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CRM SOFTWARE Salesboom Web-based CRM: Improved Customer Satisfaction
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Team Edition

For up to 30 users, as low as $200.00/per user/year!

Professional Edition

Your Small business hosted CRM for only $45.00/per user/month!

Enterprise Edition

The hosted solution for all your CRM, SFA, and ERP needs. Only $75.00/user/month!
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Salesboom Online Web based CRM Software: Improved Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer retention and profitability levels by heightening overall customer satisfaction of your small business utilizing Salesboom's Online Web based CRM and Web-based SFA Solutions. Decrease response time, while increasing the level of support your customer service representatives can give by automating your small business with automated case routing, trouble ticket reporting, real time sales software customer information proliferation and more knowledgeable, efficient customer service representatives. This not only leads to lower overhead and more efficient work force, but much higher customer satisfaction rates.

Stop letting customer dissatisfaction get in the way of your small businesses bottom line. Deploy the Salesboom Online Web based CRM Software / web-based SFA software system in your Customer Service and Support Department today, and enjoy the increased revenues that higher customer satisfaction can bring your small business.

Salesboom's Key Small business CRM Software Solutions
Introduction to Small business CRM Software
Salesboom Small business CRM Software Editions
Industry Solutions
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Marketing Users
Sales Representatives
Sales Managers
Service Representatives
Service Managers

On demand hosted CRM 7.0 Features

email Overhaul
Case Management
Customizable Reporting, Analytics and business Intelligence
Web based Contact Management
Multilingual Support
Rapid Small business CRM Deployment
Customer Relationship Management
Sales Force Automation
CLM Software Customer Lifecycle Management
Marketing Automation
Event / Task Management & Propagation
Reporting & Analysis
Web based Document Management
email Supervision & Retention
Web based Project Management
Dashboard Reporting
Product Database
Contract Management
Billing management & Invoice management (Small business Accounting Software)
Web Capture
Instant messaging Service Software
Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions
small business crm software
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