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Team Edition

For up to 30 users, as low as $200.00/per user/year!

Professional Edition

Your Small business hosted CRM software solution for only $45.00/per user/month!

Enterprise Edition

The Small Business hosted CRM Software for all your CRM, SFA, and ERP needs. Only $75.00/per user/month
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Salesboom Online Web based CRM Software: Better CRM Service, Less CRM Training

Salesboom Online Web based CRM software acts as a central repository for all the experience and wisdom learned in your corporate infrastructure. Easily pass knowledge down from even the top levels of management all the way to the front end employee by saving critical documents, publishing solutions to common trouble tickets, sharing marketing collateral, and even collaborating with your employees with real time sales software using the Salesboom Instant messaging Service or Interactive Whiteboard tools.

Don't waste time training employees for weeks with ineffective methods that don't show them real problems or solutions. Let them harness the wealth of information in your on demand hosted CRM software and enjoy servicing your customers faster and more efficiently than your competition. Salesboom is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Salesboom's Key Small business CRM Software Solutions
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Marketing Users
Sales Representatives
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Service Representatives
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On demand hosted CRM 7.0 Features

email Overhaul
Case Management
Customizable Reporting, Analytics and business Intelligence
Web based Contact Management
Multilingual Support
Rapid Small business CRM Deployment
Customer Relationship Management
Sales Force Automation
CLM Software Customer Lifecycle Management
Marketing Automation
Event / Task Management & Propagation
Reporting & Analysis
Web based Document Management
email Supervision & Retention
Web based Project Management
Dashboard Reporting
Product Database
Contract Management
Billing management & Invoice management (Small business Accounting Software)
Web Capture
Instant messaging Service Software
Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions
small business crm software
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