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Setting up Leads Web Capturing
A potential customer named Jane Doe, who is working for a company called Acme, has just downloaded a trial version of your software. In doing so she has filled out a form you created with's Leads Web Capture Tool. When she submitted the form a new lead was created in your organization. You now have enough information to follow up Ms. Doe's interest in your product. Follow these steps to set up a Web Capture Tool that can accomplish this:
  • Go to the Leads tab page.
  • Click the Leads Web Capture Tool link located in the Lead Tools section. This takes you to the leads Web Capture Tool page.
  • Click the New Capture Tool button. This takes you to the New Web Capture page.
  • Fill in the Web Capture Info fields and select the fields you want to use from the Select Fields section.
  • Click the Create/Update button to create the web capture tool. You will be then taken back to the Web Capture Tool page.
  • The next step is to generate the HTML form that users will be filling in. This code will need to be copied into your web site.

Generating HTML Code for your Web Capture Tool
  • Go to the Leads tab page.
  • Click the Leads Web Capture Tool link located in the Tools section. This will take you to the Web Capture Tool page. This page lists all of the lead Web Capture Tools that have been created.
  • Select the Web Capture Name of the tool that you want to use on your web site. This will take you to the details page for the tool.
  • Click the Generate HTML button to generate the HTML that you will be placing on your web site. This will take you to the Generate Capture HTML page.
  • Click the Highlight Text button to highlight the generated HTML code.
  • Hold the mouse pointer over any portion of the highlighted code and click the right mouse button. A context menu will pop up. Select Copy from the menu.
  • Your web master can now paste the code into your web site.
  • You may also change the look and feel of the HTML form to match that of your web site.

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