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INTRODUCTION TO EVENTS Introductory Tutorial
Introduction to Events

Scheduling Events
You can create events on your calendar to remind you of important appointments, meetings, activities etc. You can also invite other users to your event. The event will then be automatically booked in their calendar. To create an event for a meeting:
  • Select the day you want to have the meeting using the side bar Calendar. This will bring you to the Day View, detailing all currently scheduled events for that day.
  • Choose a time when you want the meeting to begin. Do this by selecting a time link. This will open the New Event page. The date and time you previously chose will appear in the Date and Time fields.
  • Specify a subject and duration for the meeting.
  • Use the Invite Others section to invite other users to your meeting. Their calendars will be updated automatically as soon as you save the event.
  • Click the Save Event button to save the event.

Sending Notification
When creating a new event, you can send notification to the invitees to inform them that they have been invited to your event. Users you have Copied for the event may also be notified. Upon receiving notification, the user can then check their calendar to view the event details. Follow these steps to send event notification:
  • When creating a new event, invite and copy users to your event using the buttons as usual.
  • To send notification to invited users, type your notification message in the Notification Message text box.
  • Notification will be sent to the selected users when you click the Save Event button. If the Notification Message text box is empty, no notification will be sent.

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