.

Try our free 30 day trial of the Mass E-mail Marketing Software. Contact Salesboom directly for more information at 1.855.229.2043 or via email at

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