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Activate User Accounts
If you have not already done so, activate all user accounts and ensure that a password has been set for each account. Be sure to inform each user of their username and password.

Schedule business Process Meeting
Meet with all users to go over the various processes and procedures that are to be followed when entering data, as discussed with the various department/team managers. Schedule this meeting close to the rollout deadline. All users should have completed their training by this point. Here are some sample items you may want to put on the agenda:
  • Introduction by management team. Explain why was the right choice.
  • Briefly review all features and tab pages.
  • Show how each user can customize their tab pages and sidebar.
  • Review proper processes and best practices for creating cases, solutions etc.
  • Review the online help and explain its various features so that users will know where to go when they have questions.
  • Finish with a Q & A session.
CRM Rollout Chart Guide: Click Here

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