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For up to 30 users, as low as $200.00/per user/year!

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Your Small business hosted CRM for only $40.00/per user/month!

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The hosted solution for all your CRM, SFA, and ERP needs. Only $75.00/user/month!
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Web Content Management

What is Web Content Management (WCM)?

There are many definitions of a Web Content Management System, but for the Application Service Provider (ASP) model that is delivered through Salesboom’s Small Business CRM Software, we find this one most relevant:

“WCM is the management of both structure and unstructured content that is delivered over the Internet, typically via a web site. Web Content Management includes content creation, site management, workflow, access control, and delivery.” (

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Web Content Management Software is a built in functionality of the Salesboom’s Small Business CRM Software Application Suite.  If your small business relies on content to relay information, inform clients or customers, or manage service details - then you need a web content management tool that work for you.

There are many Web Site Content Management Software Packages, or Web Site Content Management Systems on the market today.  But which one will best work for your small business?  Why not select an application solution that not only does web site content management, but also aids you in managing your entire business processes?   With Salesboom’s Small Business CRM Software, you get just that. Why shop within the Web Content Management companies, when there is better option for your overall business intelligence needs?

Our ASP web content management features – highlighted in our Enterprise Edition – includes new web content management software, that will not only meet the demands of your current web content management but will also give you so many other enhanced management tools such as Document Management, Project Management and Contract Management.

Try our free Web Content Management System trial 

Salesboom is the #1 Small Business CRM Software Provider in Canada , and deploys web site content management all over the country (especially in British Columbia (BC) – Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland)

Take our Free 30 Day trial right now, and see what the CRM world is talking about. Or you can call us at 1.855.229.2043 or email us at to get you started in joining the CRM Revolution. - All the Small Business CRM Tools You Need to Succeed; Without the Price Tag.

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On demand hosted CRM 7.0 Features

Role-Based Dashboard
Self Service Portal
Mass email Marketing
Multiple Currency Management
Importing and Data Migration
Sales quote software
Sales Territory Management

Additional Features

email Overhaul
Case Management
Customizable Reporting, Analytics and business Intelligence
Web based Contact Management
Multilingual Support
Rapid Small business CRM Deployment
Customer Relationship Management
Sales Force Automation
Marketing Automation
CLM Software Customer Lifecycle Management
Event / Task Management & Propagation
Reporting & Analysis
Web based Document Management
Email Supervision & Retention
Web based Project Management
Dashboard Reporting
Product Database
Contract Management
Billing management & Invoice management (Small business Accounting Software)
Web Capture
Instant Messaging Service Software
Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions
CRM Campaign Management
Call Center Software Solutions
Sales Quote Software
sales Territory Management Software
Lead Management Software ( Sales Tracking Software )

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