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Cloud CRM Sales Force Automation (SFA):

CRM Salesforce

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CRM Sales Force Automation: SFA

Robust Sales Functionality with Zero Headaches's Web based Sales Force Automation software renders efficiencies and profitability your sales team desires. On demand SFA solutions give the functionality needed in the competitive economy of today. Never misplace or have a lead fall through the cracks, due to unmanaged leads. Our online web based CRM software delivers tools that collect, maintain and forecast lead opportunities keeping your sales staff on top of the current situation in each lead. Areas of concern - leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and forecasts track your client every step of the way. Have a 360-degree view of your clients and future clients, which will optimize your pipeline and allow you to close more sales.

Cloud CRM Sales Force Automation Software

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Cloud CRM Sales Force Automation Software: Small business Benefits
  1. Accurate Revenue Forecasting provides online web based sales force automation software CRM tools necessary to manage data collected by your sales people as leads. Each lead is assigned a probability factor and the factor is used in forecasting your quarterly sales. As you move leads through the process, your pipeline defines opportunities with the most potential, which are then assigned to your sales staff.

  2. Close More Deals
    Your pipeline is your strength. Salesboom's Web based Sales Force Automation software allows you to recognize which leads have the highest potential to close. This is an important asset for every small business. Complete sales process visibility means your sales team can easily collaborate with the right people in your small business, know what the sale is waiting on, and have access to the resources required to close the sale.

  3. Never Lose an Opportunity
    real time sales software alerts give your sales staff the opportunity to schedule appointments and tasks within the Web based Sales Force Automation SFA alleviating missed or lost opportunities. Leads can be captured via telephone, mail, email or directed to the right contact from your web site.

  4. Pinpoint Sales Process Inefficiencies
    Using our advanced web based sales force automation reporting tools you can quickly pinpoint and eliminate inefficiencies, thus reducing sales cycles, saving time and money.

  5. Consistent, real time sales software Customer View
    With's Web based Sales Force Automation software you get Complete, real time sales software view of customer interactions, streamlines the collaboration between sales, service and marketing personnel.

  6. Recognize Market Trends
    Current and historical customer data can be immediately accessed to spot changes in customer behavior or shifts in market indicators. Your evolving customer needs can now be met thanks to contextual view and reporting of past and current events.

Try our Free Web based Document Management Software 30 day Trial. Online Web based Sales Force Automation Software Solution is utilized by the IT, Legal, Engineering, Corporate, Pharmaceutical, and the Service industries around the world such as USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Sweden, France, Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Africa Singapore, China (Hong Kong, Shanghai), Japan, Australia, and many more. All these companies use Salesboom Sales Force Automation Software Solutions to streamline Sales processes, increase productivity and most importantly, experiencing a Sales Boom!

We built our web based CRM software from the ground up to maximize the significant advantages that web based software provides. Salesboom's web based CRM software delivered as a web service, eliminating the need to download or install. The software is online and ready to go. Future upgrades and customizations are implemented transparently to users.

Minimal training is required. In fact, you can be up and running with in days, not the months or years required by conventional CRM providers.

Salesboom Sales Force Automation Case Study

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Once you truly gain full visibility into your company's business processes, you'll never want to go back to the dark again. We guarantee it. Take a Free CRM Software 30-day Trial today, or contact us directly for more information: 1.855.229.2043 (1.855.229.2043) or via e-mail at

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