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Solving a Case

Before you begin to solve Ms. Doe's case, perform a search of your organization's solution base in case the problem, or a similar problem, has been solved in the past.
  • Click the Advanced link located in the search panel of the side bar. This will take you to the Advanced Search page.
  • First, click the Solutions check box located in the Search Types section. This way, you will only be searching through your organization's solutions.
  • Enter keywords related to the case and click the Search button. A list of related solutions will be displayed.
  • If you find the solution you can close the case and notify Ms. Doe.
  • If a solution to the problem has not already been found, it will be up to you to do so.
  • When you have found a solution to the problem, you can then close the case. Add the solution information to the case before you close it. Choose Yes for the Submit this solution option to add your solution to your organization's solution base.
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