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Rollout Deadline
The first thing to do is to set a date when you want your company to be up and running with This deadline will affect your entire preparation process. It is recommended that you look through the entire rollout guide and estimate how much time you will need for each step. This should enable you to determine a fairly accurate rollout deadline.

Select a System Administrator
The System Administrator takes the lead in setting up and administering your organization. They will be in charge of setting up and maintaining your organization's role hierarchy, security settings and user accounts.

Select Department Managers and Users encompasses a wide variety of data. Some data types are related while others are not. It is recommended that you break down your organization's data into various departments to help your company run efficiently and effectively. Each department should have a manager to ensure that the data for that department is well cared for. You may administer and manage your organization in any way you wish. You may already have a system management infrastructure in place. If so, feel free to incorporate your existing management infrastructure into your organization. If you do not currently have a management infrastructure in place or you wish to restructure or make additions to your current infrastructure, please refer to the following suggestions as to how to effectively manage your data. However, it is likely that some sections may not apply to your business. This is only a guideline as to how you might manage you data. is fully customizable, allowing you to set up a management infrastructure in any way you wish.

Solution Manager
A solution manager is in charge of maintaining your organization's knowledge base. This may be one or more people. Cases are logged detailing problems with one of your products. Such problems may be found and logged by your customers or by your employees. When a solution to the problem is found, a Solution is created in detailing the cause of the problem and the steps taken to solve it. Each solution needs to be verified to ensure that the problem has been properly addressed and explained. This is being the case; the solution manager must have advanced knowledge of your company's products or services.

Customer Support & Customer Service Users
Customer support and service users will need to be able to create Cases to address customer issues and Solutions to describe the solution to cases they have solved. They may also need to access and modify Contacts and Accounts.

Migration Manager
If you currently have a data management system in place, the migration manager will be in charge of exporting data from your old system and then importing the data into For more information on exporting and importing data, please see the Import Guide & Tips and the Importing Data section of the User Guide.

Marketing Users
Marketing users will be able to create and manage Campaigns in Campaigns are used to help manage various types of marketing efforts to sell your company's products or services.

Sales Managers
Sales managers are responsible for generating and then qualifying Leads. Qualified Leads are then assigned to sales representatives. Sales managers are also responsible for creating quarterly Forecasts to help determine if quarterly revenue quotas are going to be achieved.

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