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Cloud CRM for the New User

Too often in life Cloud CRM software system vendors make things too difficult to understand for the small, medium or large business person. Generally this is to make small, medium or large business customers believe that there is no need for them to really understand the 'technical stuff' - ie rely on a Cloud CRM System consultant to guide you. At Salesboom, we believe in educating our users. When it comes to Cloud CRM software (and hand in hand CRM software) the more educated the customer on the Cloud CRM system application or hosted Cloud CRM Software-As-A-Service, the better it is for everyone. All stakeholders in the Cloud CRM software application - Cloud CRM system customers, Cloud CRM Vendors and the clients of customer centric companies all benefit from the users of the Cloud CRM solution vendor (ie the users of the CRM system) being educated about Cloud CRM software system solution.

 Cloud CRM for the new user

This document hopes to explain to the new user what exactly do Cloud CRM software system companies mean when they throw around acronyms such as:

Cloud CRM - Customer Relationship Management

SFA - Sales Force Automation

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

CLM - Customer Lifecycle Management

And since Salesboom is the only hosted (and on premise) on demand Cloud CRM, SFA and ERP software as a service vendor for small business, we have a lot of acronyms to explain so writing it down like this really helps:

Let's start with the basics. Most small businesses run their Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation activities using a paper based system. Many small businesses have adopted small business accounting software packages into their businesses from companies such as Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, etc. Many businesses have also tried to automate some of their daily tasks by using products such as Microsoft Excel for a database, and Microsoft Outlook as a contact manager. The reason these types of software have crept into the small business is multi-fold, but I suspect some of the reasons include that doing these types of calculations on paper is really time consuming and the products to manage that stuff come at a reasonable cost, so they seem affordable.

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The problem with this type of a small business operating environment is that none of the data is accessible by anyone quickly, if at all. Also small, medium or large business employees never have access to the latest changes in the business and often feel 'left out of the loop'. Maybe worst of all, small, medium or large business owners are making vital decisions about their business without knowing the truth about their own business. All these things directly affect the relationship your company has with its customers. We call this Customer Relationship Management - basically making sure each customer is getting a uniform and informed reaction from any person within your company or any marketing messages so that the delicate relations with your customers are not damaged.

Sales Force Automation – SFA

But why did your customers come to your business in the first place? This question is answered by automating and tracking sales leads and how they become your customers and is the cornerstone of Sales Force Automation

Sales Lead Tracking

Sales lead tracking is the cornerstone of Sales Force Automation and Salesboom's sales lead tracking software is second to none in helping you decrease time to close, identify hot leads, identify opportunities and close. Salesboom's #1 lead tracking software is the first of its kind to tie emails and lead tracking software for small business. Lead tracking and sales reporting is intuitive and painless and is the result of working with thousands of sales people and listening to them tell us how to make Salesboom the leader in sales lead tracking software and sales reporting.

Sales Lead Management

Sales lead management is also a breeze since any group of employees (if given the right) can collaborate on each and every sales lead in the sales lead tracking system. Salesboom allows you to add notes to sales leads, divide sales leads by sales person and gives your business forms to host on your website to capture sales leads and route them directly into the salesboom sales lead tracking software. Collaborative sales lead management ensures the highest close rates of your sales leads and reduces churning of sales leads. Think of sales lead tracking as the difference between eating a freshly baked cookie when it first comes out of the oven vs. when it's cooled... the hotter the sales lead, the sweeter it is. Sales lead management is your thermometer. Don't let your sales leads cool.

Salesboom's full suite of small business Cloud CRM software solution is so robust that it really must be seen to be believed. Never before has it been so easy to try a leading business software platform with no software to download and install, and convenient monthly billing because salesboom sells its business software suite as a software-as-a-service or SaaS. This means that instead of having to shell out hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for a 100+ user install, salesboom charges no upfront costs and rents its business software suite. This software as a service concept is the future of business software and the future of business software is salesboom. Please try our no risk small business Cloud CRM system software free trial today.

Opportunity Management and Sales Forecasting

The next step in any leading Sales Force Automation system is to identity and manage opportunities by collaborating with the lead and all key decision makers within the company so that the opportunity ultimately closes and a sale is made. Salesboom's hosted Cloud CRM software application offering includes robust opportunity management features that are only usually found in the best enterprise business software applications. Build Opportunity Pipelines, identify stuck opportunities and forecast revenues in real time.

Salesboom provides many Cloud CRM system Analytics and Sales Force Automation Reports complete with graphs, and Cloud CRM dashboard reporting. In addition to these built in Cloud CRM practices,  the Salesboom Enterprise business software also gives each user the ability to customize their own Cloud CRM system reporting and analytics. This gives each and every business the chance to customize their own Cloud CRM software and Sales Force Automation business processes using Salesboom's built in wizards. Never has enterprise small, medium or large business Cloud CRM software been so easy to use.

Enterprise Resource Management – ERP

Enterprise Resource Management, or ERP deals with managing the resources your small business has at its disposal. Even small businesses have many business resources to manage such as human resources, employees and contractors, partners, inventory, product, assets, etc. ERP software - like the Salesboom hosted ERP business software suite for small business helps small business by providing the following features in its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering:

Human Resource Management software

Allow employees to share a central online database of company information as well as private and shared online folders. Create re-occurring events such as meetings, team outings, product launches, birthdays, etc using Salesboom's point and click reoccurring events software. Salesboom has also developed automated task software to set up reoccurring tasks that must be kept up to ensure your business runs smoothly. Email is available with every Salesboom account and all email correspondence to and from your employees are automatically attached to each partner, customer, employee, vendor, etc. The entire case history is always one click away, tracing down problems and coming to a swift resolution of them becomes a breeze. It's amazing how little people need management when they instantly have access to the whole story about the situation at hand; they usually end up making the correct decision most of the time, because it was an informed decision, and that makes everybody happy.

Employee Collaboration software

Allowing your employees to collaborate is always a good idea. Giving employees access to their critical data and share it in real time, regardless of where they are is what Salesboom provides. Employees can send web based instant messages about any problem with a customer's lost shipment and Salesboom automatically tracks the message with that case and customer. An email comes in about a huge order that must be fulfilled within 5 hours or it will be lost to your competitor - no problem for Salesboom, all documents, contracts, and a complete knowledgebase of your companies faqs, past problems and their resolutions to draw from within one click of the opportunity you have just created and assigned to your boss for approval. In real time an email alert is sent to your boss on his Blackberry and he replies with the order to proceed... life is good with Salesboom's Employee Collaboration software included free with all Salesboom hosted Cloud CRM software.

Employee Portal software

Interact in real time with your employees in a secure login area no matter where they are at any time. As part of the Salesboom Enterprise Software Edition you have the ability to set up a portal with any employee and allow that employee to send messages, check documents or reports, log cases, etc.

Partner Portal software

Interact in real time with your partners in a secure login area no matter where they are at any time. As part of the Salesboom Enterprise Software Edition you have the ability to set up a portal with any partner and allow that partner to send messages, check documents or reports, log cases, etc.

Customer Portal software

Interact in real time with your Customers in a secure login area no matter where they are at any time. As part of the Salesboom Enterprise Software Edition the Salesboom Customer Portal allows you the ability to set up a portal with any customer and allow that customer to send messages, check documents or reports, log cases, etc.

Other business software solutions included in the Salesboom hosted Cloud crm software as a service include:

Online Product Database

Quotation Software

Contract Management Software

Billing Management and Invoice Management Software

Ecommerce software

Project Management Software

Web based instant messenger


CLM - Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Lifecycle Management software (CLM) is one that the small business will not find anywhere, anytime except from Customer Lifecycle Management gives your business a view of the customer from when they were first conceived (from some marketing campaign) and let's a business nurture that customer through its entire life as it does business with your company. Customer Lifecycle management ties in all the key components about each customer in an easy to read dashboard of metrics that allows real time Business Intelligence about that particular customer's worth to your company. Not just the amount of closed sales, Salesboom's proprietary Business Intelligence algorithms take into account the amount of time and money spent servicing this customer during there life with your business. CLM also tells your business how much business was referred to your company because of this customer and lets you know how long they have been your customer and when they last interacted with your company in any way. Salesboom's Customer Lifecycle Management small business software suite of tools closes the gap between how much was spent to acquire this customer, service this customer and keep her happy, including cross selling, up selling, and referral business. Although the Business Intelligence behind it is complex, it is automatically built into the Salesboom suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) small, medium or large business Cloud CRM system software application at no extra charge with Version 7.0. Enjoy this and many more upgrades at no extra cost during the lifetime of your contract with Salesboom - Guaranteed.

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