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What to watch out for when evaluating ‘hosted CRM’ vendors, ‘Cloud CRM On Demand’ vendors and ’ Cloud CRM Software as a Service’ providers

Beware of imitators that claim they have a hosted Cloud CRM on demand or ‘software as a service’ without giving you a free trial on demand… it begs the question, what are they hiding? Do you need to be talked into buying the business software solution? Not at Salesboom puts its money where its mouth is by giving every business a chance to kick the tires of our #1 Hosted Cloud CRM On Demand software solutions.

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Beware of the distinction between ‘Hosted CRM’ vendors and ‘Cloud CRM On Demand’ vendors or ‘Cloud CRM Software as a Service’ providers. As with anything in life, the Devil’s in the Details when it comes to trying to figure out the difference between hosted software applications, On Demand software applications, and Software as a Service (Saas). Unfortunately the differences might seem subtle, but getting to the bottom of it quickly will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Hosted CRM

With most CRM software companies hosted CRM means the CRM customer must pay upfront for the software, then download it and install it on their own. On top of having to buy the firewalls, routers, server hardware, database, web server software, etc, you need a technical person to install everything, and then you are required to host the CRM software and make sure it is up and running 24/7/365. Another breed of  ‘hosted CRM’ has the customer having to pay two bills – one for the CRM application itself, and one to a hosting provider to handle the hosting of the CRM applications.

Try our free Cloud CRM software application 30-day trial now. 

Cloud CRM On Demand

Cloud CRM On Demand is supposed to mean that the CRM system software is available instantly, without any setup required at all like with Salesboom Cloud CRM On Demand. Unfortunately, many On Demand Cloud CRM vendors misuse this term and don’t actually provide you with the application on demand. A quick litmus test is to see if there is a free 30 day hosted Cloud CRM trial like with Salesboom, and also with salesboom our Cloud CRM software trial allows you instant access to the Cloud CRM application, without having to talk to a sales representative.

Cloud CRM Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS)

Cloud CRM Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) means the Cloud CRM application is Hosted by the vendor, is an On Demand Cloud CRM application, and the Cloud CRM system application is priced as service.  At least that’s what you get with When you sign up for you get access to the application immediately, and Salesboom provides the hosting, maintenance and upgrades of the Cloud CRM application for you. Also with salesboom hosted applications, upgrades are free during your lifetime with us. facilitate collaboration across all your departments and channels
and gives real time visibility into how your business is doing.

Watch out for Business Software vendors that don’t put their software pricing and software licensing agreements within preferably one click of the main page of their website. Listen, these days software companies more than anyone else realize that your website is the first and most valuable source of information that your customers and prospective customers refer to find easy answers to software purchasing and software licensing. If the pricing is buried, it is either not by mistake, meaning the company doesn’t want you to know something, or the software companies themselves don’t understand the importance of being open with your customers. You will always find Salesboom pricing documentation directly linked from and it’s very easy to understand since Salesboom is priced based on a ‘Software as a Service’ (or SaaS) pricing structure.

Look at when in the lifetime of your company are you going to have to upgrade your hosted Cloud CRM application – it’s not always about needing extra functionality out of your Cloud CRM system solution or getting that next critical upgrade of your Cloud CRM application. Most hosted Cloud CRM vendors or Cloud CRM On Demand vendors and Cloud CRM Software as a Service vendors (or hosted Cloud CRM service vendors) also force you to upgrade to a special version of their hosted Cloud CRM service based on the number of users or subscribers to the Cloud CRM service. The most egregious example is with the hosted Cloud CRM offering. If your business has more than five users, then’s Team Edition is not for you. limits the number of users of the Team Edition to 5. So if your business needs more than 5 hosted Cloud crm subscribers, then forces you to upgrade to the Professional Edition at a whopping 390% increase in price to the business customer – regardless of whether your business needs the new features or not. Choosing a Cloud CRM solution is becoming very difficult and many companies fall for the marketing gimmicks of many so-called Cloud CRM vendors. With the salesboom hosted Cloud CRM service, there are no limits.

At the end of the day, if your company, small or large, is not using a Cloud CRM software solution, then you’re doomed.

Try our free Cloud CRM software application 30-day trial now.

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