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Introductory Tutorial Introduction to Forecasts

What is a Forecast? A forecast is an estimate of how much revenue your company can generate in a quarter. This estimate is calculated using the Forecast Amount (revenue from opportunities that you are confident of closing) and the Best Case Amount (revenue from opportunities that may successfully close).

Forecast Categories A forecast is generated using data from your current sales Opportunities that you have created in Opportunities are included in the forecast using one of the following categories:

Closed This category is for opportunities that have been closed and won.
Forecast Use this category for opportunities where you are confident of successfully closing the sale within the quarter.
Best Case Use this category for opportunities where you are unsure of successfully closing the sale within the quarter.
Pipeline This category includes all open/pending opportunities. Closed opportunities are excluded.
Omitted Opportunities that you do not want to include it in the forecast.

Creating a new Forecast
  • Click the New Forecasts link located in the list of Add options toward the top of the page.
  • Choose the quarter for which you would like to create the forecast. Click Next. This will take you to a detailed overview of the Forecast. It will automatically be populated with Opportunities that fall into the quarter you chose.
  • Click the Edit button to begin working with the Forecast. This will take you to the edit page.
  • Categorize your opportunities to best fit your expectations.
  • Enter your quota for each month, if you wish.
  • Click the Recalculate button to generate an accurate revenue forecast for the specified quarter.
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