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Introduction to Contacts

Creating a new Contact to attach to an Account
You now have a contact at Acme named Jane Doe. The most direct way to add Ms. Doe as a contact is from the Acme details page.
  • Go to the Accounts tab page and select an appropriate view in order to display the Acme account.
  • Click the Acme account to go to the account details page.
  • Scroll down to the Contacts section and click the Add Contact button.
  • Fill in your contact information for Jane Doe and click Save. The Ms. Doe is now linked to the Acme account.

Linking an existing Contact to an Account
Follow these steps to link an existing Contact to one of your current Accounts:
  • From the Contacts tab page, use the View or Key Contacts sections to display the contacts you are interested in.
  • Select one of the listed contacts by clicking the Contact Name. This will bring you to the details page for that contact.
  • Click the Edit button. This will bring you to the Edit Contact page.
  • To link the contact to an account, click the list ( ) icon located to the right of the Account field. A new window will appear listing available accounts to choose from.
  • Select an account by clicking the Account Name. The window will then close and the account you chose will appear in the Account field.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes. The contact is now linked to the account and will be listed in the Contacts section when viewing the account.

Capturing Contacts from your Web Site
Your company is looking to hire some new staff members. You would like to advertise job opportunities on the company web site. Create a Contact Web Capture Tool to store the information submitted by applicants.
  • From the Contacts tab page, click the Web Capture Contacts link located in the Contact Tools section.
  • Click the new web capture tool link.
  • Fill in the Web Capture Info form and select which fields you want to include in your web capture form using the Select Fields section.
  • Click the Create/Update button to create the web capture tool.
  • Generate the HTML code for your form. Your web master will put the form on your web site.
  • Your web master may also modify the look of the form to match your company's web site.

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